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Does Vitamin D Deficiency Affect the Heart?

Vitamin D is an important/crucial element for our body and helps perform several essential functions. And it’s deficiency can lead to several issues such as muscle twitching, weakness, and muscle pain. But did you know vitamin D deficiency also impacts your cardiovascular health? If you didn’t but are curious to find out, this blog is for you.

Here we’ll discuss whether or not vitamin D deficiency impacts your heart health. Also, we’ll list a vitamin D supplement to deal with Vitamin D deficiency. So, read till the end.

What are Some Important Functions of Vitamin D?

Here are the functions of Vitamin D:

Healthy Bones

Having the necessary amount of vitamin D in your body can help regulate calcium and maintain phosphorus levels in your body. Furthermore, the body uses vitamin D to absorb calcium from food and from the kidneys that would be otherwise excreted by your kidneys.

Reduced Risk of Flu

A research review of a 2018 study showed that vitamin D offers protective effects against the influenza virus. However, there’s some more research required to prove the benefits of Vitamin D on flu.

Better Health in Women

According to medical experts, poor Vitamin D content in your body amounts to bacterial vaginosis and gestational diabetes. Also, research says that vitamin D deficiency could be linked to food allergy in kids of 2 years of life.

Immunity and Mood

Vitamin D could help you enhance immunity by fighting off bacterial and viral infections. Furthermore, vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression and related behavior, which obviously affects mood. So, make sure to consume ample vitamin D to enhance immunity and ward off depression.

What are the symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common. About 1 billion people across the globe are impacted by it. Here are the common symptoms that might indicate Vitamin D deficiency:

Getting sick or infected frequently
Tiredness and fatigue
Back pain and bone pain
Bone loss
Impaired wound healing
Hair loss
Weight gain
Muscle pain

Does Vitamin D Deficiency Impact Your Heart?

Although the role of Vitamin D in heart health is debated, it still impacts your cardiovascular health. According to research, patients with low levels of Vitamin D are 60% more at risk of suffering from heart disease.

Also, there’s research saying that vitamin d deficiency might aggravate the symptoms of congestive heart failure. What’s more is that some research also says that vitamin D deficiency is also linked to high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart-related issues.

So, there’s ample evidence proving the link between your heart health and vitamin D deficiency. So, if you’re experiencing heart issues along with vitamin D deficiency, it’s better you get yourself diagnosed and start with the required medications and supplements.

One way to never come across vitamin D deficiency or symptoms of heart issues caused by the same, is by consuming Vitamin D supplements regularly. You can find several vitamin D supplements in the market. But one that you can rely on is given below.

Melts Natural Vitamin D3 By Wellbeing Nutrition

Melts Natural Vitamin D3 is an amazing supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. Here are the ingredients this supplement comes with:

Vitamin D3 (Vitashine®)
Natural Vitamin K2 (MK-7)
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The above ingredients can help you:

Improve immunity
Promote heart health
Enhance energy
Uplift mood
Prevent deficiencies
Enhance bone strength

You can get the above benefits by consuming a tasty, nano oral strip of Melts Natural Vitamin D3. You just have to place the strip on your tongue and wait for it to dissolve, which it will in a few seconds and then you’re done. The strip is tasty and leaves no aftertaste.

Additionally, the supplement is 100% bioavailable, vegan, contains no sugar, no gluten, preservatives, gluten, or soy. Also, it exhibits no allergies or side effects. So, you can completely rely on Melts Natural Vitamin D3.
Having said that, make sure you consume this supplement for at least 6-8 weeks regularly before expecting any benefits. Also, consult your physician or nutritionist before starting with any supplement, let alone Melts natural Vitamin D3.


Vitamin D3 is an essential element for us humans. And its deficiency, according to research, is linked to heart health and congestive heart failure. So, it’s better to regularly consume vitamin D and keep heart issues at bay. One of the ways of doing that is by consuming Melts Natural Vitamin D3 Melts. The supplement is tasty, effective, and safe to consume.


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