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Here’s A Great Supplement to Help With Your Gas and Acidity Woes

Gut is perhaps the most important part of your body. It is the ‘remote control’, which determines the proper functioning of the body. A problem in your gut will often manifest in different ways and gravely impact your body, such as bad skin health, disturbed mental health, poor immunity, extreme mood fluctuations, and the like. That is why it is essential that you have a sound gut health. Your gut is home to millions of microorganisms including bacteria, archaea and fungi, and they are referred to as the gut microbiome. For you to have a sound and balanced gut health, it is vital that you have a diverse and healthy gut microbiome. Any disruption in it, will cause severe gut health issues like gas, bloating, acidity, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, GERD, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) among other things.

There are many natural ways to restore the balance in your gut and digestive health such as eating more fibre-rich foods and probiotics, exercising regularly, drinking more water, managing stress, and avoiding taking antibiotics unnecessarily, among other things. However, there are many supplements available in the market that will not only help you balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut but also help keep all kinds of digestive issues at bay. That’s how Wellbeing Nutrition’s brand new product - oral thin strips called ‘Melts Healthy Gut’ -Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes comes into the picture!

What is Wellbeing Nutrition’s Melts for Healthy Gut?

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Melts for Healthy Gut are rapid mouth-dissolving oral thin strips that have been made of an all-natural formula containing bioactive ingredients combined with the advantages of advanced nanoscience and technology. These oral thin strips are designed to instantly dissolve in the mouth, the moment they come in contact with the tongue, all thanks to the patented German technology called the Unison Effect, a sophisticated sublingual delivery system. It is one of the best supplements for gas, acidity, and other digestive issues.

What Makes Melts Healthy Gut One Of The Best Solutions For All Your Gut Health Problems?

Did we just hear you ask how to reduce acidity? Well, the answer is Melts Healthy Gut. The best feature of this product is that it is available in the form of oral thin strips, which means that unlike most traditional tablets and capsules that need to be swallowed, they rapidly dissolve. By simply placing a strip on the surface of your tongue, the strip ‘melts’, and enters the bloodstream instantly, courtesy of the sublingual delivery technology - a pharmacological route of supplementation that they embody. The Unison Effect formula ensures that the gut is naturally nourished and the digestive function is well supported. This technology also ensures that the strips are incredibly quick to act and effective, making them 95% more bioavailable than traditional capsules, pills, or gummies.

The patented nano technology employed to make these oral thin strips uses essential plant-based ingredients and converts them into nanoparticles. Known to be 100 % organic, vegan, sugar-free and non-GMO, these strips are prepared using ingredients that have been selectively and carefully chosen from the finest, nutritious plants all over the world to provide you with the purest, and most potent nutrients. These strips contain zero preservatives and colours and are gluten and nut-free.

What Are The Ingredients Used To Make Melts Healthy Gut?

Let us look at the individual ingredients used to make each of these oral thin strips.

●    Bacillus Coagulans 10B CFU: A type of good bacteria, bacillus coagulans is a key probiotic that protects your gut from all kinds of infections, by restoring digestive balance and keeping all gut-related issues at bay. They are also resistant to gastric acid and heat, and are often used to enhance immunity and treat gastric issues like constipation and diarrhea.
●    Protease: This is an enzyme that breaks down protein into singular amino acids, which not only improves digestion but also ensures better nutrient absorption.
●    Digestive Enzyme Blend: These strips contain a plant-based enzyme blend that eases digestion. Research shows that plant-based enzyme supplements are more effective than animal-based enzyme supplements as they have the ability to withstand the stomach acids.
●    Bromelain: An essential enzyme extracted from pineapple, bromelain protects one against diarrhea-causing bacteria. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation and pain and keeps gut health issues like inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) at bay.
●    Papain: A proteolytic enzyme, (enzymes that break down protein), derived from papaya, papain helps improve digestion, by easing any digestive discomfort and keeping all kinds of gut issues at bay.
●    Apple Cider Vinegar: This vinegar boosts stomach acid levels and prevents all kinds of gut issues like gas, acidity, bloating, and heartburn, among other things. It has anti-inflammatory potential that reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and counters the effects of acid reflux.

Final Takeaway:

Melts Healthy Gut is a pack of 30 oral thin strips, which promises to improve your digestion, prevent gas, acidity and bloating, boost immune system and enhance metabolism. Not only are these strips extremely effective, they also come in delicious mixed berry blast flavour. So if you are troubled with gastrointestinal issues like gas and acidity, give Melts Healthy Gut a try! Much like any other supplement, a daily dose of one rapid-dissolving oral thin strip for 6-8 weeks, will give visible results.


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