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The Perfect Duo to Take Care of Your Hair and Sleep!

Every beauty enthusiast out there knows the importance of getting proper sleep. Everyone thinks about skin care as a part of their bed-time routine, but most people still seem to forget about their hair health when calling it a night. Good sleep goes a long way in helping your hair grow. Research shows how a good and restorative sleep plays a vital role in the synthesis of hair protein and the release of growth hormones and enzymes, which are necessary for your hair’s health. Additionally, they also tend to neglect some sleeping habits that can harm your hair shafts and roots. So, here’s what you need to do to restore your lovely locks while ensuring you get your much needed beauty sleep.

Night Time Ritual 101 

Let us discuss a few ways in which you can look after your mane and also ensure getting a sound sleep through the night.

Avoid Sleeping with Wet Hair 

Always give your hair a buffer period – say one or two hours to dry it before you hit the sack. This will ensure you have a good night’s sleep whilst also avoiding waking up to frizzy and tangled hair. If in a hurry, you can also use your hair-dryer, but remember to use it at the lowest temperature to avoid any damage from the heat.

Change Your Pillowcase Now & Then 

If you are thinking of upgrading your bed linen, then you might want to pamper yourself with a premium-quality silk or satin one. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it. Silk material is far gentler than the coarse cotton material that pulls on your hair and causes friction, whereas the former allows your hair to glide without ruining the ends. Besides, just imagine how well you will sleep at night when you use a silk pillowcase over your regular cotton one!

Brush Your Hair Before You Hit the Sack 

For optimum hair care, brush your hair from the roots to the ends to leave them tangle-free and wake up with maximum nutrition for your hair. Doing so will help distribute your scalp’s natural oils throughout the rest of your locks and make them look shinier and smoother. Brushing your hair gently will also serve as a nice scalp massage before you hit the sack and that will surely help you sleep better.

Use a Sleeping Cap or a Head Scarf 

Tying your hair in a rubber band is an absolute no-no. This will only lead to a possible headache and stress more on your scalp, causing discomfort to your hair. Instead, wrap your hair in a soft sleep cap or a silk scarf. This is helpful for those who suffer from hair loss as this method will prevent you from unconsciously pulling on your hair. Nevertheless, you’ll finally be able to say ta-ta to frizzy hair in the morning.

Say No to Elastic Bands and Yes to Scrunchies 

Those fashionable scrunchies are back in style. They should be your go-to choice for pulling back your hair at night. Unlike elastic bands, scrunchies don’t put stress on your hair shaft and roots, helping you sleep better without pulling your hair. No hair pull equals to a no-hindrance sleep too!

Massage Your Scalp 

Several people focus only on  looking after their hair, while ignoring their scalp completely. That’s why it is imperative to give your scalp the nutrition it needs. For this, you could end your night-time regime with a brief scalp massage to stimulate circulation of the blood. This will not only ensure you get a good night’s sleep but will also take care of your beautiful tresses!


One needs to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep, whilst waking up to strong , voluminous hair with zero breakage. Wellbeing Nutrition will help you do that with its perfect duo - Beauty Sleep & Healthy Hair Pack. This combo pack includes Melts Healthy Hair along with Melts Restful Sleep ensuring that you do not lose your hair over sleep anymore!

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Healthy Hair Melts is formulated using a natural form of Biotin. It works wonders on your hair’s keratin structure. With ingredients such as fo-ti extract, saw palmetto, zinc, and bamboo extract, it improves the overall health of your hair and scalp.

On the other hand, Wellbeing Nutrition’s Restful Sleep Melts has been enriched with plant-based melatonin to aid the natural process of your body clock to automatically go into snooze mode. It also contains Asian rice, Alfalfa, the roots and leaves of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, along with other nutrients like passion flower, chamomile, valerian root, vitamin B-6, and L-Theanine. These ingredients support the body in being more responsive to melatonin, the sleep hormone.

So now you can get your circadian rhythm on track along with strong, luscious hair with zero breakage, courtesy of our combo pack - Beauty Sleep & Healthy Hair Pack! So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one now!


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