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Virgin Omega 3
Virgin Omega 3 ₹1,329 ₹1,899
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Hair Fall Control
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Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides
Beauty Korean Marine Collagen Peptides ₹1,749 ₹2,499
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Daily Fiber | Vanilla Berry Flavor
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The Nutrition Revolution

You deserve what’s next. And we’re working with leading experts in the fields of science, nutrition, medicine, wellness and more to make this possible.

“We’re relentless about discovering targeted strains and nutrients to support a healthier gut which give birth to innovative products like Probiotic + Prebiotic as well as Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with twice the amount of ‘mother’.”

- Dr. Rainer Duchmann,
Gastroenterologist, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Fellow of the European Board of Gastroenterology & Hepatology (FEBG).

Provided by nature, delivered by science.

For us, it’s simple – highest quality nutrients made bioavailable in just the right form. In world packed with false labels, magic pills and chalky medicines, we’re here to push the boundaries of science to give it to you straight!

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