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Why Should You Buy and Stock Up on Grandma's Kadha for The Winter?

A Kadha is a common medicinal drink we Indians consume during the winter season. The usual ingredients include turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, etc. These ingredients help fight winter issues such as cold, low immunity, cough, and flu. It also works effectively to better manage the symptoms of different infections, even COVID-19.
However, to make a Kadha more effective, you need the right amount and type of ingredients that are hard to procure. This is when Grandma's Kadha comes in handy. What is Grandma's Kadha, and how is it better than your regular Kadha for winters? Well, read along to find out.
By the end, you'll understand why you need to buy Grandma's Kadha for this winter.
What is Grandma's Kadha?
You can think of Grandma's Kadha as your best companion for winters. It's an Ayurvedic herbal drink from Wellbeing Nutrition that offers the nutritive goodness of 13 unique adaptogenic herbs. Now, where can you get these many herbs in one place? Probably, nowhere else. And this is what makes Grandma's Kadha unique.

Let's learn what medicinal herbs Grandma's Kadha has and how those herbs benefit you during the winters:
●    Dry Ginger
Dry Ginger helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart diseases.  
●    Bharangi:
It has antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-tumor, and anti-asthmatic properties.
●    Echinacea:
Echinacea helps build your immune system.
●    Kulinjan:
It has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves abdominal pains.
●    Coriander:
Coriander helps balance cholesterol levels in your body.
●    Mulethi:
Mulethi has immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.
●    Turmeric:
Turmeric works against Alzheimer's, cancer, and heart diseases.
●    Amla:
Amla helps improve the immune system and also regulates blood sugar levels.

●    Tulsi:
Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and can help you control diabetes along with blood pressure.
●    Adulsa:
Adulsa helps treat breathing issues and blood pressure.
●    Kalmegh:
Kalmegh works to improve your digestion and reduce inflammation.
●    Black Pepper:
Black pepper acts as a good antioxidant.

●    Shankhapushpi:
Shankhapushpi boosts your brain, treats insomnia, regulates blood sugar, manages anxiety, tension, and even headaches.  
Now, all of the above medicinal herbs collectively can help you:
●    Relieve Symptoms of Cold
●    Treat Congestion and Sore Throat
●    Fight Flu Naturally
●    Relieve Stress because of its Apoptogenic Properties
●    Increase your Immunity
●    Enhance your Digestion
Basically, Grandma's Kadha helps your body fight infections, runny nose, body aches, and other winter-related illnesses. And all this takes place completely naturally with the help of those medicinal herbs.

How to consume Grandma's Kadha?

If you think Grandma's Kadha tastes bad because of the herbs, you're mistaken. It actually tastes very good. Grandma's Kadha comes in the form of water-soluble tablets. You need to dissolve one tablet at a time in a cup of hot water. Within a minute, you can get a warm, healthy, and time-tested drink ready for consumption. 

Is Grandma's Kadha Safe to Consume?

Grandma's Kadha is 100% organic and plant-based. It's free from gluten, sugar, allergies and is GMO and GMP certified. Also, Grandma's Kadha is clinically tested and vegan. So, yes, it's completely safe for anyone to consume.

Please Note:  Although Grandma's Kadha is completely safe, consulting your nutritionist is still recommended.

What's the recommended dosage for Grandma's Kadha?

●    For Adults or for those above 18: No more than 3/tablets a day are recommended.
●    For Children between 4-18 years: No more than 1/tablet a day is recommended.

What makes Grandma's Kadha unique and reliable?

You might wonder what makes Grandma's Kadha better than others. Well, it's an irreplaceable combination of 13 adaptogenic herbs that aren't available commonly. You cannot just visit your garden and catch hold of these herbs. A lot of time, research, and effort has been invested into creating this tested and tried remedy.
Also, Grandma's Kadha is known to offer instant relief against throat issues and cold. And this shows how effective the product is. Furthermore, it's safe, affordable, and has simply no side effects because of its organic nature.

These factors make Grandma's Kadha unique and more effective than other remedies. So, order a pack of multiple bottles of Grandma's Kadha and stock it up for winter.

Is Grandma's Kadha only for winters?

You can catch a cold, cough, and flu any time of the year, right? The winters just elevate the effects of these issues. So, although Grandma's Kadha is more important during the winters, it can be consumed all year long regardless of the season.

Wrapping Up

Grandma's Kadha is not just any bulk-made product. It's a well-researched premium product from Wellbeing Nutrition, which is known for its effective and safe health supplements. This product not only has unique herbs but is also safe to consume and quite effective too.

Additionally, Grandma's Kadha has helped and is helping thousands of Indians during winters and can help you too. So, order multiple packs of Grandma's Kadha now and enjoy cold, cough, flu, and congestion-free winters.


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