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8 Essential Nutrients to Boost a Child's Overall Wellbeing

Are your kids getting sufficient nutrients( vitamins and minerals) for their overall wellbeing? Well, it depends on their daily diet. While most kids get all their nutrients from the food they consume, there are some who are picky when it comes to eating. These kids can be at a risk of vitamin or mineral deficiency.
Also, some kids suffer from poor nutrient absorption, wherein their body isn't able to extract the required nutrients from food. This is when nutrient supplements come into the picture. Supplements that are specifically manufactured for kids can help your kid get all the nutrients they need.
But which are the nutrients that are essential to help your kid achieve their overall wellbeing? Well, this is what we'll talk about in this article. Also, we'll speak at length about India’s first completely organic and easy-to-consume vitamins for kids: Disney Melts.

What Nutrients are Essential to Boost Your Child's Overall Wellbeing?

 Here are some of the essential nutrients that play a vital role in ensuring your child’s overall wellbeing.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity and enables your kid's body to fight infections. Also, vitamin C is essential for enabling your child's proper growth and development.

Vitamin D3
We all know that vitamin D helps with bone growth and calcium homeostasis. However, it also helps improve mental health, life expectancy, and one’s innate immunity.
Vitamin K2 helps regulate and optimize calcium in your kid's body. This helps prevent any health issues that might arise due to excessive calcium intake.

Iodine deficiency in 5-year-old kids and younger might impact mental development negatively. So, make sure that your kid consumes the required iodine each day.

As you may know, iron is essential for both adults and kids. It's essential for the development of tissues in a young kid's developing body.
According to the WHO, zinc plays a crucial role in metabolism, cell growth, and differentiation. And its deficiency can lead to reduced resistance to infections.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps the blood flow freely and also boosts the immune system in both kids and adults.

Vitamin A
According to several studies, Vitamin A supplementation can help reduce mortality and morbidity in children.
These are some essential nutrients your kid needs for overall development. Let's now learn about some amazing supplements that can help your kids include these nutrients in their daily routine.

How to Include the Above Essential Nutrients in your Kid's Diet?

Below you'll find the best nutrient supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition with attractive packaging featuring several Disney and Marvel stars such as the Hulk, Captain America, The Black Panther, Frozen Princess, and more. You can choose whatever your kid loves the most.

Melts into Multivitamins: Marvel Captain America Edition

This supplement comes with:
Vitamin A
B Vitamins
Vitamin C and Zinc
Vitamin D3 + K2

And all these nutrients help:

Improve immunity
Enhance metabolism
Boost cognition
Increase memory
Support growth and development 

Melts into Multivitamins: Disney Frozen Edition

This supplement comes with:
Bacillus coagulans (5 BCFU)
Lactobacillus acidophilus (2 BCFU)
Prebiotic fibre
Natural vitamin C
Vegan vitamin D3

And all these nutrients help: 

Boost appetite
Enhance immunity
Improve digestion
Boost metabolism
Reduce inflammation

Melts into Advanced Immunity: Marvel Black Panther Edition

This supplement comes with:
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C + zinc
Wellmune® (yeast beta-glucan)

And all these nutrients help: 

Improve immunity
Enhance gut health
Improve energy levels
Promote bone strength
Prevent infections
Detoxify the body 

Melts into Natural B12 + D3: Disney Frozen Princess Edition

This supplement comes with:
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Vitamin K2
And all these nutrients help:
Promote muscle strength
Enhance cognition
Improve nerve function
Reduce fatigue
Promote heart health 

Melts® Disney Frozen Omega Edition

This supplement comes with:
Vegan omega 3 fatty acids (Natural EPA and Natural DHA)
Natural alpha GPC
Vitamin E

And all these nutrients help:          

Enhance brain health
Boost memory and retention
Improve cognition
Promote bone strength
Prevent digital eye strain
Regulate mood 

Why choose the above supplements?

Here's why:
Disney Melts are FDA-registered, and GMP-certified.
Disney Melts are clinically tested and exhibit absolutely no side effects.
Disney Melts are in the form of thin oral strips that are easy to consume. The kid needs to place a strip on their tongue and let it dissolve. And that's it.
Unlike gummy candies, you won’t have to worry about overuse and cavities or tooth decay.
Disney Melts are Indian's first completely organic and easy to consume vitamins for kids.
Please Note. This supplement is strictly meant for kids of 6 years of age or above. Also, one strip per day after the meal is the recommended dosage. Make sure to never exceed it.

 Wrapping Up

Ignoring your kid's nutrient needs in childhood can lead to adverse effects in adulthood. So, make sure to contact your pediatrician and find what vitamins or minerals your kid needs. And based on that, you can purchase the above Disney Melts supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition.


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