Time to Stock Up on These 4 Essentials to Stay Healthy During the Cold Season!

The winter season is already knocking at the door. And as always, it has brought a cold, sore throat, and congestion with it. Being an Indian, you need to open the door. But how do you protect yourself from winter and its related problems? Well, you can rely on our 4 Essential supplements for the cold that we’ll mention in this blog.
All of these essentials will help your body fight against sore throat, cold and respiratory issues. So, if you're curious, read along.  

4 Essentials to Stay Healthy During the Cold Season

Here are four essential supplements for cold from Wellbeing Nutrition:

1.    Grandma's Kadha

Grandma’s Kadha is a unique supplement that comes with the goodness of 13 medicinal herbs. It comes in the form of a water-soluble tablet which is easy to consume. You need to drop the tablet in a cup of hot water and let it dissolve. Wait for 2-3 minutes and then sip it like tea.
Here are all the herbs that has been used to make Grandma’s Kadha:
✔    Echinacea
✔    Mulethi
✔    Kulinjan
✔    Coriander
✔    Turmeric
✔    Tulsi
✔    Black Pepper
✔    Amla
✔    Adulsa
✔    Dry Ginger
✔    Bharangi
✔    Shankhapushpi
✔    Kalmegh
With all these ingredients Grandma's Kadha:
●    Naturally Fights Flu
●    Relieves Symptoms of Cold and Cough
●    Relieves Congestion and Sore Throat
●    Reduces Inflammation
●    Contains Adaptogenic Properties
●    Provides Advanced Immunity Support
●    Helps with Digestion

2.    Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing health booster drink made from raw fermented apple juice. This drink is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that can help you:
●    Relieve Sore Throat and Cough
●    Fight Allergies
●    Control Blood Sugar Levels
●    Reduce inflammation
●    Improve Immunity
●    Improve Heart Health
●    Detoxify your Body
●    Prevent Acid Reflux and Bloating
●    Improve Skin
●    Regulate Ph Balance
There's another variant of Apple Cider Vinegar that you can try:

Apple Cider Vinegar with Amla and Turmeric

This supplement comes with the added goodness of:
✔    Black Pepper
✔    Cinnamon
✔    Turmeric
✔    Amla
All these ingredients have been used in Indian tradition for centuries for the below properties:
●    Anti-Viral
●    Anti-Microbial
●    Anti-Fungal

The ACV with Amla and Turmeric tastes good and reduces the bitterness of vinegar. So, if you’re looking for a better taste, make sure to include this variant.

3.    Melts Throat Relief

Melts Throat Relief is one of the best supplements for colds. It's a tasty oral strip that you need to place on your tongue and let it dissolve. Here are the ingredients it comes with:
✔    Mint
✔    Manuka Honey
✔    Sweet Violet
✔    Holy Basil
✔    Ginger
✔    Curcumin
✔    Clove
✔    Licorice

All these ingredients can help you:
●    Clear Nasal Airways
●    Soothe your Throat
●    Relieve you from Throat Pain
Anyone suffering from cold-like symptoms, congestion, cough, respiratory infections, or has low immunity should try Melts Throat Relief.

4.    Melts Multivitamins

Melts Multivitamins is also a tasty oral strip similar to the Melts Throat Relief but comes with different ingredients and benefits. Here are the vitamins that you can get from Melts Multivitamins:

✔    Vitamin B Complex
✔    Vitamin C
✔    Vitamin D3
✔    Vitamin A
✔    Magnesium
✔    Ashwagandha
✔    Ginseng
✔    Vitamin K2
All these ingredients/vitamins can help you:
●    Improve Cognitive Health
●    Improve Immunity
●    Uplift Mood
●    Promote Heart Health
●    Increase Energy
●    Improve Memory
●    Maintain Muscle Strength
With all of the above supplements you can easily fight cold, sore throat, congestion and cough. So, purchase them right now.

Why trust the above supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition?

Now, you may think, why should you trust the supplements listed above. Well, let's help you understand what makes Wellbeing Nutrition unique and why you should trust our supplements. Here are the characteristics of our supplements you need to know about:
●    They are easy to consume and are surprisingly tasty.
●    They are clinically tested, which means they have no side effects and are safe for all.
●    They have proven results, which means these products are highly effective.
●    They are vegan, plant-based, and organic in nature. We do not use chemicals in any of our products.
●    They are GMO, gluten, preservative and artificial sweetener- free products.
●    They are affordable and easily accessible.
Wellbeing Nutrition is not just any nutrition brand. Our products go under vigorous testing to ensure effectiveness and consumer safety. So, you can rely on us. However, it's recommended that you contact your nutritionist before consuming any supplement. After all, we're all built differently.    
Wrapping Up
This transition from summers to winters is quite messy. Some suffer from a runny nose, while some from congestion or sore throat. And, with COVID-19 still out there, even small problems can lead to dire consequences.
Fortunately, by consuming the right supplements and eating habits, you can make these winters pretty smooth and infection-free. So, get these 4 Essentials from Wellbeing Nutrition, which will ensure good respiratory health all winter long.


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