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Don't Forget to Take Your Vitamins This Festive Season!

The rush and revelry of the festive season has begun and in the coming days we all shall be in the throes of some serious celebratory fiesta. But do not let your guards down; keep your immunity boosted to fight off any threat from diseases and disorders and your energy levels high.

Our body is a very complex but resilient machinery. In its healthy condition it can withstand small misgivings of festive conduct like less sleep, fatigue, use of artificial products like makeup, intake of sugary and fried foods and alcohol consumption.

Provided we keep replenishing the vitamins levels everyday without a miss!

Multivitamins And Their Impact On Health

If you are considered the life of every festival celebration then you ought to maintain high levels of energy and health. You being stricken with disorders that keep you away from all the action, could be a big spoiler for everyone special in your life.

In this period it is very challenging to meet the requirement of adequate nutrition through healthy diets hence one must go with high quality supplements. A multivitamin that contains a healthy dose of all your vitamins and minerals is the best one.

Multivitamins help promote heart health, boost cognitive health and immunity. They are also great supplements for energy that keep us going the whole day.

But we understand that choosing a good vitamin supplement can really be baffling with a plethora of products in the market making tall claims.

Not to worry, we will tell you how to keep all the fatigue and ailments at bay by boosting immunity with the best vitamin supplements available to you.

This festive season we recommend Melts Multivitamins by Wellbeing Nutrition, that helps fill nutritional gaps and allows everyone to get their daily allowance of under-consumed nutrients. Melts® Multivitamin supplements give you 100% RDA of all your key vitamins and minerals.

The A To K of Good Health

Research has shown that many people suffer from ‘hidden hunger’, a term used to describe nutritional deficiencies that occur when people consume adequate calories but inadequate micronutrients.

We are likely to consume more energy-dense but nutrient-poor foods during the hectic festive season, leaving us lethargic and ill at times. Thus, it is important to include the A to K vitamins along with other essential micronutrient supplementation daily.

Melts Multivitamin uses patented and advanced science technology to source each 100% natural plant-based nutrients that help you achieve wholesome nutritional adequacy. Let us know more about the nutritional profile of this revolutionary supplement.

Vitamin A

Studies tell, Vitamin A is known as an anti-inflammation vitamin because of its critical role in enhancing immune function. It plays a vital role in improving vision and production of new cells.

Vitamin B-Complex

Multivitamins Melts has all your Vitamin Bs sourced from a water-soluble blend of Guava, Holy Basil, and Lemon extracts. It prevents infections, boosts production of RBCs, and is crucial for healthy brain function and improved energy levels.

Vitamin C

Extracted from Acerola Cherry – a fruit native to the Caribbean islands known to contain the most potent form of Vitamin C. Essential for development and repair of all body tissues, it boosts antioxidant levels, lowers blood pressure and improves iron absorption.

Vitamin D3

Sourced from plant-based ‘lichen’ to help your body absorb the most biologically active form of D3 with ease. Strengthens bones and muscles, boosts immunity, and uplifts mood.

Vitamin K2

Pure MK-7, extracted from fermented chickpeas using a patented technology from Norway.


Multivitamins Melts has a key mineral that naturally improves nerve function and cardiovascular health called magnesium.

Ashwagandha & Ginseng

Wellbeing Nutrition has sourced most the potent plant-based nutrients from original sources the world over. Their vitamin Melts have the extract of an ancient Indian herb, Ashwagandha, which helps calm the brain, reduce swelling, lower blood pressure, and provide a boost to the immune system. Also it contains Ginseng, an adaptogenic herb from East Asia that boosts energy levels.

Festival Fatigue

Is all the party hopping leaving you moody, drained and forgetful? Do your bones hurt and do you feel lethargic even after a few minutes of shaking the leg or doing small festive chores?

Then you may be suffering from specific disorders and nutrient deficits of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12

Don’t get those worry lines !

You simply need the best specialized bang on solutions - The Wellbeing Nutrition Natural Vitamin D3 melts® & Vegan Vitamin B12 melts®

Natural Vitamin D3 melts are made with Vitashine® a special oily extract of Lichen. It is naturally rich in Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)and fatty acids. It facilitates intestinal calcium absorption supporting bone, teeth, muscle and heart health. To further enhance calcium absorption it contains Vitamin K2 (MK-7), derived from fermented chickpeas. It's the most bioactive form of Vitamin K that activates a protein that helps the calcium bind to our bones, while also boosting calcium utilization.

To ensure effective transportation and maximum absorption of Vitamin D3 & K2 into the bloodstream, these efficacious melts have Virgin Cold Pressed 'MCT Oil' derived from young tropical coconuts - a natural fatty acid.

Pain and stiffness in the muscles is a common festive takeaway, but melts have a solution to tackle this menace by a potent antioxidant 'xanthophyll carotenoid' Astaxanthin found in freshwater microalgae. It boosts muscle endurance and recovery, lowers lactic acid and fatigue, reduces muscle damage and inflammation.

Festive merriments could be overwhelming, bringing along cerebral fatigue. Vitamin B12 has been known to support a healthy nervous system, boost metabolism and provide lasting energy.

Vegan Vitamin B12 in melts by Wellbeing Nutrition is formulated with a bioactive form of B12, Methylcobalamin, which has the highest potency at 99% purity. It is also fortified with the most biologically active form of folate ( Vitamin B9) that plays a key role in red blood cell formation and aids healthy cell growth and ceasing onset of anemia.

Vegan Vitamin B12 melts contain two potent clinically proven plant-based extracts that boost cognitive health.  First is, BacoMind®,, a patented and clinically tested 'memory and cognition enhancing' extract containing 9 bioactives of Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi). Another one is clinically proven CurcuWIN® with 46 times better absorption. It acts as a potent antioxidant and its anti-inflammatory properties provide cardiovascular support and protection at a cellular level.

Key Takeway

Festivals are an important expression of life and happiness. We celebrate our festivals with a lot of enthusiasm. If we remain in the best of health and spirits then we can enjoy these life galas to the fullest with our close ones. Thus to ensure that we do not miss out on these special moments we must keep a tab on our temptations and ensure our vitamin levels are well refilled.

As we believe, if you are fit inside then you have a fantastic time!


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