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Friendship's Day 2021: 7 Gifting Options To Help Your Buddies Make Health Their First Priority!

Friendship’s Day 2021 is here. It is the day we celebrate our friendships- one of the most underrated relationships in the world. As we age, we focus all our love and energy onto our parents, spouse, kids, families, but seldom take out the time and effort to acknowledge and express how much we appreciate our friends in our lives. So how about we take a little time out and let our pals know what they mean to us? At a time and age, when Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of a strong and resilient immune system and health, how about we nudge our dear friends to get a little health-conscious? This Friendship’s day, we attempt to share a few gifting ideas that will help your buddies make health their first priority! Let us look at some of the amazing health combo packs that Wellbeing Nutrition (WBN) has to offer! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

The Wellbeing Duo -  Daily Greens (DG) and Grandma’s Kadha (GK)

The best gift that you can give your friends during the pandemic is an immunity booster kit. WBN’s Wellbeing Duo pack includes two of its best immunity boosting products, namely Daily Greens and Grandma's Kadha. These products will protect your body from all kinds of infections and diseases, through an inside out approach. Made of organic and herbal nutrients, these are deliciously effervescent tablets that will strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy, fit, and running.

This combo pack will help your friends stay healthy on-the-go. All they need to do is drop an effervescent tab into a glass of water and get the benefits of effortless whole food nutrition. Click here to buy!

Happy Gut Combo - DG and Probiotics + Prebiotics


The secret to a healthy body and mind is a healthy gut. You know that and we’re pretty sure that your friends know that! How about giving them WBN’s The Happy Gut Combo? Comprising a tube each of Daily Greens and Probiotics+ Prebiotics, this potent combo pack will ensure your friend has a happy gut, and eventually a happy and healthy life. While Daily Greens provides your body with whole food nutrition that stimulates the microflora in the gut, Probiotics + Prebiotics contain 36 billion live cultures and 6 clinically approved healthy bacterial strains that promote healthy digestive health.

This is the best gift you can give to your friends, especially those who struggle with common lifestyle issues such as acidity, heartburn, and trapped gas due to their hectic schedules. Hurry now and buy! We have a good gut feeling about this!!

Natural Health Bundle - Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), DG and GK


Health is no longer the absence of illness. It is that state where one experiences sound physical, mental and social well being. When either of the three is compromised, a person is likely to suffer greatly. At Wellbeing Nutrition, our aim is to help you turn into the best version of yourself. Our products are plant-based and organic and promise to aid you in the process of being a happier and healthier you! If you want your friends to get happier, healthier and fitter, gift them WBN’s Natural Health Bundle that includes Apple Cider Vinegar, Daily Greens and Grandma’s Kadha. This kit contains your dose of superfoods, apple cider vinegar with mother, and herbal healing. So what are you waiting for. Click here and go buy your friends nature’s goodness in the form of the Natural Health Bundle Kit.

Melts Combo:

WBN’s Melts are rapidly dissolving oral strips, which combine the benefits of advanced nanoscience with the plant-derived extracts to make nutrition easily accessible and digestible to you. These strips will automatically dissolve after you place them on the tip of the tongue and don’t require water to push them down your throat like other pills. Made of natural ingredients sourced from all across the globe, these oral strips are fast-acting and super-effective, all thanks to the Unison Effect Formula that makes these strips 95% more bioavailable than any other traditional form of supplements such as pills, tablets or gummies.

At WBN, we have 6 different variants of these oral strips such as Melts Restful Sleep, Instant Energy, Healthy Hair, Vegan Vitamin B12, Natural Vitamin D3 and Throat Relief. While your friends may not need all of them, don’t worry, as we have different combo packs available in this as well, which are available for specific reasons, such as given below:
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and give your best buds the oral strips combo pack of your choice, which will ensure complete absorption of all the goodness and nutrients that a healthy body needs from time to time in an extremely enjoyable and fun manner!!

Radiant Skin Pack & Inner Glow Duo


If your beauty-conscious friend is tired of her skin breakouts and dark circles, then maybe it’s time for you to give her WBN’s Radiant Skin Pack comprising a tube each of Skin Fuel and Daily Greens. This combo pack will ensure an inside-out approach to skin care that no other place can offer! This duo will ensure that your friend’s skin stays healthy, glowing, and radiant all year round! A daily nutritious drink of Daily Greens will help relieve stress and fight harmful free radicals in the body that will prevent all kinds of inflammation in the body, including the skin, while a tasty drink of Skin Fuel will keep the skin protected from all kinds of blemishes and early signs of aging. Click here to buy the product!

Inner Glow Duo

You can also give her the Inner Glow Duo, which is another delicious way of getting healthy skin. We all know about the close connection shared between the gut and skin. The gut microbiome is the bacteria and microbes found in your intestines that influences your overall health, especially your skin. So any disruption in your digestive health could seriously impact your skin health and cause all sorts of issues like pimples, acne, pigmentation, dryness, dark patches, and the like. This duo includes a tube each of Probiotics + Prebiotics and Skin Fuel. The clinically approved ingredients in both these products will help your friend get supple, youthful and glowing skin from within.

Holistic Wellbeing Kit: Skin Fuel, Probiotics, DG and GK


Why not give your friend a one stop shop for all their health woes? The Holistic Wellbeing Kit is the answer to all health problems such as nutritional deficiencies, gut problems, bad skin health, early signs of aging, cough, cold, flu and other immunity-related ailments. Containing a tube each of Skin Fuel, Probiotics + Prebiotics, Daily Greens and Grandma’s Kadha, this combo pack is the best of effervescence nutrition in a kit! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go buy your best bud the goodness of holistic nutrition in the form of this combo pack.

To conclude


Friends do a lot in the most seamless of ways to make us happier. Their presence is a major contributing factor in keeping us mentally and emotionally healthy. In their company, we find a sense of belonging, love, care, support, all of which help us to feel secure, safe, and comforted during good times and bad. They encourage us to lead better lives and help us let go of our unhealthy habits. It’s time we do the same for them. It’s time we encourage them to take a step towards taking better care of themselves. Here’s wishing you all a very happy friendship’s day and we hope you find the perfect Wellbeing Nutrition combo pack to get your buddies started on their healthcare journey!

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