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The Key to Better Digestion is Staying Active!

Poor eating habits can really hamper your gut and, thus, the digestive system. Several things like yogurt, chia seeds, fennel seeds/tea seem to help. However, there’s something we all consider an underdog: Exercise or staying active. Staying active and moving your body a little bit daily can really help.

Do you want to know how exercise and digestion are linked? Well, read along. Below you’re also going to find the relation between gut and digestion and some useful and tried out techniques to help your digestion. So, let’s begin.

Digestion & Gut

You should know that our digestion is directly linked to our gut. Our gut has more than 70% of the immune system of our body. So, poor digestion will affect our gut which in turn will impact our immune system negatively. And all this has a negative effect on our overall well being. This is how our gut health and digestive health are related.

How exercising or staying active helps with digestion?

Of course, eating and drinking healthy food helps with digestion. But there’s more to it. Moving your body, exercising a bit, and staying active can boost one’s digestion. When you move your body, intestinal movement, and stimulation in the gut increases. This, in turn, helps move the food more quickly along the digestive tract and improves digestion.

Also, according to research, exercise impacts the balance of good bacteria in your gut. The good gut bacteria:

●    Actively protects your immune system.
●    Prevents the growth of bad bacteria.
●    Helps you digest and absorb the nutrients required by the body.
●    Prevents all kinds of issues like acidity, bloating, gas, and regulates bowel movement.
This is how exercise has a positive impact on our digestion. And as our gut health has a direct impact on the immune system, exercise also impacts our overall well being. So, make sure to move your body and stay active. However, you’ll need some more tips to effectively improve your digestion which you can find below:

Effective tips to improve your digestion

Choose a balanced diet for better digestion.

Now, this is a no-brainer, but it works. Eating healthy can make a significant impact on your gut health and thus your digestion. You can opt for fibers that help in bowel movement along with some antioxidants in your daily diet. Also, you should avoid processed and red meat, which can cause several gastrointestinal issues like constipation, bloating, gas, acid reflux, heartburn, and in some severe cases even bowel cancer.

Stay Hydrated

Consume at least 6 to 8 water glasses daily. It’ll help with digestion and flush out toxins from your body.  

Walk after you eat

A brisk walk after a light meal can really help. Walking helps your metabolism, which will further give a kick to your digestive system. However, if you have had a heavy meal, let it settle a bit before you go for a walk.

Say no to stress

Stress is a major contributor to gastro-intestinal problems. Poor digestion, bloating, bad mood, and a weak immune system being some common examples. So, do some light exercise to stay active and relieve your stress. It’ll help you improve your digestion.

Avoid aerobic exercise after your meals

You need to avoid any aerobic exercises like dancing, running, trampolining, team sports while digestion is on, which means after your meals. It can cause you discomfort. So, make sure to stay with light exercise only.

Want to ramp up your digestion game?

Yes, exercising and a healthy diet are important. But what about the gut? How are you going to keep your gut healthy, which is so crucial? Well, this is where Probiotic + Prebiotic come into the picture.

Probiotic + Prebiotic from Wellbeing Nutrition comes with a blend of 6 active prebiotic and probiotic cultures. . And all this is extremely good for your gut health. Also, Prebiotics and probiotics can help you:
●    Improves digestion.
●    Boosts gut health.
●    Improves metabolism.
●    Prevents constipation, gas, and diarrhea.
●    Neutralizes toxins.
●    Prevents irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
You can get all the benefits by consuming tasty water-soluble tablets of Probiotic + Prebiotic. All you need to do is drop an effervescent tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink it all up.

Another beautiful thing for your gut is Melts® Healthy Gut from Wellbeing Nutrition. Melts® Healthy Gut is a pack of nano strips that dissolve as soon as you place them on your tongue. With this supplement, you can:

●    Get rid of IBS, acidity, and gas.
●    Improve your digestion significantly.
●    Improve your metabolism.
●    Boost your immunity.

Wrapping Up

Digestion is more complex and definitely more important than you think. However, staying active helps your gut which indirectly helps digestion. So, make sure you include atleast some light physical activity in your day. Also, you can opt for supplements like Probiotic + Prebiotic along with Melts® Healthy Gut from Wellbeing Nutrition to ensure perfect digestion regularly.


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