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Hair Fall Control
Hair Fall Control ₹597 ₹649
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Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides
Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides ₹2,089 ₹2,199
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Daily Fiber | Vanilla Berry Flavor
Daily Fiber | Vanilla Berry Flavor ₹799 ₹999
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Harnessing the
power of nature

Our team of experts has trotted the globe to sustainably source ingredients with better potency, digestibility, absorption and bioavailability – all to help you achieve balance and thrive.

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Food feeds us physically, mentally, and emotionally

Straight to the source

Straight to the source

Know your ingredients

Our ingredients are picked after diligently studying a large body of research that is only growing every day. From the many studies our Medical Advisory Board goes through, here are the ones that they’re really kicked about!

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