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Importance of Having a Healthy Liver and How Slow - Liver Health Can Help

While you are focusing on maintaining optimum weight and good heart health, you're ignoring a vital organ: the liver. Your liver is the 2nd largest organ of the human body and performs several important functions. For instance, it helps your body flush out toxins and keeps your blood clean.

Didn't know that? Well, read along. This blog talks about how important a healthy liver is in your life and how you can maintain one.

What's the Importance of Having a Healthy Liver?

To lay stress on how significant your liver is for the healthy working of your body, just remember it performs around five hundred functions in total.

Here's how a healthy liver contributes towards keeping you healthy: -

Storage and Utilization of Nutrients
Your liver stores the minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates from the foods you consume. It then converts these nutrients into glycogen that our body can use in case of an energy call.

Here's what your liver stores: -

Vitamins like A, K, E, and B12. These vitamins are fat-soluble. Therefore, the bile secreted by your liver is crucial for you to absorb these vitamins for your body's use. Compromised bile production can affect the absorption of several significant vitamins in the body.

Minerals like iron and copper. Iron is known to keep you energetic, while copper is essential for protein formation inside the liver and responsible for several chemical reactions in the body.

Carbohydrates. Your liver stores the excess glucose (simple carbohydrate) in the form of glycogen. This glycogen acts as the secondary source of energy after free moving blood glucose.

Removal of Harmful Toxins
The liver acts as a filter for the blood in your body. And like any other filter, the liver works on removing harmful toxins and pollutants and detoxifies the blood.

Almost all the blood in our body has to pass through the liver. And during this journey, the liver breaks down the substances in it like prescriptive medicines, street drugs, alcohol, or caffeine. It also removes toxins produced by the body and other body stuff like old hormones or damaged body cells out of the body. Additionally, the liver helps remove ammonia from your body via urine.

Regulation of Hormones
A healthy functioning liver helps in maintaining a natural hormone balance. It removes any excess hormones from your body preventing any hormonal or emotional imbalance.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Liver
Your liver is a powerful and amazing organ and deserves to be taken care of. Here are a few steps to take care of your liver and ensure good health: -

Have a Balanced Diet
Focus more on fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc., instead of fatty foods. High levels of fats and cholesterols lead to fatty liver disease. That is why you must reduce the amount of consumption of unsaturated fats in your diet.

Get Vaccinated
Hepatitis A and B are viral and harmful liver infections. You can be infected by Hepatitis A through contaminated water or food like shellfish and by Hepatitis B through unprotected sex, used needles, etc. The vaccination will immunize you against these infections, ensuring your liver's health.

Be Careful with Your Medicines
Some medicines or over-the-counter drugs consist of metals or toxins that pose a danger to the liver. It causes unnecessary stress on your liver leading to hormonal imbalance, brings toxins into the body, and affects the overall functioning of the liver. Therefore: -

  • Read the instructions carefully before consuming a medicine.

  • Do not take more than needed.

  • Consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

Liver Health Supplement

Opt for natural health supplements good for the liver. One example of a reliable liver supplement is Slow Liver Health from Wellbeing Nutrition. How can it help? Read along to find out.

How Is Slow Liver Health Beneficial for You?

Everybody is too busy these days to take care of their diet to maintain liver health. That is why supplements like Slow Liver Health are one of the best options. It is a scientifically developed supplement meant to improve the liver's health by cleansing it, removing the toxins, and regulating it.

These liver cleansing capsules comes with plant-based beadlets that contain Milk-thistle, Arjuna, and Berberry that further help in: -

Wrapping Up

You must put efforts towards maintaining good liver health if you want your body to function properly. Simple steps like following a healthy lifestyle and keeping an eye on what you consume can make a lot of difference in maintaining good liver health. And adding Slow Liver Health to your diet will do wonders. So, follow a healthy lifestyle`,eat healthy and order Slow Liver Health now!

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