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Probiotics and Overall Wellbeing: What's the Relation?

Probiotics are known to benefit your gut and improve overall digestive health. But do probiotics impact your overall wellbeing? If yes, how? The answer to these questions and a lot more on probiotics in the blog below.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms found in the human body, mostly in your gut. They help in digestion and nutrient absorption when consumed in proper doses. Fermented foods and milk products like kefir and yogurt are good sources of these living microbes.

How do Probiotics Impact Your Overall Wellbeing?

Weighing in around 100 trillion cells – inside and out – your body is a veritable zoo of bacteria. Good bacteria have a job to do, just like you or anyone else. They fight off harmful bacteria in your body and keep them in balance.

When your body is out of balance, it can lead to headaches, diarrhea, fatigue etc. However, probiotics can help restore the balance within your body and make you feel better. The three main jobs of probiotics are to balance your stomach, colon, and digestive tract.

Probiotics are live organisms that interact with other bacteria in your microbiome. These interactions can either promote the growth of good bacteria or/and hinder the growth of harmful ones. Probiotics also create compounds that help our immune system to work better by reducing inflammation and alleviating leaky gut.

So, this is how probiotics impact your overall wellbeing in a positive manner.

Benefits of Adding Probiotics to Your Diet
Probiotics are known to offer the below benefits:

  • Improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms.
  • Help Prevent Diarrhea Brought on by Infections or Drugs.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Reduce Allergic Reactions and inflammation.
  • Help improve Digestion by balancing friendly bacteria in your gut.
  • Might Improve Certain Mental Health Conditions.
  • Specific Strains Could Improve your Heart Health.
  • Might Promote Skin Health, Fight Dandruff and Hair loss, and Improve concentration.

Probiotics are also known to deal with constipation. For instance, in a search for papers on the effects of probiotics in the treatment of constipation, researchers discovered that probiotics delayed "gut transit time" by 12.4 hours, increased weekly bowel movements by 1.3, and softened stools, making them easier to pass.

Now that you know how probiotics impact your overall wellbeing let's find out how you can include them in your diet to experience the benefits stated above.

Probiotic Supplements to Try!

Not every probiotic product out in the market is reliable. Fortunately, we've gathered two of the most effective and reliable probiotic products just for you:

Probiotic + Prebiotic

Probiotic + Prebiotic from Wellbeing Nutrition brings you a blend (clinically approved) of six active probiotic cultures: 18B CHU, along with organic prebiotic fiber (food for the good bacteria). By consuming this supplement, you can:

  • Deal with Indigestion
  • Reduce Acidity
  • Neutralize Toxins
  • Manage Gas and Bloating
  • Handle Constipation

Additionally, Probiotic + Prebiotic is easy to consume. Just drop one tablet of Probiotic + Prebiotic in a glass of water and wait for it to dissolve. And within seconds, you have a healthy and mint & green apple-flavoured drink ready to be gulped.

Melts Healthy Gut

Melts Healthy Gut comes with Bacillus Coagulans (a probiotic bacteria) along with apple cider vinegar, bromelain, protease, digestive enzymes that benefit your gut. Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Better Digestion
  • Good Gut Health
  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Reduced Gas and IBS Symptoms

With Melts Healthy Gut oral strips, you get 1 billion good bacteria delivered to your gut almost instantly.
Just pop in an oral strip and place it on your tongue after your meals and allow it to dissolve! Now no more pills, no more worrying about probiotic drinks because of Melts.

A healthy gut is here to save the day. It's natural, convenient, and healthy!

Both supplements mentioned above are clinically-tested, free from side effects, and are completely safe for consumption. So order Melts Healthy Gut and Probiotic + Prebiotic now and experience a happy gut, stomach, colon, Digestion, and immunity.

However, if you're suffering from an existing digestive condition or have some sort of allergy, it's better to consult with a professional/doctor before consuming any probiotic supplement. Although there isn't any risk related to consuming probiotics, it can still be harmful if you have a preexisting condition.

Wrapping Up

Probiotics or good bacteria can do wonders for your body. After all, they impact your colon, stomach, digestive system, and your immune system in a positive manner. So, make sure to include a probiotic supplement in your daily routine and experience the benefits. But make sure to choose the ones mentioned above (Melts Healthy Gut and Probiotic + Prebiotic) to experience zero side effects and 100% benefits.

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