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Myth or Facts: Are Oats good for health?

Oats are emerging as a predominant food product, available in various forms such as powders, supplements, raw oatmeal, etc. But this attention has also called for some myths about this wonder ingredient. However, various mixed data sources need clarification about the consumption of oats. Is oat good for health? What are the benefits of oats? Is it really as bad as they say? Is oatmeal good for your health? This blog mentions various health benefits of oats, breaking many of the myths surrounding them.  

What are Oats?  

Oats are a form of cereal, a vital source of carbohydrates, balanced proteins and lipids, dietary soluble fiber, and micronutrients. Different forms of oats differ in nutritional quality and their utilization in food products. Oatmeal is the most popular form of porridge made from processed oats. However, different from raw, unprocessed oats, oatmeal benefits are a completely different topic.  

What are the benefits of eating oats?  

Oats have various advantages, all of which help break down different myths surrounding them.  

Myths surrounding Oats:  

  1. Oats do not affect heart health disorders. 

    Fact: Oats are beneficial for cardiovascular disease. 
    Oats have been found to play a significant role in reducing cholesterol and combating heart risk disorders. The beta-glucan present in oats significantly reduces bad cholesterol and blood lipid profile. However, unrefined oats show better results compared to refined, processed oats.  
  2. Oats cause a spike in blood glucose.

    Fact: Oats for Type II Diabetes. 
    The beta-glucan present in oats helps in slowing down postprandial glucose levels by retarding the digestion of starch. Due to its low glycemic index and fair levels of soluble fiber, it helps regulate blood sugar.    
  3. High-fiber oats cause constipation.

    Fact: Oats for Guts!  
    Oats consist of soluble dietary fiber and beta-glucan, both of which increase the fecal bulk and, hence, the consistency and viscosity of stools. This bulking effect helps in increased frequency of defecation and gastric emptying.  
  4. Oats cause fattening.

    Fact: Oats for weight loss. 
    Studies have shown that consumption of oats is linked to a reduced risk of obesity and simultaneous weight loss. The dietary fiber of the cereal helps in the modulation of gut microbiota and incurs a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing excess food consumption.  
  5. Oats contain excess gluten. 

    Fact: Oats are fairly suitable for Celiac disease.  
    Ever heard of celiac disease? The one in which the body is unable to tolerate or digest gluten? That’s right guys, extreme gluten intolerance. People who have celiac disease have minimal sources of grain consumption. However, studies have shown that oat consumption is relatively safer than other grains. Avenins, the peptides in oats, have a similar structure to gluten, i.e., wheat protein; hence, they have lower toxicity, making them a safer alternative to wheat.  
  6. Oats are not a helpful source of nutrients. 

    Fact: Oats are a powerhouse of nutrients.  
    Oats are rich in macronutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and soluble dietary fiber. They also contain micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, essential phytonutrients such as beta-glucan, and antioxidant compounds such as tocols, phenols, and sterols. Several phenolic compounds have also been identified in oats.  
  7. There are not many health benefits of oats.

    Fact: Oats are significant for overall well-being.  
    Other benefits of oats include immunomodulation, chemoprevention, anti-atherosclerotic and anti-microbial effects, and dermal benefits. All these mentioned functions include vital metabolic pathways proven scientifically [1]. These evident roles of oats conveniently cancel out many myths surrounding them.  

Right with this idea in mind, we have Daily Fiber. A plant-based formulation infused with organic superfoods, one of them being Oats! This product not only provides weight management but also addresses several gut issues. This Daily Fiber supplement helps enhance the digestive tract and balances cholesterol levels.  

Wrapping Up! 

Over time, oats have garnered controversy along with popularity. Mixed evidence tends to put consumers in a dilemma and hinder them from having the benefits of oats. Hence, this blog has tried to clarify some doubts based on scientific evidence. Oats are not only a fairly good source of nutrients, but they provide many advantages. So, let’s wrap this up in short.  

Myth: Oats are not really good for health. 

Fact:  Oats are definitely healthy!  


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