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4 Ways in Which Iron Supplements Are a Must for The Body

Iron is undoubtedly one of the most crucial nutrients for your body. After all, it helps in DNA synthesis and oxygen transport, among other functions. However, lack of iron leads to numerous complications such as tiredness, fatigue, and the most extreme one being iron deficiency anemia.
Fortunately, you can prevent iron deficiency by consuming iron-rich supplements. Now, you must be thinking, why go for iron supplements when you can consume iron-rich food.
Well, this is what we’ll talk about in the below blog. First, you’ll find how iron supplements are better than dietary sources and four ways in which iron supplements are a must for your body.

Why are iron supplements better than dietary sources?

Several food items contain abundant iron content, such as:
●    Pumpkin Seeds: 100 grams have 3.3mg of iron
●    Organic Spinach: 100 grams have 2.7 mg of iron
●    Liver: 100 grams have 17.9 mg of iron
●    Red Meat: 100 grams have 2.7 mg of iron
●    Dried Fruits such as apricots: 100 grams have 0.4 mg of iron  
●    Mixed Nuts: 100 grams have 2.6 mg of iron  
Daily iron content required by men (above 18 years) is almost: 8.7mg
Daily iron content required by women (ranging between 18-50 years) is almost: 14.8mg.
The daily iron content for women is more because they lose a lot of blood during menstruation.
Now, out of the above-mentioned iron-rich dietary sources, only 100grams of the liver has the adequate amount of iron your body needs. And for men, even 50 grams of the liver would do.
But how many men and women can consume liver? Not many, right? After all, in India the majority of the population relies on a vegetarian diet. So, iron-rich sources like pumpkin seeds and organic spinach are rich sources of iron for those who are vegetarian and vegan.
Unfortunately, more than 300 grams of spinach is required to meet the daily iron need for men. And for women, more than 500 grams of organic spinach is required. This amount of nutritious spinach is quite hard to consume,especially if you are not too fond of it right?
Furthermore, people who suffer from low iron absorption aren’t able to absorb iron from food sources. And this is when you can rely on iron supplements.
A study says that iron supplementation is more effective in improving hemoglobin recovery as compared to dietary sources. Also, supplements have concentrated iron content, which is easily absorbed by your body and helps meet daily needs.
With that said, let’s learn how iron supplements are a must.

Why are iron supplements a must for your body?

Here’s why iron supplements are a must for your body:

1.    Formation of Hemoglobin

Iron helps synthesize hemoglobin which is an important protein found in RBCs. This hemoglobin helps carry oxygen through the bloodstream to our important organs. Lack of this protein in your blood can affect RBCs capacity to carry blood which is quite dangerous and can lead to anemia.

Also, women need more HB than men because of extra blood loss during menstruation. So, make sure to consume iron supplements for a healthy HB count in your body.

2.    Helps Treat Anemia

Anemia or iron deficiency anemia is a common nutritional deficiency. It happens when your body has less than the required HB. Anemia is usually characterized by dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, fast heart rate, etc.
Fortunately, iron supplements are known to help produce HB. And when there is enough HB in your body, you’ll be free from the risk of anemia.

3.   Reduce Fatigue

Even when you don’t have anemia, iron deficiency can lead to fatigue and a feeling of tiredness. It’s quite common in females during the reproductive years. Also, you may experience extended hours of sleep both in men and women.
However, you can improve this condition and stay active with the regular intake of iron supplements.

4.    Enhances Immunity and Muscle Endurance

Reduced immunity is a common symptom of iron deficiency. It happens because the lack of iron leads to a lack of hemoglobin in the body, which further affects the oxygen transport to the damaged cells. And this delays the repair. Also, because of this, muscle endurance is reduced.

However, with iron supplements, you can improve the hemoglobin content in your body. And this will help transport oxygen to muscles and damaged cells, which means better immunity and endurance.
With that said, let’s talk about an iron supplement that you can rely on.

Nano Iron Melts by Wellbeing Nutrition

Nano Iron Melts is a reliable supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. This supplement is meant specifically to help you deal with iron deficiency. It comes in the form of nano oral strips that are easy to consume.
Here are the ingredients of Nano Iron Melts:
●    Iron
●    Organic beetroot
●    Organic Swiss Chard
●    Organic spinach
●    Organic pumpkin seeds
●    Acerola cherry
●    Folic acid
Here are the benefits that come along:
●    Better iron absorption
●    Increased haemoglobin production
●    Enhanced RBC formation
●    Better energy levels
So, if you want to fight iron deficiency, get your pack of Iron Nano Melts now.

Wrapping Up

Natural iron sources are no doubt good. But when it comes to absorption, taste, and effectiveness, you cannot beat iron supplements, especially Iron Nano Melts from Wellbeing Nutrition. The supplement is tasty and contains the required iron content. So, order Iron Nano Melts and never suffer from iron deficiency again.


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