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Why Are Ginger and Honey Used to Relieve Throat Itch

Throat itch is quite irritating and could sometimes be an early symptom of allergies like hay fever. It also sometimes leads to sore throat, viral or bacterial infection. Fortunately, natural ingredients like honey and ginger are effective solutions for sore throat and throat itch. If you want to know what makes ginger and honey effective, read along.

Below we’ll help you understand the importance of ginger and honey in treating throat itch, cough, and sore throat. Also, in the end, you’ll find a reliable one-stop solution to all your throat issues. So, let’s get started.

What causes an itchy throat? 

Here are some causes of an itchy or irritated throat:

  • Side effects of medication.
  • Food allergies.
  • Hay fever (allergic rhinitis.)
  • Drug allergies.
  • Dehydration.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Infection (viral or bacterial.)

How can ginger help your sore or itchy throat?

Ginger or ginger root has been used in Indian culture for thousands of years as natural medicine. It comes with several bioactive compounds, which are phytonutrients known for supporting your overall health. The bioactive compounds ginger comes with are shogaols and gingerols

According to some studies, these compounds have anti-inflammatory properties. And these inflammatory properties help deal with several problems like an itchy and sore throat. Also, ginger comes with antimicrobial properties that help fight viral and bacterial infections, including the ones that may cause sore throat.

Furthermore, ginger is known to exhibit antioxidant properties. And antioxidants might help heal several conditions, including sore and itchy throat.

How can honey help your sore or itchy throat?

When it comes to the sore or itchy throat, honey can really help. It’s a natural remedy with antibacterial properties that help reduce inflammation. Honey is also useful for fighting viral infections and killing the infection-causing bacteria.

Furthermore, honey acts as a cough suppressant and eases your throat after consumption. You can mix the honey (two tablespoons) in a glass of warm water and consume several glasses each day for relief.

The best combination: Ginger and Honey 

According to a study, the antimicrobial properties in honey and ginger are enhanced when taken together. It means together, ginger and honey can be more effective against bacteria and viruses. The study observed the effects of honey and ginger on cavity-causing bacteria. 

Although the results were mixed, you can still say that the combination is better than taking them individually. Furthermore, honey mixed with ginger helps reduce the spicy flavor and makes it rather tasty and consumable.

You can combine honey and ginger for creating hot and cold beverages like honey + ginger tea or honey + ginger-lime juice etc.

How to take ginger and honey for itchy and sore throat and cough?

Here’s what you can consume:

  • Ginger root(raw)
  • Ginger Candy
  • Ginger powder
  • Ginger tea.
  • Raw or unprocessed honey mixed with warm water.

There’s another more powerful way of consuming honey + ginger for complete throat protection and cough: Melts Throat Relief from Wellbeing Nutrition.

What is  Melts Throat Relief?

Melts Throat Relief is your one-stop solution for congestion, cold, cough, sore, and itchy throat. Unlike ginger, Melts Throat Relief is tasty and super easy to consume. It comes in the form of a rectangular oral thin strip that dissolves as soon as you place it on your tongue.

This supplement has all the ingredients required for your throat and nasal wellbeing like:

  • Ginger
  • Manuka Honey
  • Clove
  • Curcumin
  • Licorice
  • Holy Basil
  • Sweet Violet
  • Mint (Pudina)

All of the above are natural ingredients offering you the below benefits:

  • Soothes your
  • Offers pain relief.
  • Clears nasal airways and provides relief from cold.
  • Deals with respiratory infections.
  • Offers immunity.
  • Clears chest congestion.

All in all, Melts Throat Relief is the best medicine for sore throat and cough.

Why choose Melts Throat Relief?

Ginger and honey offer excellent benefits, and there’s no doubt about it. But for complete relief from cough, sore and itchy throat, you need something more powerful. And this is where Melts Throat Relief comes into the picture.

Unlike other supplements, Melts Throat Relief is:

  • Clinically proven.
  • Sugar-free.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Vegan.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Gluten, soy, and nut-free.
  • Tasty.
  • Safe.
  • Easy to consume.
  • Highly effective.

So, if you want something safe, reliable, tasty, and a practical solution to cold, cough, congestion, and sore throat, get your pack of Melts Throat Relief now.

Wrapping Up

Ginger and honey have been used for centuries for treating several respiratory issues. And one such issue is sore/itchy throat. It’s mainly because of the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties both these ingredients exhibit.  

Although honey and ginger are effective, you need something more powerful and reliable for instant relief, like Melts Throat Relief from Wellbeing Nutrition. It’s effective, safe, tasty, and a plant-based solution offering better relief from sore throat and cough.

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