Pure Energy Combo

Love your morning cup of coffee but hate the anxious jitters? Or has the good ol’ afternoon slump got you feeling drowsy in the middle of your tasklist? We have just the perfect energy booster duo for you! Our Pure Energy Energy Combo brings together the goodness of Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea along with our delicious melts® Instant Energy - so that you can seize the day, all day, everyday.

Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea: Contains caffeine and L-theanine that provides a stable and sustained boost of energy that lasts all day. Minus any caffeine crash or anxious jitters that are common with coffee!

melts® Instant Energy: Say yes to these rapidly dissolving strips that dissolve after coming in contact with your tongue to ensure easy and complete absorption of all the nutrients in an extremely enjoyable and fun manner. melts® Instant Energy is armed with Green Tea Caffeine, Electrolytes, and Vitamins that power your body and recharge your mind. Goodbye drowsy slumps and fatigue!

How to Consume:

Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea: Drop one tablet in a cold glass of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink up!

melts® Instant Energy: Take 1 strip daily after meals, place it on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

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No Gluten
Soy / Nuts

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What is Matcha Green Tea?

Japanese Tencha leaves are grown on green tea bushes, in limited sunlight. The shade triggers increased production of chlorophyll which turns them bright green and full of flavonoids. These leaves are then cleaned and stone ground to create the perfect Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea in a tab for you. It contains concentrated 10x more antioxidants and nutrients as compared to regular green tea, making it more powerful and beneficial.

Green Leaves


Stone Ground Tencha Leaves
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Be a go-getter,
on the go

Feel fatigued? Need a burst of sustained energy? Whether it's an extra set at the gym or a 7 am jog on a whim, each Instant Energy melts®strip is the perfect pick-me-up to boost your energy levels.
Pick up an Instant Energy melts® if you need:

A pre-workout stimulus

A post-activity recharge

To beat post-travel fatigue

Sustained energy, all day long

Small Strip.

Big Benefits.

Power up to power through

Balanced Fluids

Reduces Fatigue

No Water

No Swallowing

Enhanced Endurance

Mental Focus

Boosts Energy

Boosts Energy

The combination of caffeine with L-Theanine provides a stable and extended boost of energy without anxious jitters or side effects.

Aids Healthy Digestion

Aids Healthy Digestion

Helps maintain digestive balance and prevent gastrointestinal disorders due to its abundant polyphenol content.

Increases Metabolism

Increases Metabolism

Speeds up metabolism and boosts fat burning for healthy weight management.

Maintains Dental Health

Maintains Dental Health

Contains flavonoids that maintain healthy gums, fight tooth decay and limit the growth of oral bacteria.

Improves Heart Health

Improves Heart Health

Keeps the heart healthy and helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Supports Cognitive Health

Supports Cognitive Health

Increases Oxygen flow to the brain, is a natural nootropic for better memory, focus and attention.

How to Consume

Step 1

Drop 1 tablet in a cold glass of water

Step 1

Wait for it to dissolve

Step 1

Sip the highly nutritious & delicious Matcha Green Tea

Melts® Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need water to take melts?

No. Each melts® variant has been made using German Nano Technology. These Oral Thin Strips are delivered sublingually (i.e., they literally melt on your tongue) and can be consumed anytime, anywhere, without water.

I have difficulty swallowing pills and syrups. Will that be a problem?

We created melts® to avoid any such concerns. There are no swallowing difficulties as each strip directly melts in your mouth.

How many strips are there in 1 pack? How long would a pack last me?

Each box contains 30 strips. Consume one strip a day, and it will last you 30 days. A whole month’s supply!

How long do I need to continue taking melts® to see results?

Just like all nutritional and dietary supplements, melts® should be taken for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to see visible results.

Are there any side-effects of prolonged consumption?

Absolutely not. All our products are US FDA approved and 100% Plant Based, making its totally safe to consume for as long as you like.

Do I need a prescription to consume melts®?

No, you do not need any prescription to consume any of the melts® products. However, if you are pregnant or a lactating mother, please consult your doctor before consumption of any dietary supplements.

How do I use melts® strips? ?

Slide the tin up, peel open the pouch, pull out an all natural melts® strip and place it on your tongue. Enjoy the tasty flavour as it melts into your bloodstream and delivers just the right amount of nutrition your body needs!

Melts® Instant Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Will consuming Instant Energy melts® give me a caffeine crash ?

Not at all! The caffeine in Well being Nutrition Instant Energy melts® has been derived from Natural Green Tea, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of caffeine minus the crash or the jitters. Each strip melts into instant energy without any side-effects.

Why are sodium and potassium used ?

Sodium and potassium work as electrolytes that help replenish the minerals you lose when you sweat. This Wellbeing Nutrition melts® contains sodium and potassium to aid rehydration, delay muscle fatigue and prevents muscle cramps too.

Which Vitamins can be found in Well being Nutrition Instant Energy melts®

This variant of Wellbeing Nutrition melts® contains:

- Vitamin B5 helps convert food (carbs) into fuel (glucose).
- Vitamin B6 helps keep your brain alert.
- Vitamin B12 promotes faster metabolism and release of natural energy.
- Vitamin E protects your body from harmful free radicals and toxins.

Each strip of this variant melts into instant energy for your body!

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellbeing Nutrition's Matcha Green Tea made from?

Our Matcha Green Tea is made from organically grown, stone ground Japanese Tencha leaves.

How to make your Matcha Green Tea?

Drop 1 tab in a glass of cold water, wait for it to dissolve and your delicious and nutritious Organic Matcha Green Tea is ready.

Does Matcha Green Tea help lose weight?

Yes, absolutely. Matcha Green Tea contains significantly higher levels of EGCG polyphenols than regular green tea, increasing its metabolism boosting and thermogenic effects in the body. Drinking our Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea everyday helps reduce fat storage and ensure healthy weight loss.

What is the recommended dosage per day?

Adults: 18+ years (Max 2 tabs a day).

What are some other benefits of drinking Matcha Green Tea?

The benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea are plenty! Drink our Organic Matcha Green Tea for weight loss, boosted energy, healthy digestion, increased metabolism, great dental health, improved heart health, cognitive health support, reduced inflammation, skin radiance, stress relief and stronger Immunity!

How is Matcha Green Tea better than regular green tea?

Our Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea is better than regular green tea in more ways than one. Each tab delivers 137x more antioxidants, has 3x More EGCG Polyphenols and is 10x more powerful than the average green tea. It’s time to make the switch.

Does Matcha Green Tea contain caffeine?

Yes, Matcha Green Tea does contain caffeine, but it also has L-Theanine that provides a stable and extended boost of energy without any anxious jitters or side effects.

Who should have this Matcha Green Tea?

Anyone who wants to feel more energetic and reap all the benefits of Matcha Green Tea should consume this drink.

Are there any side effects to Matcha Green Tea?

Our Organic Matcha Green Tea is made from natural Japanese Tencha leaves and has no side effects whatsoever.

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