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Low On Energy? Try Out These Natural Ways To Boost It

One of the most essential resources we need for a normal, healthy life is energy. Without it we will perpetually feel fatigued and will not have the inclination or zest to do any kind of activity. To give the energy levels a boost, people consume a multitude of vitamins, herbs and supplements. Some even opt for a sweet treat, a cup of coffee, or a caffeinated energy drink every once in a while to give themselves a quick energy boost. 

However, the glitch is that sugar and caffeine tend to do more harm than good. What we need are healthy habits and actions that are not only safe but also useful in bolstering and replenishing your energy levels in the long run. In this article, we shall explore the natural ways to enhance our energy levels. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in. 

Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

Some of the most natural ways to keep your energy levels in check include managing your stress levels, having a good night's sleep, exercising more, following a healthy diet and routine, and limiting the consumption of alcohol among other things. Let us explore them in detail. 

Good Quality Sleep 

Sleep specialists are of the opinion that deep or slow wave sleep is the time that the body needs to renew itself. Needless to say, this is the most important stage for the body to replenish its energy levels. This is also the stage that helps in muscle relaxation and repair along with tissue growth and regeneration, thanks to the hormones released that aid in the process. Those who don’t get sufficient deep sleep, end up feeling less refreshed and rejuvenated than those who get adequate sound sleep. 

Manage Stress

You may not realise it but a lot of energy gets consumed when you are stressed or anxious. Stress can completely zap you of your energy and leave you feeling tired. There are different ways of managing these emotions- you can connect with friends and family, seek therapy, create a support group, consume soothing teas and beverages that calm your nerves, or try out a few relaxing techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or tai chi.

Exercise Regularly

This is quite a vicious circle. You feel low on energy, which is why you avoid exercising but the only way you can feel energetic is by being more active. Exercising regularly not only makes you feel more energetic, but also helps you stay healthy by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes among other chronic diseases. Furthermore, it provides the cells in your body with more energy to circulate oxygen. Exercising also helps to elevate dopamine levels in the body, which has a direct impact on your mood and makes you feel energetic, enthusiastic and alive. You can start small- by going for small walks and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

What you eat says a lot about your health and, in this case, your energy levels. Choose foods that have a low glycemic index such as high fibrous fruits and vegetables as they take a longer time to digest. These foods are also less likely to cause high blood sugar levels. This, in turn, can help offset the lag that usually occurs after consuming high sugar foods or refined starches. A balanced, healthy, and nutritious meal will ensure you stay energetic and healthy. 

Avoid Smoking 

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. But did you know that it can also affect your sleep and eventually your energy levels? Besides, compared to non smokers, smokers have a reduced lung capacity, which means less oxygen circulation all over your body, right from the brain, muscles to other bodily systems. Over a period of time, this results in fatigue and a constant state of tiredness. 

Stay Hydrated

The human body comprises nearly 75% of water. However, during the day due to urination and sweating, the body loses most of its water, which it needs to replenish for its continuous unhindered working. Dehydration can have quite an impact on the brain, mood and energy levels. That is why it is important to drink nearly 3-4 litres of water daily. 

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol can leave you feeling tired in many ways. Firstly, it acts as a sedative and can make you feel drowsy. Secondly, too much of it can leave you feeling dehydrated, which then affects your cognition as well as energy levels. Thirdly, it acts as a diuretic so if you happen to drink before you sleep, you could be going to the washroom way too many times, which would deter you from having restful sleep at night. All these factors impact your mood and lead to the constant feeling of tiredness. If you want to drink, it’s advisable to always drink in moderation. 

You can also try out supplements to bolster your energy requirements. While there are many energy supplements in the market, Wellbeing Nutrition's Instant Energy Melts are formulated using natural ingredients that are a safe and steady source of energy. It contains caffeine derived as a by-product of decaffeinated tea and comprises vitamins and minerals from plant-based sources such as tempeh, coconut water, and sunflower oil. So the next time you are low on energy, you know what to have!


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