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International Men's Day: Raise the bar of well-being With the Right Supplements

International Men's Day is celebrated every year on 19th November to recognize the accomplishments of men, be it personal, social, political, or cultural. The theme for 2022 International Men's Day is "Helping Men and Boys."

Men, in general, do not take enough care of themselves, especially when it comes to consuming enough nutrients and eating a fulfilling & nourishing diet.

However, men must know that overall health is not only about having healthy legs, arms, eyes, or a healthy outer body. Health from the inside matters too, which is why it is one of the top objectives of International Men’s Day — to focus on men's health at social, economic, physical, and spiritual levels.

But how to ensure you are healthy from the inside? Well, complete health comes from the right diet and the right supplements. On the occasion of International Men's Day, we will talk about the importance of nutrition and supplements in men's life.

Nutrition in Men – How Does Lack of Adequate Nutrients Affect Men

The rules for healthy living are eating the right food, exercising, and sleeping well. But how many of you actually follow them?

Men can get most of the nutrients they need to stay healthy from consuming the right food if they pay attention to the nutrient content. But nobody has got the time to do that. Also, men do not take enough care of themselves due to several reasons like work commitments, personal responsibilities, etc., which in turn leads to health issues like: -

  • Heart Diseases – Death by heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death among men.

  • Cancer – Cancer is the second greatest number of deaths among men.

  • Diabetes – Men are more prone to type 2 diabetes because they have more belly fat. Fat is one of the crucial factors that raise the risk of getting this chronic disease.

  • Reduced Semen Quality – Lifestyle factors and other medical conditions can affect the semen quality and sperm production.

  • Other diseases sights include HIV, STIs, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

However, fortunately, with the right supplementation, you might be able to prevent such health issues and live a healthy life.

What Nutrients Are Commonly Missing in Men's Diet?

Here are a few nutrients most men lack and why they these nutrients are important: -

  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps absorbs calcium which is good for the bones. But its deficiency is linked to testosterone levels.

  • Calcium – Your body needs calcium for stronger bones. But you are at a higher risk of calcium deficiency if you are above 70. Lack of calcium in the diet can lead to higher blood pressure, and studies suggest men are more likely to develop high blood pressure. This can further lead to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Omega 3 – Omega 3s help with exercise recovery, brain health, and heart health.

  • Magnesium – Magnesium improves energy levels and supports the heart. Lack of magnesium in the body can affect the heart and cause migraines, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc.

How These Nutrients Become Imperative As Men Age?

To keep your body and mind stable as you age and get older, you need a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Calcium and Vitamin D, dietary fiber, potassium, healthy fats, etc., should always be in your diet in adequate amounts, with no exceptions.

As men age and enter their fifties, they lose weight and muscles and typically become less active, leading to a slow metabolism. Therefore, they need fewer calories but more nutrients in their diet regularly. And most importantly, due to age, nutrient absorption declines, and it also becomes hard to consume nutrient-rich foods due to medical conditions.

It is always better to consult your healthcare specialist to help you choose the right supplement as per your nutrient needs.

How Can Men of All Age Groups Ensure Their Well-Being?

Adult men, up to the age of 50 years, must know that a healthy body, active mind, and lifestyle start with balance. And you can strike that balance in your life by following a nutritious eating plan with enough protein, fiber, vegetables, fruits, etc., exercise, enough sleep, and the right multivitamin supplements.

If you already consume an overall healthy diet with the right supplements, you may need to make huge changes in your diet as you grow old or cross 50. You simply need to be aware of your body's needs and specific nutrition requirements. You can then adjust your diet with the right food and multivitamin to provide your body with exactly what it should to stay healthy.

However, older men should opt for food with more nutrients but fewer calories, like fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans, nuts, seeds, low-fat milk, etc. Also, they must actively avoid saturated and trans-fat. And remember, there is nothing better than exercising or going for a short walk.

How Do Supplements Help?

There are several ways in which supplements and multivitamins for men can help: -

  • Supplementations and multivitamins intend to bridge the nutritional gaps.

  • Your body can't absorb all the nutrients via food when you get older as it loses the ability to break down the nutrients efficiently. However, supplements and multivitamins for men, especially high-quality ones, contain bioavailable nutrients that are easily absorbed by your body.

  • Due to restrictions to not eating animal-based food, vegans and vegetarians may lack several essential nutrients in their diet. That is why supplements would be really useful for them so that their body can get enough nutrients to function properly.

  • Supplements consist of several natural ingredients like Shilajit, MCT oil, Curcumin, Valerian root, etc., beneficial for a lot of factors like providing energy, protecting the immune system, anti-inflammatory benefits, etc.

Wrapping Up

Supplements and multivitamins for men play a huge role in raising the bar of well-being. Your body needs essential nutrients at different phases of your life. And multivitamins, make sure you get them in the right amount. So, this International Men's Day, take a step toward taking care of your well-being by choosing the right supplements for yourself.


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