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Hair Fall Control
Hair Fall Control ₹597 ₹649
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Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides
Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides ₹5,607 ₹6,597
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Daily Fiber | Vanilla Berry Flavor
Daily Fiber | Vanilla Berry Flavor ₹799 ₹999
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Nutrition that
keeps up with you

Natural, science-driven and pure, our products help you make the most out of your health in an effortlessly delicious way.

Uncompromising quality

We believe that food feeds us mentally, physically and emotionally. Using safely sourced, pure ingredients and careful processes, we make sure that the right nutrients stay locked in, therefore, making health easy, convenient and delicious for you.

Thoughtfully curated

Thoughtfully curated

Wellbeing products only make it to your basket after passing the strictest filters of quality, efficacy and transparency. They are created after empirical research and a thorough safety standard check. We pride ourselves on having top quality products, scientific-backing, and a transparent supply chain.

Formulated with care

Formulated with care

We make products that are as effective for your body as possible. After choosing evidence-based ingredients, we then pick the right form and formulation to optimise each nutrient to make for easy digestion and absorption.

Traceable ingredients

Traceable ingredients

Our team has travelled the world, forging relationships with farmers and suppliers committed to ethical harvesting and sustainability. We are obsessed with the right sourcing practices to ensure high-potency, taste and bioavailability of our products.

Strictest testing practices

Strictest testing practices

All of our supplements undergo multiple tests through various stages right from sourcing and manufacturing to the final product. This gets us the desired quality of products and ensures we meet exact global specifications of safety.

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