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Welcome to Wellbeing Nutrition! Help us with a few details and we’ll fizz up a fresh, organic, and delicious world for you.

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Our founder’s story.

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I am an entrepreneur on-the-go, a nomad at heart, and a conscious nutritionist with a clear focus on feeding my body better. When supplements on the shelf could do no more, I went in search of solutions. I started my research at the John Hopkins University to build what I believed would be the next frontier in daily nutrition.

This journey took me all over the world from the green grasslands of Europe and fertile vegetable fields of Kansas (USA) to herb plantations of Bulgaria and fruit orchards of Maine. This is when I discovered the importance of smart nutrition, and how it transformed my health, immunity and skin. It was only natural then for me to create effective solutions to bring back to India.

Wellbeing Nutrition was my way to help people prioritise their nutrition no matter how hectic their lives become. It’s one step on a very important journey.

Celebrating health.

Happiness is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we put in our heart and soul into creating organic whole food nutrition that makes you feel good. Simply put, we make health easy, convenient, and delicious, so you can be your best self, always.

 wellbeing Celebrating health
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Smart nutrition for a happier you.

Wellbeing Nutrition is built by real people. Real nutrition experts who are passionate about all things food. From herbs and greens to fruits and adaptogens. They bring together pure ingredients and future-ready science to create powerful combinations of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Our groundbreaking nutrition products are designed to make a difference to your life. For a healthier, happier you.

Simply, keeping it real.

When it comes to our nutrition products, we don’t cut corners. We like to keep it honest and authentic.

Everything we say is in our product, is all there is to it. It’s preserved without preservatives. No colours. No fillers. No synthetics. No chemicals. Nothing bad.

 wellbeing Celebrating health
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