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The First Intelligent Omega-3 Capsule Time Released Over 8 Hours

Triple Strength Omega-3 Slow

India’s Only curcumin-infused, 3x strength Omega-3 supplement with revolutionary 2-in-1 technology. Fast-absorbing oil and slow-release enteric-coated curcumin ensure the highest bioavailability. Packed with 620mg EPA and 397mg DHA, SLOW omega-3 capsules with fish oil boast of highest purity - 83% omega-3 fats in small capsules. Mint enhanced for a pleasant taste and third-party tested for heavy metals.

83% pure Omega-3 oil 83% pure Omega-3 oil
Third-Party Tested Third-Party Tested
No Fishy Taste or Burps No Fishy Taste or Burps
Supports Brain & Heart Health Supports Brain & Heart Health
Helps Support Immunity Helps Support Immunity
Helps Bone & Joint Health Helps Bone & Joint Health
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60 capsules per pack
Enhanced with Mint Enhanced with Mint
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  • When to consume Triple Strength Omega-3 capsules?
    For best results, we recommend you consume SLOW Triple Strength Omega-3 capsules with your meal, such as breakfast or lunch.

    Serving size: 2 capsules (after breakfast or lunch)
    Total Servings: 30

After Committing to Triple Strength Omega-3 for 3 Months


Reported Reduced Joint Pain**


Reduced Inflammation Markers*


Boost in Immunity*

*Based on Clinical Trials by Independent Global Experts conducted for 12 weeks.

**Results of a third-party self-perceived efficacy survey over 12 weeks.

3X More Omega-3 fish oil than Regular Fish Oil

  • Joint Comfort & Flexibility

    Your daily dose of wellness, keeps your joints flexible and moving.

  • Anti-inflammatory Support

    Curcumin provides antioxidant & anti-inflammatory support for your immune system and helps keep your immune system up and running.

  • 2-in-1 Ingredient Combination

    Oil + beadlets = essential nutrients you need to optimize your health. It also means we can create stellar combinations, like a full dose of omega-3 fish oil + curcumin.

  • 8-Hour Slow-Release Technology

    We use Terra Intelligent Dosing to release nutrients over time, so you know they're working. Supplements you can feel? Brilliant.

Supplements Backed By Science

  • The microbeadlet-in-oil design provides an efficient nutrient-delivery mechanism

  • The 8-hour targeted-release formula ensures the slow release of bioactives in the small intestines effectively for higher absorption

  • Third-party tested for purity and potency

To support brain and heart health

Benefits of Triple Strength Omega 3 capsules

Omega-3 supplements offer numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation, which helps alleviate conditions like arthritis. They support immunity, and cardiovascular health by lowering triglycerides and preventing plaque buildup in arteries. SLOW Triple Strength Omega-3 capsule provides all the major benefits in an intelligent timed-release supplement. Enteric-coated curcumin provides antioxidant activity which helps support and improve immunity. Highest-purity fish oil with 83% omega fats helps improve joint comfort and flexibility and supports heart and brain health.

two in one.

Enteric-coated curcumin microbeadlets dissolve steadily, releasing nutrients slowly for maximum absorption.


Omega-3 fish oil that is rapidly released and absorbed quickly.

Slow’s dual delivery system packs all your essential nutrients into a single, powerful dose with the absorption benefits of two forms: oil & enteric-coated beadlets.

Enteric-coated curcumin microbeadlets dissolve steadily, releasing nutrients slowly for maximum absorption.


Omega-3 fish oil that is rapidly released and absorbed quickly.


SLOW Targeted
Release Layers

SLOW Ingredient
Layering Core

SLOW Enteric
Coating Matrix


time release microbeadlets


SLOW Targeted
Release Layers

SLOW Ingredient
Layering Core

SLOW Enteric
Coating Matrix

The 8-hour slow-delivery microbeadlets have 3 layers. These layers ensure that nutrients are gradually released in the small intestine for maximum absorption.

Triple Strength Omega 3 is all natural, and all traceable.

Because not all ingredients are created equal


Fish Oil

Fish Oil
Meghalaya, India



A Capsule Designed for Each Of Your Unique Needs

Bone Support

Hair, Skin & Nails

Multi + Omega for Him

Have questions for Triple Strength Omega-3 Slow?
We’ve got the answers!

  • Will the SLOW Supplements show quick results?
    The range of SLOW supplements is meant to provide speedy results. This can be attributed to our intelligent 8-hour timed-release microbeadlet formula in high-quality oil. By providing nutrients in a timed and steady manner, nutrients in our SLOW supplements can be absorbed well throughout the day, translating into the fastest results for you.
  • What makes Wellbeing Nutrition Triple Strength Omega-3 fish oil the best omega-3 supplement?
    Wellbeing Nutrition Triple Strength Omega-3 uses an exceptionally pure grade of fish oil from deep sea salmon. You get 83% omega-3 fats in 2 capsules as compared to others that only pack in 30% to 60% omega-3. We use molecular distillation to ensure our fish oil is heavy metal-free. An independent, certified third-party lab confirms the same. For a pleasant experience, we have enhanced our product with mint to minimise fishy burps and aftertaste.
  • What are the types of essential fatty acids and the quantity per serving?
    Every 2 servings of Triple Strength Omega-3 capsule has 1240 mg of molecularly distilled fish oil, of which 868 mg are essential fatty acids such as Eicosapentaenoic acid: 620mg EPA and Docosahexaenoic acid: 397mg.
  • Can anyone consume Triple Omega-3 fish oil capsules?
    Yes, fish oil is globally recognized as safe and without any side effects. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions, or people on chronic medication should first consult their doctors. People with fish allergies should avoid this product. Our purest-grade omega-3 fish oil can be consumed while on specialised diets such as Keto & Paleo.
  • How long should I consume Slow Virgin Omega-3?
    You will find results when Slow Virgin Omega-3 is consumed daily for at least 60 - 90 days. Consider a one-month hiatus before restarting, or consult your doctor for personalised advice.
  • What does enteric coated mean?
    The microbeadlets in SLOW triple-strength omega-3 capsules are enteric coated, meaning they have a coating that protects them from dissolving too soon during digestion. This timed release allows the active ingredient to be released only where it be absorbed well, in the small intestine.
  • Will I get Fishy burps or taste afterward?
    Our SLOW Triple Strength Omega-3 capsules are enhanced with mint for a pleasant experience. This means no fishy taste or burps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
It's nice

Will post proper review after month trial.

Adithya M

Product are good freebie was a crap

Extremely dissatisfied with the product

Here's the corrected version:

"The replacement unit of the omega-3 supplement that arrived belonged to the same batch and had the same issue as the previous unit. In the first one, more than one capsule was broken, causing a terrible smell and posing a risk of the fish oil becoming rancid and affecting other capsules too. In the replacement order, I haven't been able to find a broken capsule as of yet, but every capsule has some oil residue outside and has a strong mint flavor. Also, I don't think the capsule is as effective as the competitors' because it gives me these mint-flavored burps after I have them, which I never used to get from any other brands. I think it's a failure on the part of your R&D team, as I believe using vegetarian HPMC capsules instead of gelatin ones, especially for fish oil, is a wrong choice."

Priten Gamit

Triple Strength Omega-3 Slow

Akanksha Kulkarni

Triple Strength Omega-3 Slow

Triple Strength Omega-3 Slow

₹999 ₹949 5% off
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