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Is An Excess of Vitamin D3 Bad for Your Health?

Vitamin D3 helps with cell differentiation and also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. All in all, vitamin D is quite crucial for our body. But did you know excessive consumption of vitamin D3 supplements can impact your health negatively?

Well, if you didn’t but are curious to find out, this blog is for you. In this blog, we’ll talk about whether or not the consumption of excessive vitamin D3 supplements is bad for health and, if it is, what are the consequences. Also, in the end, we’ll list a reliable vitamin D3 supplement to deal with vitamin D3 deficiency. So, read in full.

Is an excess of Vitamin D3 bad for your health?

Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common in India, ranging from 40-90%, according to some studies. This happens because the diet we Indians follow doesn’t contain much vitamin D. Because of this, consuming vitamin D3 supplements is common among Indians.

Fortunately, vitamin D supplements are considered safe, and any toxic effects are extremely uncommon. It’s because healthy individuals will need to consume a crazy high amount of Vitamin D3 supplements to reach harmful or toxic levels.

To understand better, the RDA has allowed 600 IU of vitamin D per day for adults. And to reach the level of D3 toxicity, one needs to consume 60,000 IU of vitamin D each day for several months. This means a person needs to consume 100 times more D3 than normal to reach dangerous levels.

However, when someone does consume excessive Vitamin D3 supplements, it can lead to several health problems. Let’s talk about those problems or vitamin D3 side effects below. However, here's a relevant informative blog which talks about Signs you are lacking Vitamin D

Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Vitamin D3 Supplements

The side effects of consuming excessive vitamin D3 supplements are as follows:

Elevated Blood Calcium Levels

Vitamin D plays a vital role in helping your body absorb calcium that comes from food. However, excessive consumption of vitamin D can also increase the absorption of calcium, which can be potentially dangerous.

Vitamin D3 toxicity is usually characterized by hyperglycemia wherein the blood calcium levels reach too high. The normal blood calcium range is 8.5-10.8 mg/dL. If the blood calcium levels surpass this level, it could result in high blood calcium, which could be because of D3 toxicity.

Altered Mental Status

Vitamin D toxicity is linked to high blood calcium levels or hypercalcemia, which can cause altered mental states in adults. People suffering from hypercalcemia due to D3 toxicity experience symptoms like psychosis, depression, and even confusion. In some extreme situations, it might lead to coma.

For instance, in a report in 2021, a 64-year-old individual accidentally consumed around 200,000 IU of Vitamin D per day because of some confusion. As a result, he experienced altered mental status along with symptoms related to hypercalcemia.

Kidney Complications

Having excessive vitamin D in the body can lead to high levels of calcium. As a result, you may lose too much water through urination and calcification in the kidneys. This can lead to dehydration and even damage your kidneys.

Also, hypercalcemia caused due to vitamin D toxicity can lead cause the kidney blood vessels to constrict, which can further impact kidney function.

These are a few complications that may arise if you consume crazy high doses of Vitamin D3, which happens rarely. However, what happens commonly is vitamin D3 deficiency which is characterized by:

Tiredness and fatigue
Getting infections often
Back and bone ache
Slow wound healing
Hair loss
Bone loss
Weight gain
Muscle pain

And to deal with the above symptoms of Vitamin D3 deficiency, you can go for Vitamin D3 supplements such as Melts Natural Vitamin D3.

What is Melts Natural Vitamin D3?

Melts Natural Vitamin D3 is an innovative creation of Wellbeing Nutrition that offers the required vitamin D3 in the form of a tasty oral thin strip. The oral strip is easy to consume and dissolves when placed on your tongue. Here are the ingredients this supplement comes with:

Vitamin D3 (Vitashine®)
Natural vitamin K2 (MK-7)
Cold pressed coconut oil

The above ingredients can help you enjoy the below benefits:

Better immunity
Helps prevent deficiencies
Promotes heart health
Provides energy
Uplifts mood
Promotes bone strength
Melts Natural Vitamin D3 is vegan, 100 percent bioavailable, sugar, gluten, soy, and preservative free. Also, it’s clinically proven to offer the promised benefits and exhibits no side effects. So, you can rely on it.

Wrapping Up

Although uncommon, Vitamin D3 toxicity can lead to serious consequences. So, make sure to always consume vitamin D3 supplements in moderation as per the recommended dosage. Also, you can choose Melts Natural Vitamin D3 to deal with vitamin D3 deficiencies and consume a single strip each day for amazing benefits.


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