The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak can be stressful for us. As we get farther along into this quarantine, we may be feeling distressed, anxious, impatient, bored, tired, uninterested, restless, and more – and not sure how to sort these emotions all out.

Remember, we are all struggling with the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and learning our new way of life. But to take it on a positive note, utilize this quarantine time for self-love and care. Boost your physical, mental and emotional wellness by practicing self-care. It is essentially supporting your own physical, health and emotional needs and can overall improve your health and wellness and, in turn, allow you to better care for those around you.

Here are 5 ways to start self- care while you are social distancing:

1. Quality Me Time

Prioritize yourself by making sure to dedicate at least 1 hour every day to treating and healing your mind and body or you can say self-pampering. Whether it could be massage, reading your favourite book or listening to your favourite music. You can indulge yourself in your favourite hobby too like painting, handmade crafts, cooking, gardening, etc. You can also try to learn new skills with the help of your family members or YouTube, etc. Make sure to carve out these 60 minutes, where you are doing something special, just for you.

2. Physical Activity

Just like nutrition, physical activity or exercise is a natural energy-booster and stress-reliever but often falls to the wayside in our hectic lifestyle. It is not just imperative for our health, but also a great opportunity to prioritize self-love and care and something that is good for you. Although during quarantine, gyms are closed, still we can take advantage of the great outdoors and so many online resources like free online workouts videos, etc. Schedule it into your calendar each day so that you don’t miss a day.

3. Nutrition

We always struggle to keep nutrition on point. From vacation, parties to family get together, it seems like the temptations are everywhere. But since at this quarantine time external factors cannot bother you,. you can actually utilise this time eating wholesome nutritious foods. Try focussing on greens veggies and fruits which you always tend to ignore in your busy schedule. Making space on your plate for colourful fruit and green vegetables, means you are making space for vitamins and nutrients. Also, a nutritious diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases and helps our bodies and brains function at their best level.

Try new recipes with these superfoods. Of course, you can indulge occasionally. keep some of our ‘DAILY-GREENS’ on hand. This way you can still indulge occasionally while ensuring you are getting the nutrients you need. Add some of our ‘DAILY-GREENS’ into a small glass of water, shakes or smoothie. Or you can make Green popsicles by freezing it.

4. Yoga or Meditation

It is truly an exceptional way to reduce stress, relax your mind and body and bring clarity. You can take the help of apps, videos or books where they guided meditation. Initially start with 5-10 minutes a day and gradually work your way up.

5. Quality Time with Family (without Screens)

This self-quarantine time is the best time to spend your quality time with family, but we are always distracted watching TV or checking Facebook or texting. Finding a connection with your partner, children, and even pets can help you feel stronger and less isolated in quarantine and in normal, daily life. Restricting your screen time, talk to your spouse, help in house chores, play with your children or simply cherish old memories!


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