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9 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Mornings With Apple Cider Vinegar

Don’t you love the sour taste of Apple Cider Vinegar on a salad? It works great as a salad dressing, but did you know this easy, ready-made salad dressing is also great as a digestive tonic?

By having it first thing in the morning, you can enjoy health benefits that’ll help you fight bacteria, manage weight, improve your skin's health, and a lot more.
So, if maintaining a healthy lifestyle is on the agenda, here are 9 reasons to start your mornings with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar!

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Although ACV is casually referred to as fermented apple juice, preparing it is far more complex.

It all starts with apples. The quality of apples affects the quality of ACV and the benefits it offers. Apple juice is extracted from the fruits, to which yeast is added for fermentation. This fermented apple juice is introduced to a colony of acetic acid bacteria (AAB) for further fermentation. The AAB converts the alcohol to acetic acid, thus forming a murky liquid called organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.

The bacterial colony present in the ACV is what we refer to as the ‘Mother.’ Some brands remove these bacteria and filter the ACV liquid to form a clear liquid. It looks clean but lacks the potent benefits of good bacteria that the Mother can provide.

What makes ACV so Good?

There are two things in this golden liquid that make it so unique.

The Mother

Millions of friendly bacteria in our gut aid in digesting food, eliminating pathogenic bacteria and promoting immunoprotective actions. It is essential that there be diversity in these bacteria and that their composition be well-balanced. Any imbalance in the gut microbiota can lead to digestive issues and other illnesses. The Mother in ACV helps ensure good gut bacterial diversity and restores its balance.

Acetic Acid

We know that the alcohol in the fermented apple juice undergoes fermentation yet again in the presence of AAB, thus forming acetic acid. Acetic acid serves as a natural preservative and is a frequent element in a wide range of goods, but it has also been linked to a number of remarkable health advantages. It shows strong antibacterial characteristics and is also believed to lower the body's sugar levels, promote weight loss, reduce inflammatory responses, and regulate BP.

9 reasons why you should start your day with ACV

ACV is world-renowned for its numerous benefits, making it the best tonic for a healthy life. Here are our top 9 reasons to have ACV first thing in the morning.

1. Aids Weight Management

ACV is known to support healthy weight loss. It increases satiety to ensure you don’t treat yourself to unhealthy mid-meal snacks and decreases your appetite. And, yes, it also helps boost your metabolism!



2. Helps With Digestion

Digestive issues can truly ruin anyone’s day. As a natural laxative, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar helps reduce heartburn and bloating and increases acid production, which ensures your digestion process is smoother.

ACV - Aids Digestion


3. It Helps Manage Sugar Levels – And Diabetes

Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for diabetes prevention. It’s known to reduce blood sugar levels, especially when you’re in a fasted state which is why you should have it first thing in the morning!

4. ACV for Acne-Free, Clear Skin

Our favorite fact about ACV is that it doesn’t just treat acne; it also prevents its onset. It also boosts anti-aging properties, gives you glowing skin, and, if you live in a sunny part of the world, can work wonders in treating sunburns too.

5. … And Also for Better Hair!

If you’re looking for something that helps your hair, from the roots to the tips, there’s nothing better than ACV. It reduces hair frizz and dandruff and helps your hair retain moisture, too.

ACV - Better Hair

6. Boosts Immunity

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that taking care of our immunity is more important than ever. The best shield against any disease or infection is your own body, and a dose of ACV every morning boosts your defenses! It exhibits antibacterial properties, and the antioxidants reduce the oxidative damage done to your body. Additionally, it supports the gut microbiota, which contributes significantly to your body’s immunity.

7. Helps Manage Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar aids in the regulation of renin, a hormone produced by the kidneys that is responsible for the constriction and dilation of blood vessels. Since apple cider vinegar relaxes the arteries, blood pressure does not rise. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar has been found to reduce hyperlipidemia due to its inherent antioxidants.

8. Promotes Heart Health

A healthy heart should be everyone’s top priority, and knowing that ACV helps control cholesterol and blood pressure only strengthens its case!

Having ideal blood pressure and cholesterol levels is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart. High BP can reduce the flow of oxygen to your heart. On the other hand, hypotension, or persistently low blood pressure, can result in several issues, including heart attacks, strokes, renal damage, and even early death. Cholesterol leads to blockages, thus interrupting the flow of blood to and from the heart.

ACV can keep these two fatal diseases at bay, thus helping you keep your heart healthy.
ACV - Promotes Heart Health

9. Detoxifies your Body

ACV works amazingly well as a detox drink! So you can stop looking for more detox drink recipes online. Just have a glass of ACV with water and cleanse your body from within. It removes all the harmful toxins from your body and keeps it happy and healthy.
2x The ‘Mother’ Of Apple Cider Vinegar


What is the Right Way to have ACV?

ACV sure has many benefits, but you can only reap these benefits if you use it the right way.

Many people tend to forget that ACV contains a good portion of acetic acid. The acidic nature of ACV can be too much for your GI tract to handle. It could damage the delicate lining of your GI tract, thus causing more problems than benefits.

Here’s the right way to consume ACV every morning:

1 tbsp (15 ml) organic ACV + 1 cup warm water

Diluting the ACV neutralizes its acidic nature and makes it easier for your body to accept it.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with 2X the ‘Mother’

One bottle of ACV can give you so many benefits! But as mentioned before, many of its benefits come from the ‘Mother.’ Hence, consuming organic ACV would be a better choice. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by Wellbeing Nutrition is the gold standard of ACV. It is made using Himalayan golden and red apples and contains 2X more good bacteria than a regular store-bought ACV.

If you are looking for additional benefits, you can try Apple Cider Vinegar with Amla And Turmeric. It’s an elevated version of organic ACV with the powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties of Amla and Turmeric.

Wrapping Up

ACV is truly a magic tonic. Having it every morning with a glass of water can completely enhance your gut, skin, and heart health. Make sure you have a bottle of ACV at home at all times.

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