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For Any Family Holiday, these 6 Supplements Are a Must for Every Family Member

The holidays are the most awaited time, whether it is a long weekend or a 1-2 week long vacation. From long hours of travel, to binging on savories and sweet, there is no better time to implement supplements into your life. Make sure your health does not suffer while you are on a break. A nutritional supplement provides nutrients that may not otherwise be consumed sufficiently, and in this case, help with specific issues.

We deserve to feel like our best selves and treat ourselves, no matter where you are.

It can be monotonous to travel with big bottles of supplements and at times the need for showing prescriptions also may arise. Wellbeing Nutrition has made everyone’s lives easier with the best plant based, delicious, easy to consume and with TSA or Travel friendly nutritional supplements that can easily fit in your pocket.

That is why here we are with six superb supplements for family members with different needs.

We have made this list considering different vitamins and the overall nutrient needs of the family members. If your family is planning for a vacation, these supplements will be super easy to carry. That means fun without neglecting the nutrient needs of your body. So, let us get started.

6 Natural Supplements for You and Your Family

1. Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

For green tea lovers in the family, Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea is the perfect alternative. Say goodbye to the hassles of boiling the water or infusing tea bags to get the most of it. All you need is just one glass of water and 1 tab of this Match green tea to give you 10x more antioxidants, 3x more EGCG polyphenols than your normal green tea. With the power of the Amino Acid L-Theanine, our Japanese matcha green tea will give you :

  • All day sustained Energy,

  • Clarity , Alertness and focus for up to 6 hours, without jitters or caffeine crash

  • Boosting metabolism and helps in weight management

  • High antioxidants that can help prevent free radical damage and several harmful diseases.

So, it's time to switch from your regular tea to the healthy and ten times more powerful Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea.

2. Melts Multivitamins

Melts Multivitamins can be the perfect solution for almost everyone in your family who is fussy about taking their supplements. Get the goodness all the essential nutrients to keep your body healthy just 1 strip.

This is a new age 100% Plant Based Multivitamin strips, that ‘melt’ upon coming in contact with your tongue to ensure easy and complete absorption of all the goodness and nutrients in an extremely enjoyable and fun manner.

Melts Multivitamins consist of 100% RDA, useful for both men and women, especially those with nutritional gaps in their diets. It supports your well-being and helps you live an active and energetic lifestyle. It is composed of ingredients like: -

  • Vitamin A – It provides protection from radical damage, improves vision, and is even good for the skin.

  • Vitamin B12 – It prevents major birth defects, improves mood, and betters heart health.

  • Vitamin B6 – It is great for the nervous and immune systems and the proper development of the brain.

Place one instant dissolve deliciously refreshing Divine Alphonso Mango Melts Strip on your tongue after meals and stay healthy. Say goodbye to the traditional tablets, medicinal after taste or the sugary gummies. This supplement is non-gmo, sugarfree, delicious, easy to consume and carry, and loved globally.

3. Probiotic + Prebiotic

If any of your family has digestive issues or is looking for something that can help maintain their digestive system, Probiotic + Prebiotic would be the perfect supplement. It consists of: -

  • 6 Probiotic Strains – for naturally colonizing the human GI tract.

  • Probiotics + Prebiotics + Digestive Enzymes – The supplement is enhanced with chicory root, inulin, etc., which is great for the gut bacteria and the digestive system.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterial strains – to promote digestive health and prevent constipation, gas, bloating, colon support, and constipation relief.

The Green Apple and Mint flavor adds a wonderful taste element to the supplement and makes taking care of your digestive health easy.

Here are some healthy and fun supplements for the kids as well: -

When on a vacation, it is a challenge to get the complete nutrition through whole foods, fruits, and vegetables itself. Children being picky eaters are often at the risk of not being able to fulfill their daily nutritional requirement through food alone. Hence, in such a case a multivitamin is always a best options.

4. & 5. Disney Frozen Multivitamins and Marvel Multivitamins

Every soldier and every princess requires his or her daily vitamin and other nutrients for healthy growth. That is why the Marvel Multivitamins and Disney Frozen Multivitamins would be the best supplements for your kids. These are packed with Vitamins ABCD and their friends into a delicious melt-in-your-mouth strip.

Also, the supplements are simple to take. All you got to do is place the strip on your child's tongue and watch it magically dissolve.

Disney Frozen Multivitamins and Marvel Multivitamins are made up of natural ingredients like papaya, gooseberry, lemon, curry leaf, spirulina powder, lichen, etc., and are also packed with: -

  • 16 Critical Vitamins and Minerals

  • Iron

  • Zinc

All these ingredients perform several functions: -

  • Improving immunity and metabolism

  • Boosting memory and brain function

  • Contributing towards power growth and development

Also, the supplements are free from candy ingredients, syrups, synthetic ingredients, or any artificial flavors. Therefore, it is a very safe and healthy option to provide your kid with the necessary nutrients. You can give them one strip a day, after meals.

6. Active Probiotic

For your children to be healthy and enthusiastic and have fun as much as they can, their gut needs to be healthy. Kids love binging on sweets, fried foods and packed foods which often causes a havoc in the stomach. The last thing on vacation you would want is your child falling sick or complaining of stomach issues.

Disney Frozen Probiotic and Marvel Active Probiotic are the best for your kid in that case. It is packed with an army of beneficial bacteria and essential vitamins that keep the gut health and overall health of your child's body.

Each melts strip consists of: -

  • Bacillus Coagulans – that supports the bellies of the young ones, helping their gut fight infections and support healthy gut microbiomes.

  • Vitamin C – has natural antioxidant properties that help the gut absorb nutrients and protects against toxins.

  • Vitamin D3 – to keep the gut lining healthy.

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – helps prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria and ensures that the gut flora grows and thrives.

The supplement, formulated especially for kids, is fast absorbing, delicious, and 95% more bioavailable than most sugar-filled gummies that claim to be healthy. Remember, the above-mentioned kid supplements are for kids above the age of six.

Wrapping Up

When you're on a family holiday on vacation far from the chaos, it's highly likely that you and your family aren't paying enough attention to nutrition. While it's normal, as you can't carry healthy foods wherever you go, it's bad for your & your family's health at the same time.

Therefore, go for the aforementioned supplements that are not only effective but easy to carry as well. This way, you can ensure all members of your family are enjoying and getting the nutrition they need, including you.


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