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Understanding the Concept of Herbal Detox

We all need to detox our body from time to time to feel and stay healthy from within. The most common form of detox that most people resort to is herbal detox as herbs are one of the most effective remedies for detoxification or boosting digestion. Detoxification invariably strengthens the immune system and protects the body from various infections and diseases. In this article, we shall find out what herbal detox is, its benefits, and potential risks, if any.

What is Herbal Detox?

Herbal detox is usually a type of beverage or tea made out of any one particular herb or a combination of herbs. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these herbal drinks promote weight loss and help in the detoxification of the liver and kidneys. The duration of these detoxes usually vary, however, most are used for short periods, somewhere between 3 days to a fortnight. There are also a few herbal teas or drinks that you can consume daily on a continuous basis.

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Daily Greens and Grandma’s Kadha are perfect examples of herbal detox. All you need to do is put an effervescent tablet into a glass of water, watch it fizz and drink it up! Made of all natural ingredients, you can consume them twice a day for visible effects. It is always best to avoid having them on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Herbal Detox

Herbal detox benefits health in many ways. Let’s look at some of them in great detail below.

●    Aids in weight loss: Herbal detox aids in weight loss because when one goes in for this type of detox, they invariably end up eliminating high-calorie, low-nutrition foods, which tend to help the body shed those extra calories. However, most of the weight that one loses during a herbal detox is water weight. Herbal detox drinks act as diuretics that push the body to lose water through urine and bowel movements. Herbal detox also includes drinks and teas that have a laxative effect, which eases and speedens the flow of food through the digestive tract, thereby maintaining sound gut health and aiding in a healthy weight loss.

●    Reduces inflammation: This is one of the most important benefits of herbal detox. The body is constantly under attack due to oxidative stress. This occurs when there is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. During oxidative stress, the cells in the body tend to produce free radicals, which are unstable atoms that cause serious damage to cells, proteins and DNA. This can then cause inflammation and all forms of chronic illnesses in the body. Herbal detox helps the body get rid of toxins. They contain ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, which slows down the free radical activity in the body, thereby reducing the risk of inflammations and chronic diseases.

●    Liver Detoxification: To ensure that your liver functions properly from time to time, it is important that it gets a regular dose of detox. Herbal detox drinks help to filter out the toxins that enter your body through the food/alcohol/caffeine/ carbonated drinks/nicotine you consume. They also aid in proper digestion and help maintain the balance between the good and bad bacteria in your gut. Herbal detoxes also help reduce liver inflammation and prevent the onset of diseases like liver cirrhosis or non alcoholic fatty liver.

●    Improves skin health: As stated above, herbal detox helps fight oxidative stress by lessening free radical activity. This slows down the aging process, which is primarily reflected in one’s skin health. Herbal detox helps to purify blood, which prevents your skin from breaking out into pimples and acne. It keeps the skin looking clean, youthful and supple.

●    Boosts Immunity: Your body has an innate ability to expel toxins thereby strengthening your immune system. When the body’s detoxification system, comprising all essential organs such as the gut, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system etc, work effectively, toxins get eliminated from the system from time to time, building a strong defense system, keeping all sorts of infections at bay. Herbal detox gives the immunity a boost, by effectively improving the workings of each of the aforementioned organs/systems that play a vital role in the body’s detoxification process, thereby strengthening the immune system.

Final Takeaway

Herbal detoxes claim to benefit your health in many ways, some of which we saw above. Apart from them, they help in improving digestion and regulating blood sugar levels of the body as well. In many cases, they act as an adaptogen and also help to increase energy levels, boost stamina, mood and cognitive functions. As the name suggests herbal detox refers to a drink made of one or a combination of herbs, popular among which are milk thistle, licorice, ashwagandha, cilantro, valerian root,  coriander, chlorella, dandelion root, ginger, and juniper berry, among other things. It is always best to consume these drinks along with a proper diet and exercise regime to avoid any health problems.  

However, given that most of these herbal drinks are known for their diuretic and laxative properties, they need to be taken in moderation, as per the recommended dosage suggested by your medical practitioner. Each of the aforementioned ingredients have their individual health benefit, so you can always combine them as per your preference, keeping in mind any potential allergies.

There have also been a few instances where continued consumption of herbal detox drinks led to severe weight loss, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, if you are pregnant, have liver or kidney disease, or any other underlying conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis, it is best to consult a doctor before getting started with a herbal detox program.


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