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Why Should Parents Choose Wellbeing Nutrition's Disney & Marvel Melts for Their Kids?

As a parent, it's your responsibility to ensure that your kid gets all the nutrients you need. However, it can be challenging, especially if you and your counterpart work full-time. Here's the solution: Wellbeing Nutrition's Frozen Disney & Disney Marvel Melts. What are Wellbeing Nutrition's Disney & Marvel Melts, and how can they help? Well, read along to find out.

What are Wellbeing Nutrition's Frozen Disney and Disney Marvel Melts?

Disney Frozen and Disney Marvel Melts for kids are two impeccable ranges of supplements crafted by Wellbeing Nutrition to meet kids' nutrition needs. These supplements come with almost every nutrient your kid requires to grow into a healthy adult.

Why Should You Choose Disney Frozen and Disney Marvel Melts?

Here why:

1. Disney Frozen and Disney Marvel Melts can Help Meet Nutrient Needs
The supplements that fall under the above range offer all the nutrients your kid needs.
For instance, the Disney Marvel edition comes with:

  • Marvel Natural B12 + D3: Featuring Iron Man: This supplement comes with vitamins B12, D3, K2, and folate and helps your child improve cognition, heart health, and bone and muscle strength.

  • Marvel Multivitamins: Featuring Captain America: It comes with 16 vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, etc., that help improves immunity, boost cognition and promote growth.

  • Marvel Mighty Omega: Featuring the Hulk: It comes with natural omega 3 along with lutein and vitamin E to help your little one improve their bone health, cognition, memory, and retention.

  • Marvel Active Probiotic: Featuring the Thor: It comes with good probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fibers to help your kid improve digestion, enhance immunity, and boost metabolism.

  • Marvel Advanced Immunity: Featuring the Black Panther: It comes with beta-glucans, vitamin C and zinc and helps your child enhance energy, bone strength, immunity, gut health, and prevent infections.

  • The Disney Frozen edition is meant specifically for your princess and features Disney Frozen characters, as the name suggests. Here is what it comes with:

  • Disney Frozen Multivitamins: Featuring Elsa and Anna: It can help your princess get her daily dose of vitamins & minerals, including iron and zinc.

  • Disney Frozen Natural B12 + D3: Featuring Elsa: This supplement is to protect your girl from B12 and D3 deficiency and enhance her cognition.

  • Disney Frozen Omega: Featuring Anna: Your baby girl can get her omega-three fatty acids from this supplement and experience better brain health, cognition, memory, and retention.

  • Disney Frozen Probiotic: Featuring Olaf: It is to help your girl improve digestion and take care of her little gut.

2. Attractive Packaging
The Marvel Melts feature Marvel characters such as the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, etc., while the Disney Frozen features Frozen characters such as Elsa, Olaf, and Anna. This attractive packing will make sure that your kids ask upfront for their daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

3. Easy to Consume
When it comes to natural supplements, they come in the form of tablets or capsules. And this makes it hard for kids to consume. You may find some gummy bear supplements, too, but they're quite addictive and bad for your kid's teeth. However, Disney Frozen and Disney Melts solve this problem.

The Disney Frozen and Marvel Melts exist in the form of nano oral strips and are based on a unique sublingual delivery mechanism. In this mechanism, you just have to place the tiny strip on your child's tongue and wait. Within a few seconds, the strip will dissolve without any water or swallowing.

Also, the nano strips are not addictive at all and cause no harm to your kid's tooth. Now, how can you beat that?

4. Act Instantly
Unlike other natural supplements for kids that take hours to show effect, Disney and Marvel Melts act fast using the unison effect formula. With this formula, your kid can experience amazing benefits almost instantly.

5. Safer Than you Think
Every supplement in the Disney and Marvel Melts range is free from allergens, preservatives, soy, gluten, or nuts. Also, they're vegan and clinically-proven to offer the benefits. What's more, these supplements have no allergens and are completely safe for kids who're six years or older.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your kids' nutrition needs is now easy with the help of Disney and Marvel Melts from Wellbeing Nutrition. Whether you're looking for immunity boosters, brain boosters, or anything else, just scroll through our range of natural supplements for kids and order whatever you like. Also, make sure that your kid takes one strip a day after meals regularly to experience the true benefits.


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