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Have You Ever Heard of Wellmune?

What is Wellmune? What benefits does it offer? Where can you get Wellmune? If these questions are on your mind, we have got the answers. This blog talks about everything you need to know about this leading yeast beta glucan, clinically shown to aid in strengthening one’s immune system. However, before we delve into the nitty gritty of what Wellmune is, you need to learn about what exactly yeast beta-glucans are. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

What are Yeast Beta Glucans?

β-glucans or beta-glucans are the groups of polysaccharides or dietary fibres that are derived from natural sources such as:

Mushrooms: Beta-glucans that come from mushrooms are known to help boost your immune system. However, their potency is lower than that of the beta-glucans that come from baker’s yeast.

Oats: Oats-based beta-glucans are known to help you manage bad cholesterol and improve heart health.

Baker’s Yeast: The beta-glucans that are derived from baker’s yeast are known as yeast beta-glucans, which are known to specifically improve immune health. Also, the potency of yeast beta glucans is more than that of beta glucans that come from oats or mushrooms.

Now that you know what beta-glucan and yeast beta-glucan are, let's explore and understand Wellmune in depth.

What is Wellmune, and What Are Its Benefits?

Wellmune is a naturally-derived yeast beta-glucan that is used by numerous supplement or food companies to prepare products that enhance the immune function in individuals. Free from gluten, Wellmune can help you:

How is Wellmune Derived or Extracted?

Wellmune yeast beta-glucans are extracted from the cell walls of baker’s yeast through a process that uses water-based washes. These water-based washes help remove the extra components of the yeast, making the yeast beta-glucans more bioavailable or absorbable by your body.

Is Wellmune Safe for Both Kids and Adults?

For Adults

As stated earlier, beta-glucans are naturally occurring compounds that are found in foods (oats, barley, yeast, etc.) that we consume daily.

Coming to Wellmune, it’s a yeast beta-glucan extracted from yeast so that it can benefit you more as compared to consuming it from foods that contain yeast naturally. Also, there have been clinical trials that prove the efficacy and safety of Wellmune for Adults.

So, yes, Wellmune is safe for consumption.

For Kids
Wellmune is found in several immunity supplements meant for kids and is known to cause no harm too. Also, several clinical trials have shown that kids who consumed Wellmune reported fewer symptoms of respiratory issues as compared to the kids that consumed a placebo.

Therefore, you can say that Wellmune is safe for consumption by kids.

Why Should you Include Products Fortified with Wellmune in your Daily Diet?

Including beta-glucans (Wellmune) in your daily routine is a proven way to enhance your immunity and overall health. On top of it, Wellmune is safe for consumption, even for kids. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Wellmune is natural and safe, which is why the entire family can consume it.
  • Wellmune is extracted from baker’s yeast, which makes it gluten-free.
  • Wellmune is non-GMO compliant, gluten and allergen-free, and kosher and halal certified.
  • Wellmune is commercially available in numerous immunity supplements.

What’s the Best Product That Contains Wellmune?

Although the market is full of products that contain Wellmune, we have one of the most reliable immunity supplements for your kids: Melts Marvel Advanced Immunity.

What is Melts Marvel Advanced Immunity?

Marvel Melts Advanced Immunity is one of the best immunity supplements meant for kids. It comes with an attractive packaging featuring The Black Panther and even more attractive ingredients:

These ingredients can help your kid:

Also, Marvel Melts Advanced Immunity is completely free from allergens, preservatives, gluten, nuts, and soy and is 100% bioavailable and clinically proven. So, it’s completely safe for consumption for your child.

Additionally, this supplement is amazingly easy to consume because of its unique form: nano oral strips. Just place one of these nano oral thin strips on your child’s tongue and watch it dissolve within seconds. And you’re done.

Wrapping Up

Wellmune has been there for quite a long time. However, it’s in the last 2-3 years when its use in supplements has increased. And the best part is that Wellmune is completely safe for consumption for kids and adults alike and is known to benefit the immune function, as per research.

So, include Wellmune in your or your kids’ diet (Marvel Melts Advanced Immunity) and build immunity with supplements.


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