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Understanding Protein Intake Based on Your Age Group

Protein is an essential macronutrient and the major component of hormones, enzymes, bones, skin, muscles, and several other body parts. Also, your body needs protein to ensure optimal growth, development, and overall health.

However, protein is made of 20 amino acids. And out of these 20 amino acids, your body only produces 11. Because of this, you need to consume the remaining nine essential amino acids from your diet, so your body can synthesize protein and thus keep you healthy. But how much protein does your body need?

Well, that depends on numerous factors but primarily on age and gender. This blog talks about how much protein your body needs according to age and gender. Also, you’ll learn about an amazing source of clean protein that’ll help you meet your body’s daily protein needs. So, read in full.

Why Does Protein Intake Varies with Age and Gender?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your body needs at least 0.8g of protein per kg of your body mass each day. This means if you weigh 80 kgs, your ideal protein requirement will be around 64g a day.

However, this requirement varies with age and gender. It’s because your body uses protein in different ways according to your age, gender, and even the physical activities you perform.

For instance, when you’re a child, you’ll need more protein in proportion to your weight as compared to older adults because your body uses protein for growth and development.

Also, if you’re a woman who’s pregnant or lactating, you’ll need more protein than the people who’re not lactating. This is because the baby needs more protein for its growth and development.

And if you’re an athlete, you’ll again need more protein in proportion to your weight as compared to other people. Research states that athletes who work out daily can consume up to 3.5 for every kg of their body weight daily.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Here’s how much protein you need according to your age and gender:

protein supplements
Image Source: Medical News Today 

What are the Benefits of Protein?

1. Helps Improve Metabolism

Our body uses calories to digest and make use of the nutrients in foods and this process is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). As per study Protein has a much higher thermic effect than fat or carbs — 20–35% compared to 5–15%. High protein intake has been shown to significantly boost metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn.

2. Added Satiety & Aids Weight Loss

Protein is known to reduce your hunger and make you feel full for longer. Even a study says that protein makes you feel full for longer with less food. Due to high satiety, unwanted binging or excessive cravings will reduce, thereby reducing excessive calorie consumption. And limiting calorie intake translates to healthy weight loss.

3. Strengthens Immune System

Protein is a major contributor towards building and boosting immune system. It is crucial for the building of antibodies and immune system cells. Also, amino acids that make up proteins are important fuels for cells in the immune system. If our diets lack the adequate amounts of dietary proteins the amino acids required for producing antibodies will also be less thereby affecting our immunity.

4. Improves Muscle Mass and Strength

Muscles are primarily made of proteins. For those who want to gain muscles, protein is their best friend as protein helps increase muscle strength. Even studies state that consuming protein-rich food regularly can positively impact your strength and muscles positively.

5. Improves Bone Metabolism

Protein helps in increasing calcium and magnesium absorption in our body, thereby increasing our bone strength. Also, protein is known to improve bone mass and reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

6. Slows Down Aging Process

Amino acids help in the detoxification process and also help in generating glutathione which help in reducing carcinogens in our body. Thus, it helps in slowing down the aging process by improving the overall health of the body.

7. For Healthy Hair & Skin

Protein provides the body with the essential amino acids required to make keratin which is one of the building blocks of the human body and the form of protein that makes up our skin, hair and nails. Keratin specifically helps to ensure our hair, skin and nails stay strong . Protein-rich foods contain the amino acids such as L-cysteine boost your body’s natural keratin production. Protein rich foods includes L-lysine which supports the body’s synthesis of collagen that helps improve overall skin and nail elasticity, hydration and strength.

8. Helps Repair & Recovery

Protein forms the building blocks of your organs and tissues. And because of this reason, it helps your body recover after injury. Even studies state that consuming protein-rich foods after injury speed up the recovery process.

Where can you get the Protein From?

Well, there are numerous sources of protein, such as chicken, beef, fish, prawns, eggs, etc. And if you’re a vegan, you can go for quinoa, soy, tofu, chia seeds, chickpeas, spirulina, etc.

It is difficult to get your complete requirement through diet alone given our busy schedules or dietary preferences etc. So, how can we make it easy to get your share of proteins for all?

Well, this is when Superfood Plant Protein comes into the picture. What’s Superfood Plant Protein? Read along to find out.

Superfood Plant Protein

Superfood Plant Protein, as the name says, offers you pure plant protein peptides. It comes with organic protein blend that helps fulfill the daily protein requirements with a digestive enzyme blend to ensure faster digestion, a berry blend to improve immunity & satiety and a superfood & antioxidant blend that helps reduce inflammation. And all of this is extracted from natural plant sources.

What’s more, the Superfood Plant Protein supplement comes with a complete amino acid profile, i.e., it contains all nine amino acids your body needs to synthesize protein. And this is what makes Superfood Plant Protein a source of complete protein.

Available in French Vanilla Caramel and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, it’s easy to consume. Just add one scoop of the protein supplement in 250-300 ml of water, smoothie, or any other non-dairy milk and gulp down the tasty protein-rich elixir.

Wrapping Up

If you want to stay healthy and strong, build better muscles, and prevent bone issues as you age, make sure to consume enough protein each day. While you can always go for animal-based protein, there are several ethical plant-based protein sources, too, such as Superfood Plant Protein.

So, if you want an easy-to-prepare, tasty, ethical, environment-friendly, safe, and effective source of protein, order Superfood Plant Protein now.


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