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A Step-By-Step Guide To A Healthy Skincare Routine

Your skin is much like a person in itself. It needs food, nourishment, care and, most importantly, your attention! If you don’t give it the attention it deserves you will see it acting out as well. Your relationship with your skin is very important. If you take care of it, listen to what it needs and give it the right dosage of tender love and care, your skin will respond back by being supple, ever-glowing, and youthful.

Great skin may or may not be a part of your DNA package, but you can keep it looking & feeling great by being committed to a daily skincare routine! So how do you perfect that skincare regime? In this article, we shall help you with a step-by-step guide to take care of your skin.

Make Skincare A Habit

You can go through numerous blogs and find the perfect 9 or 10 sure-shot steps to get the  glassy skin you often dream of, but first things first, do you know your skin as well as you should?

The first step towards a daily skincare routine is to understand whether your skin is normal, oily, dry or combination. Now when one says normal, they don’t mean a perfect skin type because that rarely exists. Normal just means someone who doesn’t deal with oily, dry, acne-prone or sensitive skin. Once you determine your unique skin type, you will know how to go about curating a skincare routine that best suits you!

Skincare Routine Steps To Follow

When it comes to developing the right skin care routine, you need to keep in mind that it will differ from person to person, depending on their skin type, lifestyle habits, and the like. However, given below is a general step-by-step guide to help you get started on your skincare journey.

Step 1 - Decipher your skin! What is your skin type? Once that is done, you’ll know what suits your skin, what doesn’t and what you are allergic to. This is the preliminary step as without it, you’ll just be throwing darts in the dark.

Step 2 - Skin routines are extremely personal, create yours and stick to it! You can’t blindly follow a skincare routine that worked for your friend as you may not have the same skin type. That is why, it is extremely important to know your own skin before starting with your skincare routine.

Step 3 - Here’s your Bible for great skin – Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize. No matter which skin type you belong to, cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin daily is absolutely essential. Doing this regularly will help your skin stay healthy, supple, and youthful- protected from any kind of damage.

Step 4 - Pick the right products that are perfect for you! When it comes to picking the right products for you, trust your skin to give you the answers, if it’s oily, pick the right solutions to tackle it well. Likewise for dry skin, choose products that suit it best . Do not fall into the fad of trying popular products as what is famous may not always be meant for you. Do your research and find just the right fit. Spend your money wisely. Choose the same products over and over again if you have to- but go for the ones that benefit your skin in the long run.

Step 5 - Stick to your routine and wait for the results to show. Everything takes time so have the patience to see the results. It could take a month or two, or even a year. Just be consistent with your routine, that’s all!

The Way Forward

It is important to develop both a night and morning routine for your skin to get the pampering it rightly deserves. Morning routines should be created keeping minimalist skincare in mind – around the fact that your skin is now going to be exposed to a number of environmental factors ready to come at you. So make sure to include the sun screen as one of the key components of your morning regime. On the other hand,your night time skin care routine should help your skin recover and relax. So let your night regime be focused on using products that help your skin heal and regenerate.

And while we focus on products that benefit the skin externally, let’s not forget that a proper skincare routine depends on an inside-out approach. So don’t forget to focus on the nutrition aspect of your food as well, given its potential in slowing signs of aging. If your food lacks the requisite nutrients, don’t shy from taking medically approved supplements that will help in taking care of your skin. Wellbeing Nutrition’s Skin Fuel – India’s first drinkable skincare, focuses on nourishing your skin from within to give you glowing, healthy skin in the long run. So don’t forget to make it a part of your routine, if you haven’t already.

There are a lot of other products you could include in your routine further such as serums, face masks, and eye creams, but that varies person to person and skin to skin. Like we said, your relationship with your skin is personal and extremely necessary. The more you nurture the relationship you share with your skin, the more glowing benefits you’ll get!


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