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VeCollal® World’s 1st Clinically Proven Vegan Collagen

 VeCollal® is a biomimetic of human collagen type 1, combined with gene-stimulating inductors, therefore providing all of the incredible benefits of animal collagen supplements.

The only collagen identical to human Type I collagen

Designed to transform your skin,  VeCollal® has all 18 amino acids present in human type 1 collagen. It absorbs 4x times better, bypassing the digestive system, due to its molecule size of 113 Dalton (100 times smaller than collagen peptides).

Developed through 5 years of research and backed by 4 clinical trials, our revolutionary plant-based formula is proven in vitro research to stimulate fibroblast cells through powerful plant-based inductors. It is specially crafted for vegans and vegetarians, it redefines beauty standards providing incredible results without compromise.

The Science Behind VeCollal®

VeCollal® is a very precise blend of 18 amino acids in the exact same proportions as found in human type 1 collagen, predominantly present in skin and bones. Type 1 collagen represents over 90% of the collagen found in the body. The perfect ratio of amino acids supplied by VeCollal represents the ideal building blocks for the human body to create its own collagen. The powerful herbal extracts are added to stimulate further collagen synthesis.

Gold Standard Clinical Trial

An independent, peer reviewed, randomised, placebo controlled clinical trial on VeCollal® has clearly demonstrated it is a highly efficient supplement to improve all markers of skin appearance with a low daily dose of 5 grams. It is clinically shown to double collagen production just after 2 days.

Boosts collagen production by 135%

An in vitro study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of VeCollal®. Human skin fibroblasts, a cell type responsible for collagen production in skin, were grown in a culture medium. Different concentrations of VeCollal® were added to the medium, and collagen production was compared to that of untreated cells (control group).

Clinically proven results starting week 4

A double blind, randomised and placebo controlled human trial was conducted on 90 healthy subjects over a 4-8 week period that showed significant reduction in signs of ageing

In just 4 weeks, at a low daily dose of 5 grams, VeCollal® reduced wrinkles by an amazing 33% in an independent, peer reviewed  study ran by a University of pharmacy & science in collaboration with TCI

*Reference: Journal of Functional Foods 112, Jan. (2024) 105955 Josué Jiménez Vázquez, Yung-Kai Lin & TCI Biotech

20% Improvement in Skin Texture in 4 Weeks

VeCollal® significantly improved skin texture, with an average increase in value of 20% in just four weeks, compared to the placebo (***, p < 0.05).

 The VISIA Complexion Analysis System was used to measure skin texture, which assesses skin smoothness by detecting gradations in color from the surrounding skin tone that indicate variations in surface texture.

Additionally, skin roughness decreased by 13%, leading to improved skin texture. This result rivals or outperforms other  collagen supplements on the market today.

16% Improvement in Skin Tone in 4 Weeks

 After consuming the VeCollal® for 4 weeks, the average value of skin redness was significantly reduced by 16.3% (***, p < 0.01).

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System was used to measure skin redness, with lower relative values indicating greater  improvement. Notably, 90% of subjects showed effective improvement, with a higher improvement ratio compared to the placebo group.

Scientific Brilliance with TCI Biotech

Bioengineered in collaboration with TCI Biotech, a leader with 12 research laboratories in biomedicine research and gene medical research, 203 R&D masters and PhD talents, and a global footprint across the USA, Europe, Asia (including China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan), this partnership leverages TCI Biotech's extensive expertise and resources to drive innovation.

Developed with International Expert

A well-respected and acknowledged biomaterials specialist who specialises in tissue engineering, precision medicine and data science with artificial intelligence Biomdrin. The scientific brilliance of Dr. Josué Jiménez Vázquez and the R&D and expertise of TCI Biotech have innovatively combined to invent the ground-breaking technology featured in VeCollal® – the world’s first science driven, vegan collagen

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