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We Know Just the Three Products That Will Become Your Favorite During Winter!

The winter season brings lots of beautiful things. You get a chance to bask in the sun, enjoy hot beverages in your cozy blanket and eat hot food. But do you know what else comes with winters? Cold, cough, congestion, and flu.
These issues seem small at the beginning but can worsen with time. And considering the COVID-19 situation, you mustn't let anything affect your respiratory system. So, what should you do? Wellbeing Nutrition has curated a list of 3 supplements for winters that'll protect you from cold, cough, flu, and congestion.
If you want to find what those supplements are, read along.

3 Health Supplements for Winters

Here are some amazing supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition:

1.    Grandma's Kadha

Let’s start with something that offers you immunity during the winter season.

Grandma's Kadha is a unique supplement that is completely plant-based and organic. The main highlight is the power of 13 medicinal herbs that it comes with. Yes, Grandma's Kadha extracts its nutrition from the below listed 13 medicinal herbs:

1.    Echinacea
2.    Mulethi
3.    Kulinjan
4.    Coriander
5.    Turmeric
6.    Tulsi
7.    Black Pepper
8.    Amla
9.    Adulsa
10.    Dry Ginger
11.    Bharangi
12.    Shankhapushpi
13.    Kalmegh
All these herbs/ingredients help strengthen your immune system against infections. Also, Grandma's Kadha is effective for a runny nose, sore throat, and flu. So, if you want to enhance your immunity and protect yourself from cough and cold, Grandma's Kadha is the best.
The best thing/part is that this supplement is easy to consume, tasty, and organic. You need to drop one delicious water-soluble tablet in water and let it dissolve. Once it does, you can drink it as a tasty beverage.

What makes Grandma's Kadha special?

Grandma's Kadha comes with natural medicinal herbs with antifungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

2.    Skin Fuel

Apart from cold, cough, flu, the winter season also affects your skin. When we take a bath in warm/hot water, our skin gets dry and flaky, which leads to itching. Also, the winter season sucks the moisture and takes away the supple nature of your skin. Fortunately, we have Skin Fuel for that.
Skin Fuel is a unique and one-of-its-kind drinkable skincare product in India. It's a 4-in-1 formula
containing l–glutathione, bioactive Japanese marine collagen, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid and is no less than an elixir for your skin.
Here are what benefits Skin Fuel brings along:
●    Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
●    Hydrates your Skin
●    Improves texture of your skin
●    Ensures supple, youthful, and firm skin
●    Nourishes your skin from within and ensures skin health
●    Strengthen your collagen matrix
●    Reduces acne and inflammation
●    Helps improve elasticity
You can enjoy these benefits by consuming a single tablet of Skin Fuel. You need to drop the tablet in a glass of water and wait for a few seconds. Once it’s dissolved, you can enjoy a healthy and tasty skin-nourishing drink.  

What makes skin Fuel special?

Skin fuel comes with abundant Japanese marine collagen. Japanese marine collagen is good for your bones, skin and promotes anti-aging.

3.    Probiotics + Prebiotics

Going out during winters and exercising seems like a hard task to do. And on top of that, we tend to consume calorie-rich foods to keep ourselves warm and produce energy. All this takes a toll on our precious gut and digestive system. It's the reason we have included Probiotics + Prebiotics into our list.
Probiotics + Prebiotics is another tasty supplement that ensures digestive balance and good gut health. It's clinically proven and has no side effects on the human body.
Probiotics + Prebiotics contains:
●    Active Probiotic bacteria cultures: good for your gut health and the gut microbiome.  
●    Prebiotic fibers: that act as food for the gut bacteria and promote growth.
These ingredients improve:
●    Digestion
●    Enhance metabolism
●    Reduce gas and bloating
●    Neutralize toxins
●    Improve constipation, acidity, and diarrhoea
●    Supports your colon, gut health and IBS  
This supplement comes in the form of delicious water-soluble tablets. You need to dissolve the tablets in water and enjoy a gut-friendly drink in moments.  

What makes Probiotics + Prebiotics special

Probiotics + Prebiotics comes with active gut bacteria and fibers that support gut health. This combination is quite useful in winters when the gut and intestines are under stress.
Wrapping Up
The above supplement-trio is no less than a boon for you during winters. One supplement enhances your immunity and respiratory health (Grandma's Kadha), the other improves and nourishes your Skin (Skin Fuel), and the last one enhances your digestive health significantly.

The best part about all these supplements is that they are from Wellbeing Nutrition: a well-known name in the health and nutrition industry. Every supplement is safe, clinically tested, and as effective as it should be. So, get all of them and ensure that your winters are better than ever.
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