Unknown Things That Happen To Your Skin When You Sleep

Unknown Things That Happen To Your Skin When You Sleep

“I was up till 3 AM last night”. “Oh! I was up until 2:30 AM myself.” 

More often than not, this is how the millennials and GenZ talk about sleep. We’re getting “woke” with every passing day but losing sleep at the same time! Are the gadgets, work, lifestyle, or a host of other things to blame? Whatever it may be, it’s time we get our beauty sleep if we want to look like the real “Sleeping Beauty”. Tucking in early doesn’t just help you drift into the magical world of dreams, but also does wonders for your skin. Here’s what happens to your skin when you have a slumber party for just one and really sleep. 

Skin cells regenerate

There is no better makeover than a skin cell makeover! When you’re in deep sleep, your skin cells are busy regenerating. Studies suggest that they grow and repair the fastest between 11 PM to 4 AM as the production of collagen and elastin peaks and your skin damage is treated naturally. Another easy and delicious hack to treat your skin to all this is Wellbeing Nutrition’s Skin Fuel India’s First Drinkable Skincare. It is packed with collagen, peptides, and bioactive ingredients to give you healthy skin from within. 

A break from all the stress

So you thought snoozing away was a brilliant relaxing mechanism just for you? Haha, jokes on you – your skin shares this joy too. The amount you sleep directly impacts your cortisol levels and stress hormones. If you have been burning the midnight oil, it is going to be quite apparent on your face. Inflamed skin, puffiness around the eyes, and a sullen-looking face will dawn upon you the next morning of you being a night owl. Do your skin a favour, and get some sleep.

A break from the breakouts too

Stress = Inflammation = Acne

And once your face starts breaking out, you will stress about that too – just the beginning of another vicious cycle! Calming your mind and putting your body in a resting state will prevent it from experiencing inflammatory fluctuations and give you clear, glowing skin. Another way to bid adieu to acne, wrinkles, and blemishes? If you’re looking for an antioxidant for skin, just drop a tab of Skin Fuel in water, wait till it dissolves and enjoy the delicious mint and blueberry flavoured drink. 

Bye-bye eco damage

When you are asleep, your surrounding temperature remains the same and your skin is not subjected to the ill effects of smoke, pollution, sunlight, and make-up. Cleansing your skin well before going to bed and using the right products will give it a chance to rejuvenate and recover from the day’s stress.

Enhanced impact of beauty products 

Do your anti-aging and night creams work exceeding well for your skin? Forget antioxidant serums and glutathione creams. What if we told you, it is so because of the way the earth rotates and our body functions? While you sleep, your skin renews itself and the products you apply are absorbed better. Most of these contain retinol that the sun tends to break down in the day which is why they thrive in the darkness. 

So if it’s already past midnight and you’ve landed up here, you know what you’ve to do as soon as you’re done reading!


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