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5 Ayurvedic Spices From Your Grandma's Cookbook That Will Boost Your Immunity

'Ayurvedic,' 'top 5 spices, 'boost Immunity naturally'- do these words excite you? For all of us who aim to boost immunity naturally, the idea of Ayurvedic spices is quite captivating. They are a concentrated source of potent nutrients that help you grow your immunity in a natural way. Spices are also loaded with

Antioxidants and have natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties. While the internet may suggest a long list of essential spices for boosting immunity, a few traditional spices from your Grandma's kitchen can do more good. Here is a list of the top 5 spices that should be a part of your daily diet regimen.\

Ayurvedic Spices


Turmeric (Haldi) is also known as 'Golden Spice' and a staple to every Indian kitchen – whether in the spice box or your Grandma's home remedy cupboard. Turmeric is a root used either fresh or in the dried powdered form for cooking, for protection against infections, or as a cosmetic measure.

Turmeric in its raw form is packed with several health benefits, including an immunity-boosting gift. Curcumin is the main bioactive compound found in turmeric reported to have many medicinal benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties along with antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial that help to boost immunity. Turmeric also acts as a prebiotic that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in our gut.

Turmeric can also ward off the common cold and seasonal flu. Especially in children, it can reduce the onset of repeated Respiratory Tract Infections. Drinking daily fresh Turmeric concoctions (Kadha) or Turmeric tea over a while help to improve immunity. Just make sure to add black pepper with it, as curcumin (bio-active compound) present in turmeric absorption is enhanced by 2000 times by adding black pepper due to present active bio-compound -piperine.

Ayurvedic Spices - Turmeric

Using Tips:

  • Turmeric Detox Water - For turmeric water, heat a glass of water with 1 gm (a pinch) of turmeric along with a piece of ginger, one lemon juice, one pinch of black pepper, and 1 tsp honey.
  • Turmeric Milk (Haldi doodh) – It's nothing but milk boiled with turmeric. To gain the maximum benefit, have this drink before bedtime and let it work its magic overnight while you sleep peacefully.
  • Turmeric Tea - Brew your usual tea leaves/bags/green tea in water and add 2-3 pinch of turmeric along with one pinch of black pepper to it. Let it boil for a few minutes and relax with a hot turmeric tea to de-stress.
  • Turmeric Soup - Add ½ tsp of turmeric spice to any of your favorite clear soup, give it a nice stir and let it boil along with other foods to make a health-giving soup.


Ginger is a very versatile spice used widely in the Indian kitchen and has been used as an active ingredient in several Ayurvedic medicines. It is a potent home remedy for various health issues, including nausea, stomach pain, and respiratory symptoms such as cold and the flu.

Ginger can help to boost immunity, and credit goes to its bioactive component – Gingerol, which makes ginger a perfect immunity booster. Ginger also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants properties, which help in keeping several ailments at bay and helps fight infections.

Starting your morning with a glass of ginger tea or ginger kadha is one of the best things you can do to ward off flu and boost immunity.

Ayurvedic Spices - Ginger

Using Tips:

  • Ginger Tea - The best way to introduce ginger to your diet is by adding it to your regular tea or green tea. This will not only make it tastier but will also make an immunity-boosting drink. Crystallized ginger helps in treating nausea too. Give your kids instead of candy.
  • Ginger-Lemonade - add 1/2 lemon juice, 2 tsp honey, ½ tsp ginger juice, and 2-3 fresh mint leaves, a pinch of black salt together in 200ml water, and your ginger lemonade is ready to enjoy!

Black Pepper

Black pepper is considered as 'king of spice.' It is available in whole, crushed, or powder form in the most Indian kitchen and use for a reason. Piperine is the bioactive compound found in black pepper, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial as well as immunity-boosting properties.

It is also found that black pepper can improves digestion by helping in the breakdown of proteins and also protects the intestinal tract against bacterial growth. It is also considered as carminative (relieving flatulence), promotes sweating, which helps rid the body of toxins.

Ayurvedic Spices - Black Pepper

Using Tips:

  • Adding black pepper to your soups, dishes, salad dressing, etc., is a great way to incorporate its benefits into your diet.
  • Drink the concoction or Kadha prepared with black pepper along with other Ayurvedic and herbal spices and herbs such as turmeric, coriander seeds, mint leaves, cardamom, ginger, etc.
  • Prepare masala tea using black pepper, cardamom, dry ginger, and cinnamon.
  • You can also add a pinch of black pepper to your green tea/lemon tea.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander is the most used and common spice in India. Right from its aromatic leaves, we use in almost all our dishes to garnish them, whereas; coriander seeds are one of the main components of 'Garam masala' powder which we incorporate in all curry pickles, cooked vegetables, etc. Being one of the common spice, it also adds a delicious taste and robust earthy flavor to all the cuisines.

Coriander seeds have multiple health benefits. The bioactive compounds found in coriander seeds are terpinene, and quercetin which have anticancer, immune-boosting, and neuroprotective properties. Coriander offers antioxidant benefits to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and fight inflammation in the body. It also contains antibacterial compounds that help fight infections and foodborne illnesses.

Ayurvedic Spices - Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds also help in lowering sugar levels, skin cleansing, and detoxifying the body as well. All these qualities make coriander great food for boosting immunity.

Using Tips:

  • Use in your regular cooking such as whole seeds can be added to savory baked goods, roasted vegetables, cooked dal and vegetable dishes
  • Pickled vegetables using seeds.
  • You can make Ayurvedic Kadha at home using coriander seeds with all other
  • Ayurvedic spices and herbs.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

The Indian gooseberry or Amla is one of the main ingredients of almost all Ayurvedic medicines. It is the richest source of immunity-boosting Vitamin C which boosts the production of white blood cells (WBC) in the body that helps in fighting several pathogenic infections and diseases. That is why Amla has also been popular and a potent home remedy for treating cold and flu. It is also rich in iron, calcium, and many other minerals.

Amla also contains Antioxidants to fight against inflammation, delay the signs of aging, reduce blood sugar, and improve heart health. It is also rich in a variety of polyphenols and beta-carotene that fight against developing cancer cells. Additionally, it also helps absorb calcium and iron from other foods, detoxifying your body, improves digestive health, and relive in dry cough.

Ayurvedic Spices - Amla

Overall, drinking Amla juice is great for immunity, the eye, skin, hair, heart as well as diabetes. So, consider sipping on its goodness daily for detoxing and reviving up your immunity level.

Using Tips:

  • Amla can be consumed in various ways. You can make fresh amla chutney, jam, murabba, pickles at home. But freshly eat or drink its juice to get the maximum benefits.
  • If you like tangy foods, you can have Amla just like that with some salt.
  • Amla Drink - You can make a tangy Amla-infused drink by adding enough water in Amla juice with a pinch of salt and 1-2 tsp honey.


A robust immune system is the first line of defense against germs, viruses, and bacteria, which can cause life-threatening complications such as COVID-19. Boosting immunity should always be a priority, and now, with the pandemic spreading across the globe, it's more important than ever. The easiest way to do so is by eating a healthy diet along with Grandma's favorite immunity-boosting spices to gear up the process naturally.

Now that you know the benefits, including many of these immune-boosting spices in your diet as you can. You can add these spices to your favorite drink tea or make an herbal Kadha or herbal tea at home using these spices. Or else make GRANDMA'S KADHA a part of your daily self-care ritual to boost your immunity.

Ayurvedic Spices - Lemon

It is an immunity-boosting Ayurvedic Kadha infused with 13 Ayurvedic spices and herbs, including coriander seeds, ginger, Turmeric, Black pepper, Amla, Echinacea, Holy basis, Mulethi, Kulinjan, Adulsa, Bharangi, Shankapushpi, and Kalmegh. It has natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial properties to prevent and ease cough, cold, headaches, and infections. It provides quick relief from the early signs of sickness like a runny nose, itchy throat, body aches, and weakness. Just drop an effervescent tablet in hot water and enjoy the Ayurvedic immunity-boosting kadha anytime at home.

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