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Here's How You Can Find Out About Your Immunity Level

A healthy immune system is a sign of good health. Annoying symptoms like being stressed or tired & falling sick regularly are all clear low immunity signs. Ensure you recognize these symptoms to avoid health complications.

It’s unfortunate, but we’re still amidst a pandemic. Most of us are trying to do everything we can to keep ourselves indoors, at a distance, and washing/sanitizing our hands regularly to avoid any kind of infection and sickness. We must keep our immune systems healthy and strong as well, but staying inside and a drop in any kind of physical activity might have had the opposite effect.

Annoying symptoms like being stressed or tired constantly and falling sick regularly are all clear low immunity signs. You need to make sure you recognize these symptoms early on, before they turn into other complications as your body is now prone to them.

So the question is – what exactly are these symptoms that we’re talking about?

1) Stress and Anxiety Levels

Work assignments and personal relationship problems are all bound to cause some sort of stress or anxiety to you. Pair that up with the situation we’re facing around the world and those levels might as well shoot through the roof.

What you may not know is that such high levels of stress tend to weaken your immune system. Studies have shown an increase in stress levels can cause a drop in your white blood cells. Yes, the ones that make up your immune system to protect you from various diseases and infections. So the next time you’re stressed out and fall sick right after, you'll know why.

Stress and Anxiety Levels

2) Frequent cases of Flu and Infections

Be honest, do you fall sick quite often? Troubled by those frequent colds? Have you needed to take more than two courses of antibiotics in a year? Saying ‘yes’ to all of those is a big red flag, as they’re all weak immune system signs.

Being prone to flu and infections is the primary symptom of a weakened immune system. It is advised that you consult a doctor for these recurring issues and a simple blood test will accurately tell you whether your antibodies are in the normal range or not.

Frequent cases of Flu and Infections

3) Feeling Exhausted and Fatigued

Fatigue is essentially your body’s way of telling you that you’re overworking yourself. It is the same feeling you get when you have the flu. And when that feeling becomes a recurring thing, then it might mean that something’s going on with your body’s defenses, i.e., your immune system.

Your energy levels and your immune system are correlated - when one struggles, so does the other. Even if you’re taking proper rest, your body might still feel exhausted. This isn’t a good sign at all as it indicates how worn out your body is, making it susceptible to diseases and infections.

4) Skin Problems

Your skin is essentially the first line of defense against germs. Any change in the way your skin looks can reflect how your immune system is functioning. So if you’re facing any kind of patchiness, dryness, or skin rashes - they can be considered signs of inflammation. You can write them off as allergies, but if they’re recurring and not healing as fast, they can be further deduced as immune system weak symptoms.

Skin Problems

5) Stomach Issues or Indigestion

Almost all of your digestive system can be considered a part of your immune system, with the number of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms living in there fighting off all kinds of infections.

But if you’re spending longer amounts of time in the washroom than you expect over a week, it could be considered low immunity symptoms. You might assume at first it’s probably a meal you had, but constant cases of diarrheas , constipation or bloating would say otherwise.

Stomach Issues or Indigestion

The best way to boost your immunity naturally is with a glass of Grandma’s Kadha every day. Made using a potent blend of 13 adaptogenic herbs like Echinacea, Tulsi, Ginger, Amla and Turmeric, it helps prevent cough, cold and gives you stronger immunity to keep infections at bay!

Key takeaways


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