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4 Signs You Are Deficient in Zinc

If you are someone who falls prey to frequent bouts of cough,cold and respiratory issues, then you must get your zinc levels examined from time to time. You must get a blood test done to check your zinc levels on priority, as failing to do so could result in your health suffering severely. Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps the body fight off infections, produce cells, heal wounds quickly, create DNA, and determine your sense of taste and smell, among other things.

Now if you are used to consuming a varied diet, zinc is something your body will easily get from the food you consume. But, if food is not something you pay close attention to and are used to eating on-the-go, you may need to rely on dietary supplements to keep your nutrient levels on point. And the same goes with zinc as well. In this blog, we discuss four signs of zinc deficiency and a delicious supplement you can take daily to keep your zinc levels up.
So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Hard-To-Miss Signs of Zinc Deficiency

If you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, don’t be worried, just get your zinc levels checked.

Loss of Appetite

If you don’t feel that hungry these days and have no gut issue to attribute it to, then perhaps you would want to get your zinc levels checked to rule out the possibility of a deficiency. Lack of sufficient zinc in the body can also alter your sense of smell and taste, which could be a contributing factor to the loss of appetite as well. So the next time you experience frequent low hunger pangs, get your zinc levels checked.

Sudden and Unexplained Weight Loss

It’s a good habit to keep a close tab on your body weight. While there’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of body weight being a reliable measurement of one’s health, one thing’s for certain – we need to maintain a healthy body weight to lower the risk of all kinds of infections and diseases. Losing excess weight is a good thing, but, if you experience sudden and unexplained weight loss, then it must be considered a red flag. When this happens, you must get your zinc levels checked as low levels of this nutrient in your body could result in sudden and unexplained weight loss.

Blurry Vision

Studies show that one of the essential nutrients for good eye health is zinc. Zinc ensures you have healthy eyesight with reduced risk of ocular issues such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, blurry vision, and the like. So if you are experiencing hazy vision, then it is important you get your eyesight checked.

Slow Wound healing

Just like vitamin C, zinc is also a very important nutrient for healthy skin. It also plays an instrumental role in fastening the wound healing process. It ensures proper blood clotting. If your injuries and wounds don’t heal quick enough, you know you need to up your zinc intake. Your doctor may prescribe you to begin with zinc supplementation in case of stubborn wounds and injuries. This nutrient has also helped reduce blemishes, treat acne, and improve overall skin health.

Other signs of zinc deficiency include premature balding, frequent bathroom breaks, recurring brain fog, erratic mood fluctuations, erectile dysfunction, a fall in blood sugar levels, among other things. You can add a lot of zinc-rich foods to your diet such as chicken, pork, tofu, lentils, low-fat yogurt, shiitake mushrooms, oatmeal, oysters, and beef among other things. Should these items not feature in your diet that often, then opt for supplements such as Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vitamin C+ Zinc for better results.

What is Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vitamin C + Zinc All About?

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vitamin C+Zinc are organic effervescent tablets that are extracted from the purest ingredients available all across the world. These ingredients include gooseberry (Amla), acerola cherry, rosehip, and elderberry, which are potent sources of vitamin C, all of which work in unison to strengthen the immune system. It also contains elemental zinc, which when combined with the aforementioned sources of vitamin C give the immunity a boost, neutralize free radical activity, fight off infections, enhance skin health, among other things.

One tube of Vitamin C + Zinc contains 16 effervescent tablets. A tablet each day will help you strengthen your immune system and overcome all the aforementioned signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.

Final Takeaway

Zinc deficiency is relatively uncommon but it is a possibility that can happen among people whose diet is not sufficiently nutrient-rich. If left unnoticed, zinc deficiency can severely impact one’s help. If a pregnant woman is zinc-deficient, chances are that her child’s growth could be impaired. In such cases, it’s best to either add more zinc-rich foods in one’s diet or consume supplements like Organic Vitamin C+ Zinc by Wellbeing Nutrition.


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