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Here's What Causes Hair Loss and How You Can Deal With it

Hair Loss: These two words are good enough to surge your stress levels. After all, no one male or female, young or old, wants to lose hair. But do you know why it happens? If you don't but are curious to find out, you've come to the right place.
Here we'll discuss some possible causes of hair loss. Also, you'll find some effective ways to deal with the same. In addition, we'll mention a reliable health supplement to help ensure overall hair health. So, read along to know more!

What Causes Hair Loss?

Losing 10-100 hair is considered normal. After all, such a loss looks negligible with over 100,000 hair strands on your head alone. Also, most of the time, the lost hair is replaced by fresh ones.

However, there could be several causes of hair loss. And one of the main causes is hereditary female or male pattern baldness. It simply means if you have a family history of hair loss or baldness, you'll have that too.
Temporary hair Loss is caused by:
●    Menopause
●    Pregnancy
●    Childbirth   
Medical conditions that might lead to hair loss:
●    Thyroid
●    Scalp issues such as ringworm
●    Alopecia areata
Certain medications/methods used for treating some medical conditions can also lead to hair loss. Here are those conditions:
●    Heart issues
●    Depression
●    Arthritis
●    Cancer
●    High blood pressure
Sometimes even an emotional or physical shock can lead to hair loss. Here are some examples:
●    High fever
●    Extreme loss of weight
●    Sudden death in family

How can you deal with hair loss?

Here are some of the best ways to deal with hair loss

1.    Find the Cause

The first thing that you should do is find the causes of hair loss. It's because if the hair loss is hereditary, even major diet changes won't help you. So, connect with a dermatologist in case of hair loss. Find the cause and then work on the treatment. 

2.    Apply Coconut Oil

Sometimes, due to shampoo or improper hair care, you can end up with damaged hair. And in such a case, you can use coconut oil. Coconut oil, as per research, reduces protein loss in both damaged and healthy hair. So, you can apply it to your hair for better hair health.

3.    Scalp Massage

A daily 4-minute scalp massage in 9 men helped stimulate hair growth. And, this study is quite reliable. However, still, more study/research is required to prove that scalp massage helps improve hair loss.

4.    Medications for Hair Loss

There are lots of medications you can use for hair loss. An example is minoxidil used to treat alopecia in men and women. However, it is always recommended to talk to an expert before taking any medication.

5.    Use Onion juice or Onion-based Hair Oil

Onion juice/oil has become a common treatment for hair loss. Also, several people suffering from hair loss or alopecia have reported promising results after applying hair oil. So, you can use this too.

6.    Multivitamin Supplements

In several causes, loss of essential vitamins and minerals leads to hair loss. So, consuming multivitamin supplements can help. Here are some vitamins or minerals capable of preventing hair loss:

●    Zinc
●    Folic Acid
●    Selenium
●    Vitamin B
●    Vitamin D
●    Iron
●    Vitamin C
●    Vitamin A
●    Vitamin E
Which supplement can you rely on? Well, you can find several multivitamin supplements in the market. However, not all are reliable. But we know the one that is: Healthy Hair Melts.

What is Healthy Hair Melts?

Melts Healthy Hair is a reliable supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. This supplement is meant specifically to nourish your hair which is why it's worth mentioning. Here are the ingredients that make it special:
●    Natural Biotin: Reduces hair fall and promotes healthy hair.
●    Fo-Ti Extract: Enhances hair growth and improves the number of hair follicles.
●    Bamboo Extract: It helps restore elasticity and powers your hair follicles.
●    Saw Palmetto: Inhibits hair loss and damage-causing hormones.
●    Folic Acid: Promotes hair growth.
●    Zinc: Helps repair your hair tissue and also keeps your hair follicles healthy.
●    Piperine: It offers your hair a natural shine.
Overall, these ingredients can help you achieve:
●    Strong and healthy hair
●    A healthy scalp
●    Reduced hair fall
●    Nourished follicles
●    Improved hair growth
●    Fewer greys
You can experience the above benefits just by placing a nano oral strip of Melts healthy Hair on your tongue. The strip dissolves on your tongue within seconds, leaving no aftertaste. Also, the supplement is plant-based, vegan, comes with zero sugar, soy, preservatives, and is clinically proven.
So, if you need better overall hair health, get your pack of Healthy Hair Melts now.

Wrapping Up

Hair loss can be quite traumatizing. However, in the majority of the cases, it can be treated. And in severe cases, a hair transplant is always an option.

But if you're losing hair because of a poor diet or improper hair care, multivitamin supplements can be your best friends. Healthy hair Melts being an example. You can purchase this supplement and bid adieu to hair loss.


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