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Benefits Of Brewing a Cup of Green Coffee

Everyone is quite familiar with green tea and its health benefits. After all it is one of the best antioxidant-rich detox drinks you can lay your hands on. Not only will it protect your vital organs from the harmful effects of toxins but it will also reduce inflammation and offset the free radical activity in the body, thereby boosting your immune system and keeping all kinds of infections at bay. But do people know what green coffee is all about? This type of coffee is becoming increasingly popular in the health and wellness community and its extract is used as the perfect weight loss supplement. But what is it and how does it benefit one’s health? Let’s find out.

What is Green Coffee? 

For the uninitiated, green coffee is nothing but raw and unroasted coffee beans. After the coffee bean/coffee seed is removed from the coffee cherry, it is either sun-dried or dehydrated in machines. The drying process at times causes the outer layer of certain varieties of the coffee bean to turn into a natural green hue. Ideally, coffee seeds that are immature are green. As they begin to mature they develop a brown, yellow or reddish shade. If you wish to have green coffee out of the raw, unroasted, and immature green coffee beans, you will need to dry them first without roasting and then ground them to a powder. This powder is then used to make green coffee. Given that these coffee beans aren’t roasted, the compounds present in it are able to retain their potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are an abundant supply of chlorogenic acids, known to benefit one’s health and wellbeing in myriad ways. Let’s look at these benefits in great detail below.

Green Coffee Benefits 

Do you want to know how brewing a cup of green coffee will enhance your health and overall wellbeing? Let’s explore.

●    Aids in Weight Loss: Research suggests that green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which acts as an antioxidant that helps to regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels, thereby stimulating weight loss. According to a small  study, a team of researchers concluded that 16 overweight men and women lost an average of 17 pounds when they consumed green unroasted coffee beans in a supplement/extract form. Meanwhile, their diet was more or less the same as before and they undertook some form of exercise regularly. These people who were mostly between the ages of 22 and 45, lost the most amount of weight when they were on the supplements. This goes to show that green coffee acts as an effective fat burner, which helps to improve metabolism and fasten the process of weight loss.

●    Helps Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases: Green coffee is rich in antioxidants (cholorogenic acid), which helps to neutralise the free radical activity in the body and reduce the consequent risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart ailments, to name a few. According to 8-week study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, 50 people with metabolic syndrome, comprising a plethora of risk factors ranging from high blood pressure to high blood sugar levels, both major risk factors for heart disease and diabetes respectively, were administered with 400 mg of decaffeinated green coffee bean extract twice daily. Upon consuming the green tea extract, these people saw significant improvements in their blood sugar and blood pressure levels, along with their waist circumference. Having said that, additional research is required to ascertain the efficacy of green coffee extract on reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

●    Improves Cognitive Function : The antioxidant compounds (cholorogenic acid) present in green coffee enhances the cognitive and psychomotor performance of the human body. They also significantly reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia. The richness of caffeine and cholorogenic acid releases neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine and serotonin that play a vital role in uplifting mood, improving attentiveness and cognitive function. Additionally, it helps to regulate blood pressure and boost energy as well as athletic performance and endurance.

●    Aids in Detoxification of the Body: Green coffee is also a great detox drink. It naturally helps detoxify the body and flush out excess fat, impurities, cholesterol, triglycerides, and toxins from the system. Furthermore, this green detox drink also helps to reduce inflammation in the body and bolster the immune system by warding off infections and diseases.

Green coffee extract is well known as a dietary supplement, but you can also purchase it in the whole-bean form and use it to make a hot beverage, much like its roasted counterpart- the coffee we are all familiar with. It tastes nothing like the coffee we are used to drinking. It tastes more like herbal tea than coffee. But a neutral taste notwithstanding, it is known for its health benefits, which makes it a great form of green detox for the body. As seen above green coffee is a great detox drink,  however, given its caffeine content, it must be taken in moderation. Too much consumption of this drink could lead to negative symptoms such as high blood pressure, anxiety, mood disorders, and sleep disturbances.

If you wish to go in for a green detox drink that doesn’t have caffeine, you can give Wellbeing Nutrition’s Daily Greens a try! A multivitamin nutritional supplement, made using 39 natural farm-fresh ingredients, including 30 + superfoods rich in antioxidants, over 15 alkaline greens and more than 12 food multivitamins, Daily Greens will help detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system and bones, improve your cognition, reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, lower inflammation in the body, enhance gut and skin health, among other things. So have you given it a try already?


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