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How The Ingredients Contribute Towards Improving Eye Health

Do you have to sit for 4-8 or more hours in front of the screen? Does your chill time also include watching YouTube or Netflix? If you said yes, you might be hurting your eyes pretty bad. So, what should you do? Well, this is what the below blog is all about.

The ingredients that we’re talking about in the title are of an amazing eye care supplement: Melts® Eye Care. We’ll talk about how its ingredients can help you with better vision and eye health. So, if you’re curious, let's start.

What Is Melts® Eye Care?

Melts® Eye Care is a rapid dissolving nano strip that acts as an elixir for your eyes. Available in a scrumptious lime and lemony flavor, our Melts® Eye Care has all the ingredients your eyes need. You just need to place a strip on your tongue, let it dissolve and you’re done.

What are the ingredients of Melts Eye Care, and how do they help improve your eye health?

Lutemax 2020

Derived from marigold flowers, Lutemax 2020 contains all three carotenoids (macular) as required by the body:

  • Lutein
  • RR-zeaxanthin
  • RS (meso)-zeaxanthin

All of the above carotenoids are essential for your eyes, improve eyesight and boost overall eye health.


Aka as the eye vitamin, Lutein is an important carotenoid and a major ingredient of Melts Eye Care. It’s majorly known for anti-inflammation and preventing the vision impairment and blindness in humans,


Zeaxanthin is another carotenoid (a non-provitamin A) that helps with inflammation. Also, it helps your body against free radicals, protects eye cells from UV light, blue light, etc.


Bilberry is a shrub that contains anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides help in treating cataract issue, glaucoma, retinal disorders and also help prevent muscular degeneration.


NAG is a sugar(natural) found in the human body that helps in hyaluronic acid production. This hyaluronic acid lubricates your eyes and helps maintain visual acuity.


Beetroot is a good source of phytochemicals and Lutein. These compounds help prevent age-related eye degeneration and also improve overall eye health. Also, Beetroot as a whole helps maintain healthy nerve tissues.

So, these were the main ingredients of Melts Eye Care that favor your eyes in every way. With that said, let’s look at the benefits Melts Eye Care brings as a whole.

Benefits of consuming Melts Eye Care

  • Reduces Eye muscle fatigue.
  • Boosts vision sharpness.
  • Prevents irritation caused by blue light.
  • Lubricate your eyes.
  • Prevents age-related degeneration.
  • Reduces digital eye strain.

You can enjoy the above benefits just by placing a Melts strip on your tongue each day. Now, how can you beat this?

Who is it for?

Melts Eye Care is for you if:

  • You spend 4-8 hours a day in front of the screen.
  • You suffer from dry eyes.
  • You frequently feel fatigue and strain in your eyes.
  • You suffer from a temporary blurred vision.
  • You want to prevent retinal damage to the eyes.

Basically, Melts Eye Care is for anyone suffering from common eye-related problems. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor if you suffer from something severe.

Is Melts Eye Care safe?

Fortunately, yes. Mets Eye Care is a clinically proven, chemical-free, and vegan product. It has no sugar, gluten, or preservatives. Also, Melts Eye Care is 100% bioavailable, which means your body can fully absorb it. So, you can consume Eye Melts Care without worry.

Can you improve eye health naturally?

Yes, you can. You can eat food for eyesight improvement or food rich in vitamins and minerals that promote eye health. Here are some common yet effective foods that can help with your health:

  • Sweet Potatoes

There’s a rich amount of Lutein, Vitamins A and C in sweet potatoes. And all these elements are ocular nutrients known to boost eye health.

  • Eggs

Eggs are rich in Vitamin C, E, and carotenoids like zeaxanthin and Lutein. These nutrients help your eyesight and also fight against macular degeneration.

  • Beef

Beef is a source of zinc that helps in eyesight improvement and also slows macular degeneration.

  • Legumes

Leagues are a source of protein and zinc and act as an alternative to meat.  

Wrapping Up

The eyes are an important organ in your body. And there could be nothing worse than ignoring your eye health. So, you should opt for food that has the vitamins and minerals for eye health like the ones mentioned above.

And if you cannot consume the above-mentioned food items daily, you can opt for Melts Eye Care from Wellbeing Nutrition. Melts Eye Care has everything you need to ensure better eye health. So, don’t think twice and go for this supplement. And if you could consume eye-friendly food + Melts Eye Care, it would be even better for your eye health. So, make a decision now.

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