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4 skin problems that are common during winters and how you can deal with them

Winters can be exciting and fun but also very challenging. Especially for our beloved skin! From dry skin and chapped lips to more severe cases of ringworms, the list can be excruciatingly troublesome and itchy (quite literally!). Here are some of the common skin problems people face in winter.  

  1. Chapped lips

Familiar to everyone, chapped lips are dry and flaky skin of lips. Aside from dry and cold weather, allergic exposure, dehydration, and deficiency of vitamins B, C, zinc, and iron causes chapped skin or lips. Allergic reactions in the body also cause a string of metabolic changes, which cause chapped lips.  


The factors mentioned above also cause skin problems like ringworms, eczema, chilblains, cold urticaria, etc. Dehydration and vitamin deficiency are the main culprits for winter rashes. Most of these skin problems worsen during winters due to cold temperatures and low humidity, wreaking havoc on the skin.  

  1. Cold Urticaria 

Cold urticaria is the formation of small localized lumps on the skin, often accompanied by redness and itching, in response to cold weather. It is a common skin problem in winter, usually allergic. The cause of Cold Urticaria includes immune molecules such as antibodies, specifically IgE. Like any other skin problem, it is communicable, and proper sanitation and cleanliness are essential.  


  1. Chilblains 

Idiopathic chilblains are localized inflammation caused in cold but not chilling weather. It is still a poorly recognized skin problem. However, as naturally as it occurs, it spontaneously treats itself. The target parts of this condition are fingers and toes. Yes, that’s right! The extremities. Hence, proper protection and coverage of fingers and toes is critical.  


  1. Windburns 

The burning sensation on the skin of the face, paired with dryness? You guys are probably nodding your heads in agreement! Yes, windburns. The very skin problem clinging to us right from the moment winter begins! The issue revolves around dry and damaged face skin and other exposed parts. The cold and dry air causes blood vessel dilation, resulting in redness and rashes due to skin irritation.  



How do you manage skin problems?  

In all these skin problems, dehydration plays a key role. Some unintentionally forgetful leave water untouched, while others, boldly against frequent bathroom escapades, embrace dehydration. Add to that vitamin deficiency, and we have a perfect recipe for skin defects. Restoring the hydration levels of the body is crucial.  

  1. Skin Fuel Effervescent tablet


A celebrated product of Wellbeing Nutrition, it is a potent elixir composed of bioactive Japanese collagen, hyaluronic acid, L-Glutathione, and multivitamin formula. It also boosts the natural collagen levels of the body. A 90% absorption rate provides a productive and tasty experience!  


What does it offer?  

  • Skin elasticity & firming  
  • Reduced fine lines & wrinkles  
  • Skin hydration & reduced acne  
  • Radiant & glowing skin  
  1. Collagen Peptides

Collagen is like the VIP of skin care supplements because it plays a central role in addressing skin issues. Hence, we offer a detailed range of collagen powders suitable for various skin concerns.  

What does it offer? 

  • Skin radiance and hydration  
  • Anti-ageing  
  • Fine line reduction  
  • Stronger nails, healthy skin & hair  
  • Enhanced bone & joint health   
  1. Vitamin C Products 

Vitamin C is a significant plus for skin health. It helps synthesize natural collagen in dermal tissues, prevents UV damage, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. We have many vitamin C products, as it is our skin’s official caretaker. The range includes:  

  • Organic Vitamin C + Zinc effervescent tablets  
  • ACV with Amla and Turmeric  
  • Daily Greens effervescent tablets and many more products.  


What does it offer?  

  • Skin elasticity & radiance  
  • UV photo-protection  
  • Enhanced collagen synthesis  
  • Reduced fine lines & wrinkles  
  1. Zinc Supplements

Zinc is essential as a co-factor for metabolic cycles. It is the multitasking body member, simultaneously steering collagen synthesis, skin rejuvenation, and hydration. Along with vitamins, it functions as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals.  

Organic Vitamin C + Zinc effervescent tablets and Beauty Pack combo are the go-to solutions for skin problems.  

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What does it offer?  

  • Free radical scavenging 
  • Anti-ageing  
  • Collagen synthesis  
  • Bright skin  

Other factors affecting skin:  

UV Damage, dehydration, and pollution are some factors causing dryness and flaky skin problems. Excessive use of chemical and cosmetic products damages the sensitive skin tissues.  

Common solutions:  

  • Water: Drinking plenty of water regularly provides skin hydration.  
  • Moisturizer: Applying a suitable moisturizer to your skin protects it from outer damage and improves dermal tissues from within.  
  • Microfiber towels: Microfiber is gentle to the skin and is especially suitable for preventing winter rashes.  
  • Proper covering of extremities during cold weather: Fingers and toes should be adequately covered and kept warm to prevent chilblains and numbness.  
  • Apart from the products mentioned above, many products on the website are specially designed for skin problem solutions.  

 Wrapping Up! 

Winters are just as promising as punishing. Proper hygiene and diet measures are necessary to enjoy your winter holidays. Don’t forget that delicious cup of hot chocolate, guys! We understand how precious your skin is to you, and Wellbeing Nutrition is here at every step to help you support your skin care.  










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