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Oral Thin Strips: What are they, and why are they more effective?

Chugging syrups, swallowing pills, chewing for hours on medicinal ‘gummies’ – these are just a few of the many ways in which we try and get our daily dose of nutrients. With lack of better options in the market, who can blame us?

Well, that’s about to change.

Introducing Oral Thin Strips – a nutrient delivery system that allows a thin strip to dissolve upon contact with the cheek or the tongue, allowing the nutrients to directly enter the circulatory system, act quickly and deliver a larger proportion of the active compound per dose.

This helps deliver a precise and accurate dose that does the job faster than traditional pills, delivering almost instantaneous results – some times, within minutes! What’s more, since Oral Thin Strips (OTS) dissolve in your mouth, they bypass the acids in your stomach, which eliminates the chance of further breakdown of nutrients.

With no water needed, these strips can be consumed anytime, anywhere, for rapid results. This makes it a technologically advanced alternative to other nutraceutical options, and given that it’s flavourful, dissolves in your mouth and eliminates the chances of choking on a pill, we at WBN firmly believe OTS is the future.

Some other benefits of Oral Thin Strips include:

It’s more stable and durable

Enables improved accuracy, as each strip is manufactured to contain a precise amount of dosage

Ease of administration makes it beneficial for pediatric, geriatric and neurodegenerative disease patients

It provides an alternative to patients with swallowing disorders

Keeping these benefits in mind, we at Wellbeing Nutrition have decided to launch our own range of OTS products, aptly named melts™!

Each melts™ strip contains microencapsulated nano extracts that have high bioavailability and absorption compared to all other forms of traditional supplements like tablets and capsules as they go directly into the bloodstream. 

Made using melts™ patented nano technology, these ultra-thin strips convert key plant-based extracts into nano particles which quickly dissolve when kept on your tongue to ensure easy and complete absorption of all the goodness and nutrients in an extremely enjoyable and fun manner.

With this sophisticated delivery system, the formulation does not go through the first-pass effects of the GI tract making it more bioavailable and ensuring better absorption – which means quicker onset at lower doses. 

What’s more, there are six options to choose from in the melts™ range! These include:

Restful Sleep 

Calms your body. Soothes your senses. Relaxes your nerves and your mind. Take a melts™ strip 30 minutes before bedtime, and drift into restful sleep.

Melts - Restful Sleep


Replenishes salts. Restores minerals. Revitalises your body. Take a melts™ strip pre-exercise or post-fatigue, boost your energy levels and blitz through the day.

Melts - Instant Energy

Throat Relief

Breaks up congestion. Soothes sore throat. Take a melts™ strip once a day to prevent the onset and alleviate the symptoms of cough and cold.

Melts - Throat Relief


Blessed with the goodness of vitamins D3 and K2. Take a melts™ strip once a day to give your body essential nutrients and vitamins responsible for daily upkeep.


Blessed with the goodness of vitamin B12, take a melts™ strip once a day to make your body stronger from within.

Healthy Hair

Stimulates hair growth. Strengthens hair. Prevents hair loss. Delays the onset of greys. Take a melts™ strip once a day and enjoy beautiful, healthy hair.

Melts - Healthy Hair


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