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What is the Hype about Vitamin B5?

Over time, various bio-actives create hype based on their popularity. One such nutrient is vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid—an ordinary B vitamin with extraordinary roles. Over the years, like all other vitamins, vitamin B5 has gained its fair share of popularity. But why exactly? Indeed, what is the hype about vitamin B5? This blog answers all the questions.  

What is pantothenic acid? 

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is an essential vitamin that serves as a precursor for various metabolic pathways, including carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. These pathways use vitamin B5 as a cofactor and help in mixed pathological reactions—some biochemistry here, guys. Despite being a vitamin, its deficiency is rare due to its massive distribution in all plants and animals. You can get it from anywhere, with no chance of deficiency [1]. A good relief for our vegetarian friends!  

Sources of pantothenic acid:  

Almost all plant and animal-based food consists of vitamin B5; how relieving, isn’t it? Some of the richest sources of vitamin B5 are vegetables, grains, and meat. It is also found in packed cereals and beverages via fortification. All plant tissues contain B5; however, it may be reduced due to food processing (As usual!). Vitamin B5 supplements of different brands and efficacy are also available.  

Nutraceuticals containing pantothenic acid:  

Pantothenic acid is also available in supplement forms, pure or combined with other vitamins and minerals. Its bioavailability range is different for different products. Right for you, Wellbeing Nutrition has a broad range of products containing vitamin B5 [2].  

One of the most recognized products is Multivitamin for Her. 

A scientifically developed multivitamin formula that promotes hormonal balance and healthy ageing along with strengthened immunity.  

Roles of pantothenic acid:  

The hype of any product lies in its functions and the results it delivers. Just like vitamin B5, which has a broad range of vital functions.  

  1. Fat reduction 

     The derivative of vitamin B5 is found to reduce cholesterol levels, as it affects lipid metabolism by following complex metabolic cycles [4]. These pathways result in a lower risk of CVD and lifestyle disorders.  
  2. Anti-inflammatory 

     Vitamin B5 is shown to reduce chronic inflammation and provide protection from UV damage.  
  3. Cell protection  

    Vitamin B5 derivative, pantetheinase, provides cellular tissue protection and pathological benefits [5] 
  4. Hormonal balance 

    Vitamin B5, as a cofactor, provides hormonal balance and supports menopause in women.  
  5. Cardiovascular disorders 

    CRP is a potent cardiovascular risk indicator protein that causes foam cell formation via metabolic pathways. Intake of pantothenic acid lowers the formation of CRP and, hence, the risk of CVD [6] 
  6. B5 for Good Gut Feeling! 

    Vitamin B5 plays a pivotal role in gut health. It supports the growth and survival of gut flora, provides a nutritional medium for host cells, suppresses the colonization of pathogens, etc. [7] 
  7. Vitamin B5 for skin 

    Vitamin B5 helps in boosting glutathione production and scavenging free radicals. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation and dryness. B5 also helps in minimizing the appearance of age spots on the face. This is a massive benefit for our skin care enthusiasts out there!  

With so many significant functions, it is only fair to say that the hype is justified! Vitamin B5 provides all-round benefits to the body. Keeping that in mind, we have a range of products containing vitamin B5 

Wrapping Up! 

From small skin benefits to colossal cardiovascular disorders, vitamin B5 is an essential bio-active. Furthermore, B5 is vital in terms of immunity. B5, like all other B vitamins, is also crucial for the skin. Doesn’t it look like a great ingredient? Well then, let’s follow the healthy hype and incorporate vitamin B5 into our daily diet regime.  

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