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Oral Thin Strips for Essential Vitamins

Natural Vitamin D3

India's First 100% Plant Based Vegan D3 (From Lichen) meets K2 (From Chickpeas) to counter deficiencies, promote stronger bones and boost immunity.

Improve Immunity Improve Immunity
Promote Bone Strength Promote Bone Strength
Provide Energy Provide Energy
Support Heart Health Support Heart Health
Uplift Mood Uplift Mood
Prevent Deficiencies Prevent Deficiencies
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30 strips per pack
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  • How to consume?
    Place a melts®️ strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.
  • When to consume?
    You can take a strip post breakfast.

Good morning, sunshine!

  • Are deficient in Vitamin D3

  • Want stronger bones and teeth

  • Feel anxious, low or depressed very often

  • Fall sick frequently

  • Feel tired after doing the bare minimum

Small Strip. Big Benefits.

Tasty. Healthy.<br/>Revolutionary.
Tasty. Healthy.<br/>Revolutionary.

Tasty. Healthy.

Get all the benefits of Vitamin Sun with
natural ingredients that work in synergy


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 </br>(Vitashine™)

Natural Vitamin K2

Natural Vitamin K2<br/> (MK-7)

Vitamin A

Vitamin A
Osaka, Japan


See all 4 Ingredientsless

The Unison Effect

Advanced Nano Science

100% Natural Plant Based Extracts

melts® patented nano technology extracts essential plant based ingredients and converts them into tiny molecules - aka nanoparticles

Micronized Nanoparticles

Packed with bioactive ingredients, a precise dose of nanoparticles are integrated into our oral thin strips.

Advanced Nano Science

melts® Oral Strips

Designed to dissolve on your tongue, active ingredients are directly released into the bloodstream for instant action.

Directly enters the bloodstream

Unlike a pill or a gummy, melts® never reaches your gut. None of the formulation disintegrates due to your stomach acid or digestive enzymes.

Advanced Nano Science

Formula Integrity

The formulations are 95% more bioavailable than traditional solutions making it possible to administer a precise dose of therapeutics.

Works in Synergy

Every ingredient in melts® interacts in synergy to have a reciprocal reaction hence increasing the efficacy of the entire formulation.

Have questions?
We’ve got the answers!

  • Do I need water to take melts?
    No. Each melts®️ variant has been made using German Nano Technology. These thin oral strips are delivered sublingually (i.e., they literally melt on your tongue) and can be consumed anytime, anywhere, without water.
  • I have difficulty swallowing pills and syrups. Will that be a problem?
    We created melts®️ to avoid any such concerns. There are no swallowing difficulties as each strip directly melts in your mouth.
  • How many strips are there in 1 pack? How long would a pack last me?
    Each box contains 30 oral strips. Consume one strip a day, and it will last you 30 days. A whole month’s supply!
  • How long do I need to continue taking melts®️ to see results?
    Just like all nutritional and dietary supplements, melts®️ oral strips should be taken for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to see visible results.
  • Are there any side-effects of prolonged consumption?
    Absolutely not. All our products are US FDA approved and 100% Plant Based, making it totally safe to consume for as long as you like.
  • Do I need a prescription to consume melts®️?
    No, you do not need any prescription to consume any of the melts®️ products. However, if you are pregnant or a lactating mother, please consult your doctor before consumption of any dietary supplements or prenatal vitamins.
  • How do I use melts®️ strips?
    Slide the tin up, peel open the pouch, pull out an all-natural melts®️ strip and place it on your tongue. Enjoy the tasty flavor as it melts into your bloodstream and delivers just the right amount of organic nutrition your body needs!
  • What is Vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D3 offers many health benefits to the human body. It is known to help improve muscle and bone strength, boost your immunity, improved mood, aid in weight loss, and improve heart function. Melts®️ Natural Vitamin D3 is the world’s first Vegan D3, since it’s made with Vitashine – world's only Vegan Society & Vegetarian Society registered plant-source Vitamin D3 ingredient. We worked with Independent expert laboratories including Stirling University (world renowned experts in lipid analysis) to validate our research.
  • What makes melts®️ D3 superior?
    Our D3 supplement is made with Vitashine – a special oily extract of Lichen. It is naturally rich in Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and fatty acids. Vitashine ingredients are the result of an extensive research project, making it the world’s only Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society registered Vitamin D3.
  • What is MK-7?
    MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2, which is necessary for the activation of osteocalcin, a protein that transports and integrates calcium into bone to ensure a healthy skeleton. Incorporating calcium into the bone matrix means that less calcium is available for harmful deposits in soft body tissues. Recent studies suggest that dietary intakes of vitaminK2 among the general population are inadequate, and that vitamin K2 supplementation may improve bone strength and reduce the healthcare costs associated with osteoporosis.
  • What are the major benefits of vitamin D?
    Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium and phosphate from food. It is vital for enhancing bone and muscle strength and immune function. It may also help preventing depression, inflammatory disease, and heart disorders. Vitamin D3 supplements effectively help maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.
  • How Does vitamin D3 and K2 help in maintaining calcium levels?
    Vitamin D3 and K2 are fat-soluble vitamins and work in synergy to metabolize calcium in your body by activating helpful proteins. While vitamin D3 improves your calcium absorption, vitamin K2 allocates where that calcium can be used. Vitamin K2 helps promote the calcification of your bones while regulating and reducing the damaging effect of the calcification and hardening of soft tissues, thereby preventing the bones from weakening. Vitamin D3 sources for vegetarians are limited and hence adding the best vitamin d supplements with 100% RDA and vitamin K2 is optimal for maintaining bone and muscle health.
  • Is it okay to take a vitamin D3 supplement on an empty stomach?
    Vitamin D3 is fat soluble vitamin and hence it’s not recommended to take on an empty stomach. For maximum absorption, fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D3 should be taken with or post a substantial meal, preferably one that includes fat-containing foods like nuts, seeds, and eggs.
  • Can pregnant women consume this supplement?
    Yes Vitamin D3 melts are safe to be consumed during pregnancy. Natural Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy in women with low vitamin D status may improve fetal growth and reduce the risks for preeclampsia, preterm birth, and gestational diabetes. According to the National Institutes of Health, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin D during pregnancy is 600 IU/day. However, if you are pregnant or a lactating mother, please consult your doctor before consumption of any dietary supplements or prenatal vitamins. (Note : The amount of vitamin D in foods and supplements is usually expressed in terms of International Units (IU), so “IU/day” refers to “International Units per day.” )

Science Behind Melts®️ Natural Vitamin D3

Study Year: 2018

Biochemistry Journal

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Study Year: 2017

International Journal of Endicronology

The Synergistic Interplay between Vitamins D and K for Bone and Cardiovascular Health: A Narrative Review


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Astaxanthin in Skin Health, Repair, and Disease: A Comprehensive Review


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Study Year: 2010

Nutrition Journal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Not worth it

Overhype and overpriced, it gave reactions on my skin, tiny red pimples after taking the straps. Better to stand in sunlight everyday.

Rubina Mittal

Easy and tasty

Charu Sharma

Natural Vitamin D3

Ketan Mistry

Natural Vitamin D3

sunil sharma

Natural Vitamin D3

Natural Vitamin D3

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