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Welcome to Wellbeing Nutrition! Help us with a few details and we’ll fizz up a fresh, organic, and delicious world for you.

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Future of clean
and pure nutrition.
metabolism booster
Busy schedules, long days and eating on-the-go makes it difficult to keep up with your daily dose of nutrition. Our range of whole food supplements fill up the gaps in your diet, helping you become the best version of yourself.
spirulina capsules
45% Indians find it difficult to swallow tablets. Our effervescent supplements are here to save the day with quick and easy alternatives.
vegetable juice
Developed by scientists and naturopaths at John Hopkins University, our tabs contain only premium and organic ingredients. We’ve spent over 3 years researching and harvesting nutrition from whole foods, preserving them without preservatives - leaving you with nutrition at its purest.
The fuss about fizz.
More Hydration
With every effervescent tab you take, you naturally drink a full glass of water and keep yourself hydrated. Not to forget, an easy and effective solution if you’re often dehydrated or ill.
More Delicious
Gone are the days of cringing at the taste of medicines. Our effervescent tabs are all about good taste. Not to forget, a healthy alternative to sugary drinks when hit with sudden sweet cravings.
More Convenient
Effervescent tabs are designed to dissolve in any liquid. They are easy to carry, measure, make and drink. All you have to do is drop them in and the tab will take care of the rest.
More Bioavailable
Effervescent tabs are 100% bioavailable, almost double that of synthetic pills. Simply put, the tabs dissolve completely and uniformly, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients to their full potential.
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