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Time For You to Switch from Regular Green Tea to Matcha Green Tea!

Do you consume green tea? If yes, you must know what benefits (lower BP, protection from cancer, etc.) it brings. However, it isn't effective enough even after daily consumption. And this is when matcha green tea comes into the picture. You may have heard about matcha green tea, but did you know how beneficial it is?
If not, this blog is for you. You can think of this as a comparison of regular green tea vs. matcha green tea. And by the end, you'll be convinced to switch from the former to the latter. Also, we'll mention a fantastic matcha green tea product available in the market. So, read along to know more.

What Is Matcha Green Tea, and How Is It Different From Regular Green Tea?

Both green and matcha tea come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. However, the way both these tea types are prepared is what makes them different.
Regular green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves, but in this case, the leaves do not undergo much oxidation. After being harvested under the sun, the leaves and buds are steamed and dried, preventing oxidation.    
For matcha green tea, the leaves of Camellia sinensis are grown under shade 20-30 days before harvesting. This helps improve the chlorophyll content and gives matcha green tea its signature flavor.
Once the harvesting is complete, the veins and stems are removed. And then the whole leaf is ground into a bright green, fine powder. And this powder is what you use to make the signature matcha green tea.
In matcha green tea, the entire leaf is used, which adds even more nutrients as compared to regular green tea.

What Benefits Does Matcha Green Tea Bring Along?

You should know that matcha green tea is only a type of green tea. So, most matcha green tea's health benefits are similar to regular green tea.
However, matcha green tea has more antioxidants as compared to regular tea. Antioxidants in a single cup of matcha tea(237ml) could be equal to three cups of regular green tea(711ml).   
Let's look at some benefits of matcha green tea:

1.    Fights Inflammation and Free Radicals

Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants, primarily catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. And this EGCF can help improve cell repair, maintain arteries and reduce inflammation.
Also, the dietary antioxidants help fight free radicals in your body, offering protection to your tissues and cells from damage.

2.    May Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

Heart issues are quite common in India and is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country. Fortunately, because of its antioxidant nature, matcha tea helps improve cardiovascular health and better manage heart problems- keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

3.    May Help you Lose Weight

Green tea is a pretty common ingredient in weight loss supplements. It's because green tea helps burn more calories by enhancing your metabolism. Green tea also helps burn more fat, and these factors lead to eventual weight loss.

However, the rate of weight loss is pretty low. So, you mustn't completely rely on green tea. Instead, make sure to exercise regularly and avoid fried foods and consume green tea for better results.

4.    May Help Reduce Stress and Increase Alertness

Green tea comes with an amino acid known as l-theanine. L-theanine helps your brain relax and also fights stress. Fortunately, the L-theanine content in matcha green tea is more than the normal green tea, which means more benefits.
Also, L-theanine helps prevent drowsiness and increases alertness by modifying the effect of caffeine in your body.

These were some popular benefits of matcha green tea. Now let's look at a matcha green tea product you can rely upon.

Best Matcha Green Tea

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea
This supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition is sourced from tencha leaves grown in Uji, Japan. It's a ceremonial grade premium matcha green tea that is:
●    10x more powerful than the normal green tea.
●    137x more antioxidant-rich than the normal green tea
Here are the benefits our Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea brings along:
●    Enhances energy with the help of l-theanine and caffeine.
●    Improves digestion with its high polyphenol content.
●    Improves your overall metabolism.
●    Enhances dental health with the help of flavonoids.
●    Promotes heart health because of antioxidants.
●    Helps improve cognition
If you want to enjoy such benefits, too, switch from your regular green tea to Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea by Wellbeing Nutrition.

Wrapping Up

Regular tea vs. Matcha Green Tea: who wins? Well, if you consider the antioxidant content and health benefits, matcha green tea wins the battle. Although matcha green tea offers similar benefits to regular green tea, it's more potent. Three cups of regular green tea offer similar benefits to a single cup of matcha green tea. Now, the choice is yours!


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