Daily Greens

Multivitamins from 39 farm-fresh greens, veggies, fruits and antioxidant-rich superfoods. In one deliciously effervescent tablet. Simply; drop, fizz, green-up and drink-up.

Daily Greens Tablets Benefits:

- Whole food nutrition to fill the gaps in your diet

- Stimulates micro-flora in the gut and restores digestive health

- Boosts immunity, supports radiant skin and detoxifies the body

One Tube of Daily Greens = 15 Tabs

Pack of 1Pack of 1
Pack of 2Pack of 2
Pack of 4Pack of 4
Pack of 6Pack of 6
MRP: Rs. 590 Rs. 299

Estimated delivery time of 8 to 12 days from order confirmation

Acai Berry
  • Packed with Fiber, Zinc, and Iron
  • Helps to neutralise free radicals
  • Aids in counteracting the effects of inflammation and oxidation on the brain⠀
Green Tea
  • Rich in polyphenols and helps in reducing inflammation
  • Improves brain function
  • Boosts metabolism rate thus increasing the burning of fats
  • Nourishment for hair and skin as it contains hydrating nutrients
  • Antibiotic properties that help in soothing an upset stomach too
  • Packed with calcium and phosphorous that’s great for the bones
  • Detoxifies the body by fighting free radicals
  • Helps in weight management
  • Boosts digestive enzymes⠀
  • Helps in reducing toxin build-up
  • Aids in managing blood pressure levels
  • Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps in managing cortisol levels
  • Reduces inflammation by fighting infection
Organic Nutrition


plant based protein

Plant Based

Gluten free

Gluten free



vegan food


No allergies

No Allergies

sugar free

Sugar Free

GMP certified

GMP Certified

GMP certified

soy Free

‘Healthy made easy’ with Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens.

green smoothie


to fizz.

39 organic ingredients in each tab of Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Aloe Vera
  • Wheatgrass
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Broccoli
  • Ashwagandha
  • Alfalfa
  • Moringa
  • Basil
  • Acai
  • Blueberry
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Green Tea
  • + 22 more ingredients

Add more fruits, veggies and greens,
in your diet-just the way your body needs it.

One tab of Daily Greens supplement contains as much

Vitamin C tablets

Vit C  =  6


Effervescent tablets

Vit B12  =  4

of Milk

plant based protein

Vit B3  =  8

Cups of

vegan food

Vit B6  =  7

Cups of
Lima beans

plant based protein

Iron  =  2

Cups of

Natural Immunity Booster

Fibre  =  1/2

Cup of

natural antioxidants

Zinc   =   6


Immunity tablets

Vit B5   =   15

Cups of

Up to 83% Indians don’t get their daily dose of greens, fruits, or veggies. We’re here to make that happen.

5+ Alkalising Greens

Wholesome organic greens alkalise your body and balance pH levels.

12+ Wholefood Multivitamins

Nature’s closest nutrition to boost your immunity.

30+ Antioxidant-rich Superfoods

Stay protected from damaging free radicals and enhance your body’s daily defence.

Organic Nutrition

your brain

Organic Multivitamin

weight loss

Natural Vitamins

belly bloat

organic supplements

your skin glow

Vitamin C tablets

your brain

Vitamin B6

immune system

vitamin b12 tablets

bone health

immunity booster

and balances PH

vitamin d tablets

digestive enzymes

Zinc tablets


antioxidant rich foods

Helps balance
sugar level

best multivitamin

the body

vitamin b complex tablet

oxygen level

anti inflammatory foods

free radicals

boost immune system


Who is Daily Greens for?

Simply put, you. Experience more than just a daily boost of green energy with the Daily Greens tablets.

From fighting your jet lag and vitamin deficiencies to increasing your immunity, helping with gut issues, muscle fatigue and even hangovers- this Daily Greens supplement has got you covered.

bloated stomach remedies

Your lazy morning cheerleader. Your 5 pm pick-me-up.
Your binge-eating saviour.

For these days and every other day, get your daily dose of bubbly nutrition with the Daily Greens tablets.

Effervescent tablets

Fun to make

probiotic supplements

Easy to buy

body cleanse

Convenient to carry

fiber supplement


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Greens?

The Daily Greens supplement is India’s first organic whole food multivitamin made with nutrition from 39 farm-fresh greens, veggies, and fruits. All vitamins and minerals in the Daily Greens tablets are derived from REAL GREENS, 100% natural and 100% organic.

How many tablets are there in a tube?

We have 15 effervescent tablets in a tube of Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens.

What’s the price of Daily Greens?

One tube of Daily Greens tablets is priced at Rs. 590/- and each tube contains 15 tablets within.

Are Daily Greens Supplements a replacement for meals?

No, these supplements are not meal replacements. Each tube of Daily Greens tablets is packed with 100% of your daily dose of key vitamins that help to fill the gaps in your nutrition.

What are the daily greens ingredients?

Daily Greens contain the nutrition of 30+ antioxidant-rich superfoods and 15+ alkalising greens like kale, spinach, broccoli, turmeric, basil, blueberries, and many more.

You can get a complete breakdown of our ingredients here: Ingredients

Does it taste bad?

Absolutely not. There is no bitter or aftertaste that you expect from green juice. In fact, it is one of the firsts in the world to pack the goodness of 39 pure organic ingredients in one tablet and yet taste so good!

When can I have Daily Greens?

You can take Daily Greens tablets anytime during the day. The most ideal time would be post-breakfast, post-lunch or as a midday snack when you have hunger pangs, cravings or need a sugar-free energy boost.

For how long should I continue using Daily Greens?

You can consume our whole food multivitamin for as long as you want. It has been clinically tested and has zero side effects and boosts overall wellbeing.

Do Wellbeing Nutrition Daily Greens cause weight gain?

Absolutely not, actually the reverse. In fact, we have plant fiber of 1g and coffee bean extract, both of which help in weight management. Also, Daily Greens has no sugar, and scientifically, cannot add to any weight gain.

Can I have it if I have allergies?

In case of allergies, please consult a doctor before consuming any supplement. Although we make our Daily Greens with 100% natural and organic ingredients, it’s best to have it prescribed from your doctor.

Can I have it on a keto diet?

Yes, you can. Daily Greens was created by keeping in mind the various kinds of diets. It is sugar-free and provides you with 100% of your daily dose of key vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients keeping your macros in check.

Are there any side effects?

Daily Greens is a whole food multivitamin unlike all the synthetic vitamins that you usually find on the shelves. All our vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and fiber come from farm-fresh fruits, veggies, greens, and herbs. Our effervescent tablets are 100% US-certified organic and natural with no preservatives. We have spent 3 years developing this product with several clinical trials and can assure you that it has no side effects whatsoever. However, we don’t suggest you use this as a substitute for a healthy diet.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to consume Daily Greens?

No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to consume Daily Greens.

How long does it take for the results to show?

Just like any multivitamin, Daily Greens also takes 8-12 weeks to showcase visible results and nutrition efficiency in the body. Since we are an organic, whole food, and natural multivitamin, we have seen our users get results in 4-6 weeks of daily use.

Can pregnant women consume Daily Greens?

Yes, pregnant women can take it as we’re 100% organic. However, we recommend you check with your doctor on your specific nutrition needs before consuming any supplements.

Can diabetics consume Daily Greens?

Yes, it’s safe for those with diabetes to consume Daily Greens since it is 100% sugar-free. It cannot cure diabetes, but definitely helps in getting the right nutrition for a better life.

How is Daily Greens created?

The process of preparing our tablets includes procuring farm-fresh veggies, followed by flash-freezing, slow-drying, mixing, and lastly compressing them. For more information you could visit our website: How do we do it?

Why is the tablet fizzy? Is it carbonated?

The reason for the fizz is its alkaline properties. You can visit our website for more information. Here’s how we do it?

Is Daily Greens available at retail stores?

Yes, you can find Daily Greens across 30,000+ retail stores across India, UAE, USA and UK. You can find the nearest store here: Store Locator

What are the benefits of Daily Greens?

The Daily Greens tablets benefits are aplenty! Each tablet delivers complete wholefood nutrition and digestive health in the most natural way. From stimulating micro-flora in the gut and boosting immunity to supporting radiant skin and detoxifying the body, we have everything you need to help you feel your best, always.

Details about the clinical trials?

Our Daily Greens effervescent tablets are 100%-certified, organic, and natural with no preservatives. We have also included all our clinical trials on the website for you to read. We spent 3 years developing this product with several clinical trials and can assure you of no side effects whatsoever. However we don’t suggest you use this as a replacement to a healthy diet.

Is this a replacement for fruits and veggies?

While the Daily Greens tablets benefits are plenty, this is not a replacement for your fruits and veggies in any way. Daily Greens is a natural supplement which is derived from natural fruits and veggies and not synthetic-made vitamins.

Does Daily Greens help with weight management or just detox?

Daily Greens does help with weight management since it contains greens, veggies and dietary fiber. It will help with overall detox and natural energy boost during and after your workout too.

Is it a multivitamin or a multimineral tablet?

It’s both a multivitamin and multimineral organic effervescent tablet.

Is Daily Greens available in the US?

Yes, we’re available at Whole Foods, Wegmans and Amazon US.

Is it good for acne?

Following a healthy diet and lifestyle is the only solution to adult acne. However, taking a clean whole food organic multivitamin every day as a part of your routine will ensure your body has the right nutrients to combat any hormonal imbalances. Try taking Daily Greens every day after breakfast for better results.

Does it taste like ENO?

Our Daily Greens gets its fizz from sodium bicarbonate (but we use an organic grade from a US mine called Tronah). For more information, check out Effervescence

How much fiber does it contain?

Daily Greens is a USDA-organic certified whole food multivitamin and multimineral effervescent tab that contains 1 full gram of dietary fiber per tab.

Where do you get the Vitamin B12 from?

We use nutritional yeast, Red Star T-6635 as a part of our organic blend to ensure you get a vegan source of B12. 1 tab of Daily Greens contains as much vitamin B12 as four glasses of milk. We use the active form of Vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, in what is the industry's highest potency at 99% purity.

What is the recommended dosage?

Children: 6-18 years (1 tab a day)
Adults: 18+ years (Max 2 tabs a day).

What percentage of fat does Daily Greens contain?

It contains 0.02% fat. You could visit our website- Shop where you can find the full nutritional value chart and also find out more about our ingredients and benefits.

How much manganese does it contain?

2mg - that’s 50% of your RDA and the balance you easily receive from your daily meals.

Does it contain maltodextrin?

All the ingredients in Wellbeing supplements are procured from the US and packed in India. To know more you can visit our website Wellbeing Nutrition.

Can I have Daily Greens and Grandma’s Kadha together?

Daily Greens and Grandma's Kadha can be taken on a regular basis. You can take Daily Greens any time during the day, ideally after breakfast, post lunch, or as a midday snack when you have sugar cravings or need a drink. Grandma’s Kadha is a strong immunity booster made with 13 well-researched herbs. Consume it daily to boost your immunity. It’s advisable to consume it at the first signs of flu. Recommended dosage: 2-3 times a day.

Where is it manufactured?

The ingredients used in Wellbeing supplements are procured from the US and packed in India. To know more you can visit our website Wellbeing Nutrition

How is it different from the other multivitamins out there?

It is a multivitamin that’s 100% organic and natural. The vitamins come from food ingredients and not lab-derived artificial ingredients.

What is the concentration of Stevia in each tablet?

We use 0.2mg of Stevia in each 4g tablet. Also note, this is a Reb A Green Organic Stevia.

Does it improve hair growth?

Daily Greens work wonders for the hair. All our greens and veggies along with the dietary fibre promote healthy, nourishing hair.

How does Daily Greens enhance skin health?

Daily Greens is packed with Vitamin C from Berries & Fruits, proteins and other nutrients that aid in the upkeep of your skin. It helps in collagen production and nourishes your skin from the inside out.

Are all your ingredients NOP-Certified?

We are among the only 3 companies globally that use NOP-Organic US-Certified Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Tapioca Maltodextrin.

Are your products Non-GMO Certified?

Yes, our products are Non-GMO certified. Just like the other Wellbeing supplements, our Daily Greens tablets are made using ingredients that are not genetically modified and have environmental and sustainable benefits.

What are your certifications?

Daily Greens only uses NOP-Certified Organic ingredients and is FSSAI/FDA-Approved along with manufacturing at GMP/FDA facility.

How do I manage my orders/deliveries?

We usually take 3-5 business days to deliver. You could log in to our website to order Daily Greens: Daily Greens.

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Daily greens

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Excellent product, good taste.

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Am going to ordered my second slot of apple cider vinegar and also plant based nutrition am happy that it is so effective.
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