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How to determine when to take a supplement- Before or After a Meal?

Nutraceutical supplements are gaining quick ground in India and all over the world. Ranging from gut microbial issues to skin problems, supplements cover various health concerns. Hence, the timing of consuming the supplements is just as important to achieve efficacy. Every supplement has a different consumption timing and dosage, depending on its function. You cannot take a sleep-inducing supplement in the morning, right? This blog sheds some light on this crucial part of nutraceuticals.   

The majority of consumers show reasonable consumption of natural supplements. However, distinct consumer behavior emerges following a variety of botanicals, extracts, multivitamins, and dietary supplements. In such cases, physician guidance plays a pivotal role [1]. It is important to consume supplements according to perfect timing. The presence or absence of other foods or drugs may affect the absorption of bio-actives present in supplements.  


Protein supplements and protein shakes are very popular for obvious reasons. However, blind intake of protein may not show the desired results. In fact, it may cause more harm than good. Yes, guys, it can happen. So the very next question popping into your mind is: when to drink protein shakes? Again, proper timing and dosage of natural supplements are crucial. A study done on the effects of protein taken during different times of the day showed differentiated results on the body. Intake of protein supplements between meals, combined with resistant exercise shows the most consistent results and increases lean body mass [2], as compared to inconsistent intake. We have designed protein-rich powders keeping optimum absorption in mind. Superfood Plant Protein powders are filled with a complete amino acid profile along with protein from various sources.  


Multivitamin supplements are effective against a plethora of disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular or bone support, gut or liver issues, and even more important in pregnancies. Most of the major complications involve micronutrient deficiency which is compensated by these supplements. So when to consume multivitamins? For optimum absorption, multivitamins are best taken during meals. Make sure to always keep a consistent intake pattern for best results.  Multivitamins from Wellbeing Nutrition are designed to ensure perfectly optimum absorption.  

When to take probiotics?  

Probiotics are vital constituents of the gut, managing all the gut activities. From constipation to acidity, probiotics are effective against all gut issues. However, the live culture strains of bacteria in probiotic tablets require optimum conditions and resistance to stomach acids in order to reach the intestines. Probiotic + Prebiotic effervescent tablets from Wellbeing Nutrition are designed to activate the bacteria in the tablets by dissolving it in water. The best time to take probiotic tablets is before meals, along with proper consistency to ensure better results.  

When to take vitamin C tablets?  

Vitamin C is one of the most sought-after micronutrients. With an impressive array of functions, including skin care, immunity benefits, collagen synthesis, and reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disorders. In order to strengthen immunity and skin texture, vitamin C tablets can be taken anytime during the day. However, after breakfast is considered optimum since the metabolism rate is high, and post-breakfast consumption helps reduce side-effects caused by the acidity of vitamin C.  

When should you take fish oil?  

Fish oil, also known as Omega 3 oil, helps in supporting brain and heart health. It performs several vital functions, from skin and bone health to lifestyle complications. Since omega 3 is basically oil in nature, the absorption of fats and oils takes place best during meals. Hence, it is advised to consume omega-3 capsules during meals, to ensure proper absorption and efficacy. SLOW Virgin Omega 3 capsules use time release technique to release omega 3 oil in the body.  

Apple Cider Vinegar 

A powerhouse of health, ACV is rich in micronutrients. It supports immunity, heart health, and weight loss, may inhibit uncontrolled cellular growth, and balances gut bacteria. The best time to drink ACV or consume an ACV tablet is before meals or early in the morning since consuming it after meals can cause a delay in digestion [7]. We have Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, sourced from fresh Himalayan Apples and a turmeric version. ACV with Garcinia Cambogia and Pomegranate effervescent tablets also includes probiotics, acetic acid, and vitamin C for added benefits. All ACV products are best for consumption before meals.  

SLOW Burn  

L-carnitine is an essential component for energy and fat metabolism. L-carnitine supplements and capsules are consumed by individuals aiming for weight loss by burning excess fat. The mechanism involves increasing energy modulation by increasing muscle carnitine levels [8]. Based on this simple evidence, the best time to consume Slow Burn capsules is before a workout or physical activity.  

Wrapping Up! 

Natural supplements are not hard-core pharmaceutical drugs; however, proper timing and dosage are critical for best results. Before consuming supplements of any form, proper consultation with doctors is very important. Not only it provides you with effective results, but it also prevents any kind of side effect or potential damage to the body. So guys, do not forget to check the instructions on the pack, and ask your doctor if you must. Don’t hesitate at all!  


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