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6 Effective Remedies That Always Work When You’re Unwell

Home Remedies When You're Unwell

Nothing turns a person’s perfect schedule upside down as much as getting sick does. Where you once felt upbeat, capable, and ready to take on the world, you are all of a sudden curled up in your blanket beneath a mammoth of tissues and tablets.
The bright side, however, is that a few tried and tested strategies may help you recover from the illness more effectively. Be it common cold, hay fever, indigestion, sore throat, or pretty much any other mild illness, here are six effective remedies that will help you get back in the groove in no time.

Honey and Ginger Juice


Ideally, the most popular use of honey and ginger together are for treating cough, common cold, and other respiratory issues. In fact, several cultures across the globe use this remedy for relief from symptoms such as sore throat or even a runny nose. According to a study, some Chinese folk descriptions for wind-cold type common cold involved a concoction of honey and ginger together that also helped expectorate mucus and provide relief from the illness.

Turmeric Milk


Turmeric is a plant that boasts of a rich medicinal history that dates back to nearly 4000 years. In Southeast Asia, turmeric is not only revered as a principal spice but also as a key component in religious ceremonies. And modern medicine has begun to realize its value in recent years, one especially during this unprecedented global pandemic. So, for helping heal body aches and pains as well as boosting immunity, a pinch of turmeric mixed in milk or water can help relieve you from cold and cough.

Mint Leaf and Cardamom Tea


This one is a popular home remedy used across the globe in almost every culture. Mint leaves are used in herbal recipes that mainly treat gastrointestinal disorders. The mint leaf is locally boiled in water along with cardamom leaves powder or seed and consumed along with green tea. According to research, mint leaves are a traditional treatment for indigestion, gas, and other stomach problems such as diarrhea and colic. It is also used for treatment of abdominal pain to relieve acidity and constipation.

Coconut Water


Fluid loss during a strenuous and long workout is common and can result in dehydration, thermal stress, impaired cognition, and accelerated fatigue. Usually, most people resort to sports drinks, which are ubiquitous within the recreational fitness and sporting world. But these energy/sports drinks tend to contain caffeine and high sugar, both of which are not recommended for one’s overall health and wellbeing. That is how coconut water came up as an effective natural alternative to these manufactured sports drinks, with enough evidence indicating efficacy with regard to maintaining proper hydration. So, as a simple yet effective remedy, coconut water is ideal for reducing pain, tiredness, muscle spasms, and cramps according to research in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.



This global pandemic has taught us that improving your immune system naturally is much more important than running after various medicines and injections. And with that notion, people are returning to their roots and have started adding natural ingredients to their diet. Enter kadha aka herbal tea – a traditional, homemade, aromatic Ayurvedic drink that has numerous healing benefits. It is a soothing concoction of healing herbs known primarily for being an ayurvedic immunity booster.
That said, have you heard of Wellbeing Nutrition’s Grandma’s Kadha? It has natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties to prevent and ease coughs, cold, headaches, and infections. With no side effects, you can make it a part of your daily self-care ritual to maintain your overall wellbeing.

Melts Throat Relief


It is pretty normal for people to cough. Yes, as bizarre as it sounds, coughing is our body’s way of reacting to an irritant that may have entered our throat or air passageway. The irritant stimulates the nerves that send a message to your brain, which further communicates with your chest muscles and abdomen to exhale air out of your lungs. That’s why, coughing occasionally is normal and can be cured at home if not too serious. However, in case of chronic or persistent cough for several weeks with bloody or discolored mucus, you may require immediate medical attention.
You can consume herbal teas or gargle with salt water, among other things. You can also resort to supplements such as Wellbeing Nutrition’s Melts Throat Relief. These are rapid dissolving nano oral thin strips that offer quick sore throat and cough relief without any drowsiness. What makes it more special is that it includes 100% natural plant-based extracts with ingredients such as Mint (pudina), Manuka Honey, Holy Basil, and Sweet Violet.

Final Takeaway


With the above-mentioned remedies, you are on the right track in nurturing yourself to the fullest. We hope you follow the aforementioned home remedies to relieve yourself from all kinds of minor infections and illnesses. If anything, these effective remedies will help strengthen your immune system. You don’t need to take these only when you’re sick. Making these supplements and herbal drinks a part of your daily routine will help you stay protected from all kinds of infections. Always remember, prevention is better than cure!


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