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Do Kids Need Immunity-boosting Supplements?

Multivitamins for Adults are essentials to bridge the nutrient gap due to gut issues, hindered nutrient absorption, food intolerance, extreme dieting, lack of appropriate food consumption due to busy schedules, veganism, etc. Supplements, along with a healthy diet, fulfill your daily nutrient requirement, ensuring healthy immunity and overall health.

But what about kids? They are fussy eaters, not fond of fruits and veggies, enjoy candies and fast food more. Lack of vitamins and minerals can affect their immunity, and may make them more prone to sickness and slower recovery. If you are often wondering which vitamins to give, which supplements are better, are there any immunity-boosting supplements or supplements for kids overall well-being too? Read along to find out. This blog talks about why your kid needs a supplement and the signs stating that your kid isn't getting enough nutrients.

Why do Kids Need Supplements?

Optimum balance of Vitamins and minerals are important for healthy growth and development in children. Children who follow vegetarian diets require supplements like Vitamin B12 are usually found in animal-based products that are not a part of their diet. In cases where the child is on medications due chronic health conditions, the nutrient absorption is hindered or have celiac disease are at a higher risk for nutritional deficiencies and may need supplements in addition to their diet.

Also, most children are picky eaters, have a poor appetite, and consume several sugar-sweetened food and beverages that are devoid of the vital nutrients. Also, excessive sweets, fried, processed food can affect their gut, leading to impaired nutrient absorption, poor immunity and other digestive issues. That's when natural supplements come into the picture. Opt for Supplements for kids are 100% organic, free from additives, naturally flavored and come with all the nutrients your kid needs ensuring good overall health.

Always, opt for the ones that are suitable for your child's age. Also, remember to never let those supplements replace a healthy and nutritious diet, essential for your kid, no matter what.

Signs Your Child Has Poor Immunity

1. Low on Energy

Little kids are born with unlimited energy. If your child does not have the same kind of energy or enthusiasm in life as a child should be having or feels lazy and more interested in lying on the couch rather than playing in the park. It may be because of their weak immune system making them weak to have the energy to perform any activity .Early signs of iron deficiency can lead to a lack of motivation, concentration, and even depression.

2. Falls Sick Often

If your child constantly facing a cold and it lasts for a while then it may be because your antibodies are weak to fight the disease. Infections are common to happen but it is not common to have them frequently, the body should have enough strength to prevent an infection. A child should not be getting infections every now and then as their age is proven to have better immunity to fight infections.

Having regular colds often mean that immunity is weak in the child and they get sick often. Low Vitamin D levels can weaken the immune system hence increasing the susceptibility to infections.

Children usually get colds 3-To 4 times a year but if it happens more than that then it is something to look into

3. Lack Of Concentration

If getting your kid to focus and concentrate is becoming a task, or maybe impossible, it might be because he lacks zinc in his diet. According to research, low levels of zinc can lead to attention deficit. If kids do not get enough zinc in their diet, it can lead to learning disabilities and reduced memory. Feeding them with beans, nuts, mushrooms, whole grain cereals, etc., can prove to help improve their concentration.

4. Slow Wound Healing

Children are always up to some mischief and often get injuries as they run around. When their injuries take a considerably longer time to heal it can be so because of a weak immune system. Delayed wound healing can also lead to many infections which again if the child has weak immunity can worsen.
With weak immunity, your child’s skin fails to regenerate itself and leaves the wound to worsen over time.

5. Irregular Bowel Habits

Around 70% of our immune system’s major part resides in the gut and if there is any trouble there, then the immune system also suffers. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, the bacteria in the gut which helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy are good bacteria. They need to be sufficient to fight many diseases. With a lot of junk food, sweets and processed food in the child’s tummy, it can increase the bad bacteria, causing improper digestion which could negatively impact the immune system.

To convince your kid to have a variety of fruits and vegetables or probiotics is a challenge every parents face. Parents can opt for immunity boosting supplements that are easy to consume, no swallowing difficulties, free from sugar and additives and safe for kids consumption.

Which Immunity Boosters Work the Best for Your Little Ones?

Vitamin D

Kids need Vitamin D for strong bones and to strengthen their immune systems. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to unhealthy weight gain in children. Obesity is common among children and one of the major reasons for obesity is Vitamin D deficiency. Avoid gummies or sugary supplements as excess sugar can mess up the gut health and also affect oral health. Melts – with a new age nanotechnology delivers a precise dose of nutrients, without any swallowing difficulties, free from candy syrup and 100% organic.

Vitamin C + Zinc

Vitamin C is a natural immune booster. It plays a huge/crucial role in how your immunity system works. It acts as a barrier against various infections and supports the immune cells in destroying bacteria and infectious agents. Zinc is a crucial mineral that helps the body in so many ways. Zinc supports the growth of your kids and is great for their immunity. It is an immunity booster. It also supports their gut and cognitive health. Thus, making sure they have sharp minds and supportive gut functioning.

Probiotic + Prebiotics

Probiotics replenish good bacteria in your child’s gut while helps in digestion, absorbing nutrients and fighting against other germs that make them sick. Prebiotics nourish and help the probiotics to survive in the gut. It also improves immunity and boosts your child’s appetite and metabolism.

Now that you have planned to go for a supplement for your child, make sure to choose the right one. Here's what you must look for before selecting it.

  • Ingredients – Look for vitamins are absorbed faster or more bioavailable, fulfill 100% of the requirement and are free artificial sugars, colors and allergens like gluten, nuts, lactose, etc.

  • Dosage – Go for the one that is specifically formulated for children of a particular age.

  • Organic – Ensure the supplement is 100% plant based or have certification of USDA organic to ensure your child is getting a completely plant based nutrition

  • Brand – Picking a well-known brand will ensure the safety of your kid as the brand always sticks to strict manufacturing standards. One such brand is Wellbeing Nutrition which provides special supplements for kids like the Marvel Advanced Immunity and Marvel Active Prebiotic.

Please Note.

Now that you know the signs of low immunity, ensure you are not taking it lightly and act on it immediately. Supplements are an essential addition to your child’s diet to provide all the essential nutrients that help fill the gap and also strengthen the immune system.

Wrapping Up

Kids who eat healthy food and have all the necessary nutrients in their balanced diet are typically less likely to fall ill and lead healthy life. However, if your kid is suffering from nutrient deficiencies or they're a picky eater, adding supplements to their diet crucial. If you are concerned about the dosage about the supplement, your healthcare practitioner will provide necessary guidance.


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